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Pining For More Than Granite And Steel

Thursday, July 23, 2009


With three sliding glass doors, the cabinet ($2,750) is a little over nine feet long and perfect counter height. It could also make an amazing island if your kitchen was big enough. Like everything in the Rowntree Antiques showroom, the piece is old, likely late 1800s. It feels weathered and warm, the antithesis of today's cold, modern kitchens.

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Stroll: Rue Amherst, Montreal

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


One big reason for our trip to Montreal last week was my desire to cover Rue Amherst, the city's amazing stretch of 20th century vintage shops (read mid-century modern). Toronto has Queen Street East for MCM, Montreal has Rue Amherst. The shopping starts north of Rue de Maisonneuve Est and runs for three blocks up the hill toward Sherbrooke Street.

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Ohm Mobilier Branches Out

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


What caught my eye was Ohm's branch "collection" of lamps, mirrors and room dividers. Constructed from bleached natural branches, the pieces take "organic" design to its logical conclusion. The floor lamp, above left ($700), was my favorite piece and made for an eye-catching window display; the smaller table lamp beside it is priced at $340 and the denser, more sculptural table lamp, above centre, is $495.

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The Colours of Montreal

Monday, July 20, 2009


Mike and I are just back from a fun and exhausting long weekend in Montreal so I'll be blogging about the city's decorating and design scene all this week. One thing we noticed over and over was how colourful the city is. Balconies, fire escapes, roofs and railings are often dressed-up in cheery hues. I loved the facade, below centre, with blue eyes and gratuitous metal eyebrows and mustache -- how fabulous!

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Window Dressing: Espace Pepin, Montreal

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I always find at least two or three great decorating ideas peaking out from shop windows like this one at Espace Pepin, in Old Montreal. Although the shop was closed when I chanced by, I learned from the website that the store is outfitted with owner Lysanne Pepin’s original artwork and that of other Quebec creatives like Montreal lamp artist Alexandre Brault.

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