2 No-Fuss Shrubs to Plant and Grow in the Middle of Summer

2 No-Fuss Shrubs to Plant and Grow in the Middle of Summer

1. Invincibelle Series Smooth Hydrangeas

There are different types of hydrangeas, but we picked the Invincibelle Series because it has stronger stems that allow the plant to bloom bigger.

It comes in five different colors, but we particularly love the Mini Mauvette because when it blooms, it has an irresistibly pretty mauve color. If you are into bright colors, then we suggest this type.

If you prefer a light or neutral color, then we suggest the Limetta because as it starts to bloom, it begins with a cool lime hue that turns white-green as time passes, and eventually, as it reaches maturity, the color turns into a dark jade.

If you want to grow this, remember to plant it in an area of your yard that has lots of sunlight.

2. Happy Face Series Potentilla

If you want to add color to your garden, then pick the potentilla. You can choose four types of Happy Face Series Potentilla, depending on the color of the petals you prefer. You can choose from pink, yellow, white, or reddish-orange. Also, just an FYI, it can have single or semi-double flowers.

Again, this plant loves the sun. So, if you want to grow this in your garden, be sure to place it where it can access lots of sunlight. You will surely be happy when it blooms.