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DIY: Throw Pillow Covers

If you have some cute or cool oversized t-shirts which you won’t use anymore then, why not turn them into throw pillow covers?
You will need: 

XL t-shirt or even larger

How to make it: 

Lay the shirt on a flat surface and pin the front and back parts of the t-shirt together.
Cut out the sleeves and the neckline of the shirt. Be sure that when you cut, go as close to the edges as much as you can, so there will be more fabric to work on later.
Fold the shirt lengthwise, then crosswise. …

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Home & Garden

Decorating During Holidays Questions & Their Answers

Q: What do I do if I want to do grand celebrations at home during the holidays, but my kitchen skills are far from good?
A: Holidays are all about decorations and imagery. It’s all about making things look presentable and camera-ready. If you can’t cook, worry not! You can order food from outside to save time. Serve the food on high-end tableware to make it look classy.
Q: What do I do to set the “holiday” tone of the party?
A: If you want to set the tone of the party, aside from the decorations, you must see to it that the lighting…

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Organization & Cleaning

3 Eco Tips for Choosing Cleaning Products for Your Home

The first thing that comes to mind when cleaning your home is the use of chemicals. Sure, chemicals can be effective cleaners, but a lot of those have negative side effects.
Going natural can have a lot of benefits more than you know. Here are tips for choosing your cleaning products.
1. Read the Ingredients List
Be sure to check the list of ingredients when choosing products. There are a lot of products that use ingredients that may be harmful not only to the environment but also to your family’s health. You should focus on this aspect if you have kids at home.
There are available …

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Organization & Cleaning

Natural House Cleaning Tips

There are a lot of effective cleaning agents that you can find in your kitchen. Why buy synthetic chemicals when you can use items found at home as simple cleaning hacks? Natural products can work effectively to give your home a sparkling look.
Here are natural products that you can use to make natural cleaning products.
1. Vinegar
White vinegar has a high acidity level. You can use this to clean surfaces, rid limescale off showerheads and faucets, …

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Organization & Cleaning

Fall-Cleaning List for Your Home

Cleaning and conducting maintenance before the beginning of harsh weather is a good idea. Preparation is the key to surviving the drop in temperature and for peace of mind.
Here are a few reminders on what to clean both indoors and outdoors:

Ceiling, walls, and baseboards should be dust-free
Clean the windows and doors, including the screens, if any
Clean the cabinets, appliances including the air conditioning unit, and furniture
Vacuum the entire house and be sure to include areas under the furniture
Double-check the furnace if the filter needs a …

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Home & Garden

Top 3 Fall-perfect and Affordable Sofas for Families

You might be wondering, why fall? Well, a lot of people prefer to make changes in their homes during spring, but we suggest you do it during the fall.
Fall means the cold and harsh weathers are about to kick in. It also means the family spends more time indoors than outdoors. So, what better way to spend time at home and gather everyone in the living room than to find a couch that suits the family?
Below is a list of affordable family sofas for the fall season.
1. …

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Home & Garden

Tips to Finding a Modern Home That Is Family-centered

Finding a home can be challenging when you have children and still want to maintain a modern look. You may want a modern design home but are worried that it might not be family oriented.
Here are some points you should keep in mind to help you choose the right home:
1. Open Concept Design
Having an open concept home makes family time more accessible. By eliminating wall barriers, you will encourage family-time where members of the family can bond with ease. The open concept makes it possible for the ones in the kitchen to converse with those in the living room.
2. Tall Windows and …

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Home & Garden

Simple Ways to Create a Holiday-ready Home That Won’t Break the Bank

Here are four simple tricks on how you can redecorate your home for each holiday without having to spend too much:
1. Find a balance between natural and synthetic elements.
Find a high-quality artificial greenery garland that can be used as the foundation of your decoration. You can then add some natural touches to it by adding fresh fruits, colorful dried flowers, ribbons, candles, and others depending on the holiday.
With this, you will be able to re-use the same base decor for years, and you can change concepts every time so it will not seem repetitive.
2. Learn to Layer….

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Factors to Consider When Planting a Tree at Home

Planting a tree may seem hard but knowing the basics will surely make the process effortless.
Step 1: Select the Tree
Decide which type of tree you want. While there are several species of trees, it is best to consult with your local nursery and buy the plant there. They would know which trees would grow well with the weather conditions of your locality.
Plus, most of their plants have been grown locally. It means the tree will have a higher likelihood of surviving when you plant it because it is well-adapted to the conditions of your locality.
Step 2: Select a Site

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2 No-Fuss Shrubs to Plant and Grow in the Middle of Summer

1. Invincibelle Series Smooth Hydrangeas
There are different types of hydrangeas, but we picked the Invincibelle Series because it has stronger stems that allow the plant to bloom bigger.
It comes in five different colors, but we particularly love the Mini Mauvette because when it blooms, it has an irresistibly pretty mauve color. If you are into bright colors, then we suggest this type.
If you prefer a light or neutral color, then we suggest the Limetta because as it starts to bloom, it begins with a cool lime hue that turns white-green as time passes, and eventually, as it reaches maturity, the …

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