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Fall-Cleaning List for Your Home

Fall-Cleaning List for Your Home

Cleaning and conducting maintenance before the beginning of harsh weather is a good idea. Preparation is the key to surviving the drop in temperature and for peace of mind.

Here are a few reminders on what to clean both indoors and outdoors:

  • Ceiling, walls, and baseboards should be dust-free
  • Clean the windows and doors, including the screens, if any
  • Clean the cabinets, appliances including the air conditioning unit, and furniture
  • Vacuum the entire house and be sure to include areas under the furniture
  • Double-check the furnace if the filter needs a replacement
  • Send rugs and carpets for cleaning and maintenance
  • Double-check the water heater and throw away stored limescale
  • Double-check if the heater is working properly
  • Wash and disinfect garbage bins
  • Organize the garage so that it will be easier to find the things that you will need for fall and winter
  • Store items on display that are not necessary for fall and winter, such as hose, other gardening tools, and outdoor furniture
  • Clean the exterior of your home and double-check if some need repair or maintenance so those problems won’t worsen during the cold weathers
  • Double-check the stairs and the hand railings if they are in perfect condition to avoid accidents

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