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Cluny High, Aalto Low

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

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Every retailer has sales, even high-end peddlers like Toronto's design-conscious Hollace Cluny (1070 Yonge Street). Thing is, I can't even afford their sale prices, not usually. However, in the HC window at the moment are some ravishing Alvar Aalto pendant lights marked WAY down from $365 each to just $109. Now that's a discount! The shop girl told me the store has four left in stock. Aalto designed the A330S Pendant Lamp in 1937 and it is still in production from Finland's Artek, which is where these are from.

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New Gold Dream

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Some of you will assume that my upcoming trip to India is the inspiration for my new bedroom but in fact, the genesis of the decoration goes back several years to a bedroom ceiling I painted in Farrow & Ball's India Yellow; I loved lying in bed staring up at that deep, gold canopy. And since my new bedroom is a windowless pocket measuring just 8' x 10', I decided to wrap the entire room in the colour as a compliment to the shimmering blue-green saree I picked up for next to nothing at a consignment store close-out sale last year. Of course, it's the brass, fretwork pendant casting those exotic shadows that really makes the space.

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Prize Pendant

Saturday, August 4, 2012


I've been wanting a nice pendant light to go over my little dining nook and after one false start (long story, never mind) I finally have the light I've been coveting from Troy Seidman's delicious Caviar 20. I can't afford most of what's on Troy's site — he has a Don Howell walnut bed for $5,500 that rocks my world — but he was willing to do a deal on the pendant and I'm grateful. The light is vintage 1960s from Swedish manufacturer Atelje Lyktan. The scale of the light is perfect for the space and I love how the chocolate-coloured enamel speaks to the dark wood stain of the table and chairs. Beautiful. Thanks Troy!

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Lamp Finials: The Motherlode

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


A great lamp deserves a great finial. Trouble is, finding worthy ornaments is tough at the best of times. Commercial pickings are slim and usually overpriced and you can search antique markets for months before finding something suitable. Recently I ducked into Douglas Poole Antiques (358 Queen Street East, 416.368.1818) on a whim and there on a carousel towards the back of the shop was the motherlode, finial heaven! Priced between $15 - $35 for singles and pairs, Mr. Poole's finials are fabulous, light years from the junk you'll find at Lighting Unlimited.

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Four Seasons On the Block

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


It promises to be a doozie of a sale, so big it will take three days to clear out the contents of Toronto's Four Seasons Hotel. And just my luck, the thing I want most will be sold on the day I'm moving. Would you buy a used bed in this era of rampant bed bugs? I have to admit I'm toying with the idea since I discovered that those beds are by Hästens, a mattress I have coveted since the moment I discovered them. A friend who got a sneak peak at the sale over the weekend mentioned that some of the beds have never been used and are being sold in their original packaging. How dreamy.

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