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Top 5 Weighted Blankets to Buy Now

Top 5 Weighted Blankets to Buy Now

Weighted blankets are becoming a popular solution to the problem of sleeplessness and stress. They’re heavy blankets filled with beads that provide deep pressure that works on the body to induce sleep and relaxation. Due to their varieties, picking the best weighted blanket can be challenging. Here are the top 5 weighted blankets to purchase online.

1. Bambury Weighted Blanket

This weighted blanket is made from two soft materials which are polyester and cotton. It is highly breathable and designed to promote quality sleep. They cost $129.95 and are very comfortable for anyone who uses them. Bambury weighted blankets can also be paired with your bed linen to create an appealing look. This weighted blanket is made from thick yet penetrative materials that make for smooth ventilation, regardless of the temperature of the room.

2. Ecosa Weighted Blankets

Ecosa weighted blankets are a great choice for anyone who’s looking to have a good sleep daily. This weighted blanket is made from highly breathable and hypoallergenic materials that make it suitable for any user. It costs $176 and is recommended for people who are looking for a weighted blanket that is worth the price. It is lightweight and very comfortable on the skin. Using the blanket guarantees all-around warmth and comfort.

3. Tranquility Weighted Blankets

Priced at just $45. 22, the Tranquility weighted blanket is one of the most affordable weighted blankets you’d find in the markets. It’s soft on the skin and made from quality material that increases its durability. Although heavy like other weighted blankets, Tranquility weighted blankets don’t cause overheating and ensure that the user remains warm yet relaxed. The only negative thing about the Tranquility weighted blankets is that it comes in just one color, which is gray.

4. Hotto Cuddle Comfort Weighted Blanket

The Hotto cuddle comfort weighted blanket uses a special Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation (DPTS) effect that lets people fall asleep easily and also sleep without any unnecessary interruption. This weighted blanket is made from 100% cotton material and non-toxic and evenly distributed glass beads. Because the glass beads are evenly distributed, no part of the weighted blanket feels heavier than the others. It is also one of the most affordable weighted blankets available as it is sold for $74.99. It is a great option for people on a budget.

5. Calming Blankets Handwoven Weighted Blankets

Although this weighted blanket is quite expensive since it is sold at $289, it’s a great choice for users who like luxury blankets that double as home decoration. Calming weighted blankets are handwoven and designed to be oversized. This makes it suitable for adults, regardless of their height and body size. It will cover your whole body properly while ensuring that you don’t get overheated. It’s made from lightweight materials that make it comfortable for use regardless of the climate or season. Due to its handwoven nature, cleaning the Calming Blanket Handwoven Weighted Blanket can be a bit difficult because washing too hard can cause the material to get loose or damaged faster.