Cube Envy: In The Pink

Harsh florescent lighting is the bane of cube-dwellers everywhere. The under-mounted fixture in my office cubicle was so cold and unforgiving (above left) that I almost never used it. And then an idea dawned; I removed the acrylic cover from the fixture, below, and gave it a once-over with a pink highlighter. I’ve often heard that pink light is the most flattering and who can’t use a little of that? Colouring complete, I popped the acrylic back into its slot and voila, suddenly my cube has a sweet, warm glow, above left. Now I use the light all the time instead of almost never.

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Saturday, February 28, 2009 by Chris
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  1. lois Says:

    Good morning, what a transformation. Most don’t understand the importance of lighting whether it be in a cube or in the home.
    Harsh lights can be transformed by ingenuity (of which you possess) and viola the whole living space becomes tranquil. Our winters are harsh enough thank you

  2. David in KC Says:

    Ok, that’s hilarious. And brilliant. Well done Sir.

  3. Grunge-Queen Says:

    Brilliant, Chris. Wonder if the powers that be at work would let me do the same thing with the ceiling light fixture way way above my cubicle (I just had them take out the bulb altogether)? Good light is so important and that florescent stuff is pure evil – keep sharing your bright ideas!

  4. L of Cube Envy Says:

    Well the is just fabulous. What a great way to update that boring light glare!

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