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Wake Up Your Patio

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Fran from Palmyra Design in Milton, Ontario, was in touch to let me know about a new shipment of patio umbrellas she has just received from Jaipur, India. Available in several styles -- from super-bold patchwork to quieter block-printed paisleys and florals -- these exuberant umbrellas are guaranteed to wake up your patio and add a groovy global vibe to your next outdoor gathering. You won't find these at Homesense.

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Madame? Or Madame’s Designer?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Estate sale spaces are typically very ho hum and have never before inspired me to create a post but there's an exception to every rule. The image above — attached to a sale being held this Saturday (April 21, 8 am) in Toronto — really made me wonder about the woman who chose to live with the blue walls and the blue and white rug and those chairs, my God, those chairs! Love them or hate them, and I suspect some of you will divide into each camp, they're just sooooo designer. You'd certainly never find anything like them at Elte. There's nothing as interesting as this seating set in the rest of the house, which begs the question, why just this one flight of fancy? Did madame decide on a lark to go up and over the top or did a designer give her a push? And if she was coerced, did she come to love them or did this one risque gesture embarrass her ever after?

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Elephant House II: Bigger Not Better

Saturday, April 18, 2009

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I’ve written about elephants in the garden before but this one takes the cake. And not a good way. The giant white elephant dwarfing the postage stamp, front yard at 77 Yarmouth Road in Toronto is a folly in every sense of the word. It’s locally famous, naturally, but I also find it to be a bit of eyesore, mostly because the scale of the piece is just so wrong for the site.

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Folly: Bavarian Castle in Mississauga

Friday, January 23, 2009


How could I possibly drive past this fabulous pile without stopping the car? Inspired by King Ludwig II’s Bavarian castle Neuschwanstein, this Mississauga mansion happens to be for sale so naturally I contacted listing agent Matthew Regan who was kind enough to give Mike and I a tour. WOW is really the only word that comes to mind. There's nothing Mc about this mansion, which has been on the market since last fall and is currently listed at $2,195,000.

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Folly: Casa Carreira

Friday, December 19, 2008


It all started with the mailbox. Just as every journey begins with a single step, the crazy quilt house at 473 Clinton Street in Toronto began as an innocent craft project undertaken by a recuperating invalid. Following a serious construction accident and months of difficult rehabilitation, the man of the house, Albino Carreira, decided to […]

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