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Home Decorating Tips for the DIYer

Home Decorating Tips for the DIYer

This season of pandemic got many of us doing the things we never would think we would do like baking, online shirts painting, drawing, and even home décor. With that note, here are some home decorating tips that you can follow to make your home décor more aesthetically pleasing while not losing all of its home purposes.

Front Doors First

Front doors are what welcomes your visitors first and it should be the basis of the tone you will be using throughout the entire house. Colors have meanings, red meaning welcome, or haven while yellow and orange are associated with joy and warmth. Use the color that you would want to see for your house.

Light and Neutral

This can be applied to all types of home interior design, the walls should be painted with light and neutral colors. Stick with colors beige or gray as it is a flexible color that can match any accessory or decorations like custom t-shirts you want to put up there. You can also use the colors white and black depending on what tone you used for your front door.


One thing you should keep in mind, your windows are placed there for a reason and that reason is to allow the sunlight to come to the room. Pick lightweight fabrics for drapes like cotton, silk, and even linen because they tend to hang well while not shutting out the sunlight completely.


The type of lightning that every room must-have is the ambient type of lightning which would eventually be able to provide an overall illumination for your room. Most lights are placed on ceiling fixtures which is a good way to give the whole room light. One trick that most interior designers use is to have 3 watts or 42 lumens light per square foot of the room. The light eventually makes the room seem bigger than usual.

Living Room

You should make sure that for the living room, your sofa can talk to your chairs, as to say they should be arranged in a way that you can invite a conversation. Aim for a similar sense of intimacy yet never forget the balance. There are two types of arrangements that you can use that is to say the U-shape and H-shape arrangement.

The U-shape arrangement is a sofa with two chairs facing each other at both the ends of the coffee table while the H-shape arrangement is a sofa that is placed directly across the two chairs while the coffee table is in the middle. Another thing you should remember is that you should always place a big rug that goes across the chairs and sofa.

For decorations, of course, you would want to see if it fits right perfectly in the space you provided it with, most people nowadays also place custom t-shirts as designs as long as they fit. You could do these home decorations by yourself but you would also want to look upon the internet for other tips to fully help you make your home aesthetically pleasing.