Aberfoyle 2: The Best of the Rest

This is the smiling face of my friend Ingrid with her one and only purchase from our trip to the Aberfoyle Antique Market last Sunday. Ingrid has a cream and gilt dressing table that was in desperate need of a mirror and this piece is practically a perfect match. The seller wanted $45 for it but Ingrid drives a hard bargain — they settled for $35.

The yellow chair that came home with me had a similar pricing story; the seller had it marked $40 and I offered $30, which she readily accepted — Ingrid chastised me for not offering $25 but I reminded her that dealers have children to feed and mortgages to pay. In the bright Aberfoyle sun the chair was a screaming lemon yellow but at home in situ it’s more of an egg yolk colour. My guess is that the chair is 1980s Italian and although it has a maker’s mark and patent numbers (see inset) I haven’t been able to discover who designed or manufactured it.

I didn’t need the chair and wasn’t even sure it would work in my space but for $30 I knew I could flip it on Craigslist if it didn’t pan out. I remain undecided but have to admit it’s growing on me.

So what else did we see at Aberfoyle? It wasn’t a great week for furniture but we scoped some pretty terrific odds and ends. One of my favorite pieces was the Tucan lamp ($50) with a pivoting beak light, perfect for a child’s room.

I was also really taken with the horizontal artwork, above, an assemblage of painted tiles that was at least 4′ wide (asking $200). The burlap mat had some staining but as a late ’60s/early ’70s period-piece it was nonpareil, so Tijuana Brass. Like the sign letters I blogged about on Wednesday, the boat props, below, would make awesome styling accessories (sorry, I didn’t get prices).

I also neglected to get a price on the rug/blanket below but its colours and strange central motif definitely caught my eye.

By the time we saw it, the low, mid-century table below was sold but I thought the piece had lots of personality.

We saw the brass table lamps below at opposite ends of the market (note the different bases); the one below right was ticketed at $78 but for sure, you could do better.

If, like any antique market, Aberfoyle is a bit hit and miss on the furniture side, it’s always reliable for vintage and salvage hardware like door knobs, pulls, casters, feet, antique keys and the like.

And finally, the piece I most coveted but don’t need and couldn’t justify was the beautiful brass tray table below. The tray itself was stunning, nicely etched but not too ornate, perfect for a boho chic interior. The table was marked at $295 but seeing my interest the dealer offered to sell it for $210 and I know he’d have taken $200 flat if I had waved the cash at him.

We saw tons of other interesting, quirky and novelty items, all of which contributed to what was a delightful day for Ingrid and I. If the weather is promising you could hardly do better for a enjoyable little getaway. As I noted earlier, Aberfoyle closes for the season after October 30.

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Friday, October 14, 2011 by Chris
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  1. larysa Says:

    Hey Chris,
    I love the yellow chair. Great find!

  2. Gus Says:

    The yellow chair is Harter Corporation, American, office furniture company, early 1970s.

  3. Chris Says:

    Gus, you rock, thanks! Did I overpay? Get a great deal? What do you think?

  4. Debbie Says:

    I’ve been wondering about flipping things on craigslist. A few times, I bought something on CL that I thought was great, but then when I got it home, it didn’t quite work in my space (too big, too small, wrong colour, etc…). However, if I know I got it for a steal, and I know the item is worth more than what I paid for it, is it bad form to repost it again on CL at a higher price?

  5. Gus Says:

    Overpay – no, Great deal – not really. I don’t think there is a mad vibe for plastic chairs, compared say to Eames fiberglass shells that get way better prices. For comparative interest, look at the Artopex plastic chairs which are 70s Canadian and usually sell for about the same price or a bit higher.

  6. Wendy Gadsden Says:

    Appears to have been a perfect outing..great weather and very neat finds. If your readers are interested in Vintage Clothing, Textiles and Accessories come out to our show next Sunday October 23rd at Wychwood Barns. (St. Clair and Christie).11-4, Admission 8. Premier vintage dealers from ON and QC.

    Check out our feature page at

  7. Gus Says:

    Off topic

    Chris, I don’t know if you ever identified your day bed, but I found this while surfing, and it seems to be a match:

    Might want to contact these guys to confirm how they IDed it – a label, ref book, a catalogue, or what ????

    Plus, I think you paid less!

  8. Chris Says:

    Gus, that’s amazing, it’s my bed exactly! I will contact them to see how they ID’ed it. And yes, I paid less but not a lot less. Doesn’t matter, I’m very happy with it. Thanks!

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