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Colour Story: Celadon

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I'm a casual collector of many things and one of those things is celadon porcelain. I can't afford the really good stuff but when I see a piece at auction and nobody's bidding you can count on me to raise my paddle, which is how I came by several of the pieces above. In this vignette you can see how much variation there is to the famous hue: the mossy green vases on the left and right are both Chinese while the small brush pot is Korean. The plate and bowl aren't Asian at all but Royal Copenhagen from Modern Craze. To me, there's something beguiling about the colour, which was devised centuries ago to mimic jade, a stone highly revered by the Chinese. The tonal range can stretch from palest grass and moss green to blue/green and gray/green yet each piece is universally referred to simply as celadon.

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Valspar Spray Paint Contest

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Now this is a contest I can get behind. Paint and coatings expert Valspar is introducing a new spray paint formula and can design with a contest encouraging DIYers to send them a photo of an item you'd like to make over for your chance to win a spray paint kit. Just visit the company's facebook contest page and upload a photo of an item in your household that could use a new look. Then encourage your friends, fans, followers and family to vote for you. The 10 entrants with the most votes will win a kit that includes five cans of spray.

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Blue Silk Fortuny and Follow-Up

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Further to comments on the previous post about colourful Fortuny pendant options . . . Also in response to the comments, I feel a duty to show you the one other area where some of Jill and Jack's money went -- to their entryway, for which the designer created a four-colour paint stripe (blue, cream, silver and gold) that wraps up and around a curved ceiling and staircase leading to the second floor of the home. It would have been an expensive application and the painter's fee also came out of the budget, along with oversight charges, no doubt. Ultimately, I get the sense that some of the criticism stems from class-motivated indignation. This is a $1 million-plus home in a desirable pocket of the city and people who live in such places spend commensurate amounts on their decor, they hire the best help and shop in the best stores. It might seem wasteful to some, but this is not the kind of home where you're going to see second-hand anything unless it's a prized antique. I wish I was as fortunate.

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Farrow & Ball Refreshes Its Deck

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


International paint and wallpaper purveyor Farrow & Ball shuffled its fan deck yesterday, which probably isn't news in too many quarters but in Toronto, home to Canada's only F&B outlet, the story is noteworthy if only because it points to home decor trends over the next half decade, or so. Every few years F&B culls under-performing colours and introduces new ones. Some of my favorites have fallen by the wayside — Dauphin, Biscuit and Ointment Pink, RIP — while recent intros, like Pelt (a dark purple), have caught on. In fact, if I can divine a trend from F&B's new selection, it's the continued ascendance of mauves and grays in home decoration.

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A Woman After My Own Heart

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I love posting great finds and sales on styleNorth but your encouraging comments aside, it sometimes feel likes like I'm shouting into the wind. And then I hear from a reader like Rosanna who found exactly the dining chairs she was hunting for thanks to my post about Skypad. Well, maybe they weren't exactly what she had in mind, the avacado green leather and corduroy probably wouldn't have been anyone's first choice but by God, she's made them work. What I love about Rosanna is that she uses Craigslist, Kijiji, blogs and Google to hunt down not just what she's after but the cheapest possible version of what she's after.

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