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Tips on Reducing the Impact of Indoor Vaping and Smoking for a Healthy Home Environment

Tips on Reducing the Impact of Indoor Vaping and Smoking for a Healthy Home Environment

Smoking and vaping are not allowed in many public places such as restaurants and workplaces. That is because vaping articles pour vapoteurs beloeil indoors can pose some health concerns. When one puffs a cigarette inside the house, an unpleasant smell is produced, and a yellowish stain is deposited on the wall. Vaping produces a residue since most e-cigarettes have nicotine.

The Scientific Concept on Smoking Vs. Vaping Indoors

According to a study done in 2018, vaping of nicotine and other chemicals leaves residues on any surface close to where one is vaping.

A pilot study conducted in 2015 on nicotine residues showed that every smokers’ house had nicotine residues. On the other hand, only half of the vapers’ homes had detectable amounts of nicotine.

However, the homes of those who do not use nicotine-containing products were found to have traces of nicotine. There was no big difference in the nicotine traced in homes of vapers and non-users.

Tips on Reducing the Impact of Indoor Vaping and Smoking

Here are several tips that will help you keep your home safe from secondhand and thirdhand smoke vapor and smoke:

  • You should ask people who want to smoke or vape indoors to do it in a well-ventilated room or near an open window.
  • You can use incense sticks to overpower a bad smell. You can also use small bowls of vinegar or coffee in your rooms to neutralize the tobacco smell. Incense, vinegar, and coffee in-ground or beans form are called natural odor absorbers and will keep off the bad smell from smoke or vapor.
  • Keep your windows open for fresh air in your house.
  • Ensure to wash your curtains regularly to keep the smell of residues deposited during smoking or vaping.
  • Use green soap and water to wipe your furniture. This will help in removing residue deposited on your furniture when one smokes or vapes.
  • Wipe your house walls weekly to remove strong stains and bad smells. You can use vinegar or special cleaning products to ensure the walls are thoroughly clean.
  • You can consider repainting your walls if you have a long-term smoker or vape-user since the stains can be stubborn with time. However, ensure that you wash the walls before repainting since nicotine contains an oily residue inhibiting paint adhesion.

Tips on Keeping a Smoke-free Home

As much as you can reduce the impacts of vaping and smoking in your home, it is advisable to campaign for outside vaping and smoking. That is because indoor vaping and smoking might pose some health problems, especially to people with respiratory diseases.

Below are tips on how you can keep your home smoke-free:

  • Set a comfortable vaping or smoking area outside. Encourage your guests to vape or smoke outside and not indoors.
  • Put no-smoking or no-vaping signs in your house to remind your guests that it is not allowed.
  • Remove all smoking paraphernalia such as lighters and ashtrays and keep them in the outdoor smoking area.
  • Keep an umbrella at the door to encourage you to move outside for smoking or vaping even when the weather is bad.

Final Thoughts

Everyone yearns for a healthy home environment. However, some vaping and smoking habits can contribute to an unhealthy living environment. To ensure that people enjoy vaping and smoking while keeping your home healthy, you should follow the guideline above, and everything will be in order.