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Creative Tips for Decorating With a Wall Clock In 2022

Creative Tips for Decorating With a Wall Clock In 2022

It’s 2022 and thanks to the latest technological advancements, almost everyone’s idea of checking the time is to reach for their cell phones. Therefore, it’s little wonder that many interior décor professionals often wonder if wall clocks are still a necessary part of a home’s décor.

More still, today’s markets are inundated with beautiful wall décor features that seem to adorn the walls a lot better than any wall clock could. For instance, Bouclair makes it easy to add that extra wall art touch. Wall art adds so much personality, interest and color to a room and is fast becoming everyone’s top choice of wall décor. This makes it a lot harder for wall clock lovers to know what to do with their clocks when decorating.

Here are a few tips for decorating your living space with a wall clock.

Choosing the Perfect Scale & Location

It’s always better to choose a location for your wall clock before you buy the wall clock. For instance, if you want to place your wall clock in the kitchen, there are certain wall clock designs better suited for that room than others. Likewise, if you want the wall clock placed in the living room.

While considering location, you must also consider scale. The wall clock should be appropriately sized for the spot on which you want to place it. So before choosing the clock to buy, consider the size of space on the wall on which you intend to place it. Also consider the size of other decorative features around, e.g the size of your wall arts or bookshelf. A large space on the wall will need a large wall clock, likewise having little or no space left on your wall might call for a small clock.

You may also choose to have more than one or two clocks in different locations around the house. For instance, place one large decorative clock in the living room and other smaller clocks in other rooms around the house. A good example is placing a small functional clock on a desk in the home office, beside your desktop calendar. In summary, a general rule of thumb for placing wall clocks is to place large clocks in big spaces to fill up space, e.g. in an empty wall or large space with nothing. Never place large clocks in small spaces as they’ll look disproportionate. Additionally, place bigger clocks in the living room and smaller clocks in the bedroom. Small clocks in bedrooms promote relaxation.

Choosing Digital Versus Analog Wall clocks

There are thousands of designs of wall clocks available in today’s markets and these designs come in either digital or analog styles. Analog clocks are those that display time using an hour hand, a minute hand, and/or a second hand. Digital clocks, on the other hand, display time on an LCD screen using numbers. Analog clocks are more traditional-styled than digital.

Before choosing the type of clock you’ll hang in your home, consider the style of your home’s decor e.g., modern or conservative. Analog wall clocks typically have great aesthetic quality and such varied designs that it’s easy to find one that goes with your home’s overall décor. However, telling the time on an analog time could be a little tricky for some people. Digital clocks, on the other hand, display time in such a simple, -easy-to-read manner that even a child can easily read them. However; they only fit very few decorative styles.

Hanging Level

It’s normal to wonder about how high or how low is okay to hang a wall clock. The rule of thumb is to always hang your wall clock at eye level, so that no one has to strain their necks to see the time, especially in moderately sized rooms. If you’re decorating a large room with a very tall ceiling then you should hang the clock a bit higher on the wall so that it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Noisy Versus Noiseless Clocks

Noise is often an important consideration when choosing a clock as some analog clocks can be quite noisy. Asides from the constant ticking, which a few people might find irritating, there are also cuckoo clocks that chime or sing every hour. Cuckoo clocks have been around as far back as the 18th century, however, modern-day cuckoo clocks come with an automatic off function that allows them to turn themselves off when the environment gets dark. Cuckoo clocks have great aesthetic quality however if you’re totally against any kind of noise at all times of the day then you might want to go for a more quiet type of clock.

Choosing Clocks With Multiple Display Options

Modern clocks display more than just time. Some of them display the time in different time zones around the world, while others may go as far as having maritime and weather station display features. These types of features keep your kids and guests in your home fascinated, taking your home décor just beyond the ordinary.