Growing Fresh Herbs at Home is Easier than You Imagined

If you love herbs and use them in your drinks, dishes, and bath at home, then why not grow one at home? It is cheaper and more satisfying to use, knowing that you’ve grown it by yourself.
You can use basil in dried form or fresh. It’s easy to buy and store dried basil, but fresh basil can go bad if you don’t use it right away.
To grow basil at home, you will need a pot and an all-purpose fertilizer. You can even keep the plant indoors but be sure to put it in an area where it has access to sunlight.
So, when your pesto craving kicks in, trim off those basil leaves that you have planted …

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Factors to Consider When Planting a Tree at Home

Planting a tree may seem hard but knowing the basics will surely make the process effortless.
Step 1: Select the Tree
Decide which type of tree you want. While there are several species of trees, it is best to consult with your local nursery and buy the plant there. They would know which trees would grow well with the weather conditions of your locality.
Plus, most of their plants have been grown locally. It means the tree will have a higher likelihood of surviving when you plant it because it is well-adapted to the conditions of your locality.
Step 2: Select a Site

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2 No-Fuss Shrubs to Plant and Grow in the Middle of Summer

1. Invincibelle Series Smooth Hydrangeas
There are different types of hydrangeas, but we picked the Invincibelle Series because it has stronger stems that allow the plant to bloom bigger.
It comes in five different colors, but we particularly love the Mini Mauvette because when it blooms, it has an irresistibly pretty mauve color. If you are into bright colors, then we suggest this type.
If you prefer a light or neutral color, then we suggest the Limetta because as it starts to bloom, it begins with a cool lime hue that turns white-green as time passes, and eventually, as it reaches maturity, the …

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