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 Retro Kitchen Paint Colours for 2021

 Retro Kitchen Paint Colours for 2021

Planning a kitchen renovation can be a huge undertaking, especially if you’re completely transforming your space by changing the overall style. One style that has been making a prominent comeback in today’s renovation market is Retro kitchens! Retro interior design usually channels style trends from the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. It evokes nostalgic feelings of the past for people, making them think of home and family. This is a bright and versatile style that works well for people that like to express their individuality. What better way to achieve this than with a quality coat of paint or perfectly selected decor.

When starting your retro kitchen renovation, the first step to consider is the colours that you will select for your walls, cabinets, counters, and decor. Rich and bold colours paired with contrasting combinations are very common for retro style. One of the best ways to add this pop of colour is through paint as it makes a huge impact on the look and feel of your space. So choose your bold colour transformation wisely because you’d like your house to remain a space of peace and comfort and not be too overwhelming. Check out these tips and tricks for retro kitchen paint colors in 2021.

Common Retro Kitchen Colours

What are the most common retro kitchen paint colours? Popular options are light green, such as avocado or mint green, light blue, pink, burnt orange, and dark burgundy. Although paint colours for retro-styled kitchens are often bright, you can also choose more subdue styles such as muted pastel tones. Teal green, dusty rose, light blue, or a muted yellow paint colour will create a peaceful yet warm atmosphere in your kitchen. Bright lemony yellow or creamy colours are other popular choices for kitchen wall colours. Retro kitchens generally feel very cozy and inviting, so make sure to select a paint colour that’s both appropriate for the space and your personality!

How else can you bring colour and accents into your kitchen renovation? Decor and textiles are a great option that can easily be swapped out depending on your style! Red is often used for bright accent pieces such as chairs, kettles, toasters, or kitchen towels. Polka dots are an interesting trend for accent pieces as they add a fun and youthful look. Appliances like fridges and stoves can also be used as colourful accents – pink, blue, or even orange are great retro options.

Not interested in the bright or bold colours? Monochrome spaces in general, such as black and white backsplash on walls or checkered floors, are powerful retro features. Checkered floors are an obvious retro-style trend and tend to go well with colourful accent pieces! Red combined with checkered black and white floors or tiles brings back the nostalgia of the typical American diner.

Paint is a great way to add colour to your new space, but it doesn’t have to go only on your walls! An interesting feature of retro-styled kitchens is colourful cabinets. Moss, pistachio, and avocado green are amazing choices for painted cabinets and bring an instant feeling of retro. If you are looking to repaint your kitchen cabinets, start by choosing the colour, or even combining two, that you like from the suggestions above. Wash and prepare the surfaces before painting and then make sure you tape up the hardware and cabinet handle to protect them from paint. Painting kitchen cabinets is a tedious job, and if you are not sure about your painting skills, it’s best to hire professional painters.

Last Words

Retro kitchens are designed to be especially warm and inviting. Retro doesn’t have to look old-fashioned; in fact, a good designer usually will combine retro and modern or a few different styles. If you like to decorate your kitchen in retro, consider updating your paint colour or adding colourful vintage decors such as pop-art posters, bright pots and pans, or some open shelves with books. These changes will create a fun retro vibe in your home!