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It’s a Long Way to Milo Baughman

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Last weekend we drove to Detroit to score these fabulous Milo Baughman dining chairs. The U.S. border guard was incredulous: "You don't have chairs in Toronto?" he asked. Well, no, not like these.

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The Kind of Legs You Never Forget

Saturday, November 24, 2012


I could not get the table out of my mind when I first blogged about it in late 2010. I tried, really tried to convince friends who were then decorating a pricey new home to buy it but they had a teen and a tween and were afraid of seeing such a fine-quality piece get damaged. The next time I stopped in at Toronto's Patina the table was gone and co-owners Garry and Sal proudly informed me that it had been purchased by none other than Barbara Barry herself and shipped to California. Fast forward to this week with me flipping through the December/January 2013 issue of House Beautiful and there was the table, now a starring player in a Carona del Mar home designed by Barry.

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Orbital Table: High Tech Sexy

Monday, March 5, 2012


I'm not sure how to make this post feel like anything other than an ad for Calligaris's new Orbital table but I'm so taken with the video that I can't resist posting it. With a gentle nudge the pivoting mechanism — designed by Pininfarina, the renowned design and engineering company behind Ferrai, Maserati and Alfa Romeo — expands or contracts the sleek glass, steel and polyurethane table. The Orbital, which retails in Canada for $7,833, recently won a German 2012 Interior Innovation Award. This is one sexy dining table!

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I Covetous: Pirwi Design at Fiber Living

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


It felt like IDS all over again when I popped into Toronto's Fiber Living last week and stumbled upon the jaw-dropping work of Mexican design firm Pirwi. Fiber's Ansis Kalnins told me the furnishings had just arrived from Mexico City and hadn't been on the floor for a week yet so what you're seeing here is literally fresh off the truck. Pirwi's designers are focused on sustainable materials and practices and they mix the latest computerized cutting tech with old fashioned hand bending and finishing to craft tables, chairs and case goods that look and feel truly innovative. Constructed mostly of plywood, the designs are skeletal, geometric and absolutely beautiful. Pricey, too, as you might expect from products this cutting edge.

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Dear styleNorth . . . A Custom Opportunity

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


StyleNorth reader Rob wrote to me for advice on how best to sell his enormous custom dining table, which was made by Toronto's Cabinet and is still in mint condition. Rob and his partner will soon be moving into smaller digs which can't accommodate a 15-foot table that comfortably seats 18 when the two leaves (18" each) are in place. He was considering consigning the piece although I think he'll take too big a bath on it that way; consignment shops typically take about 50 per cent on a piece that will already be significantly marked down. And the trouble with Craiglist/Kijiji is that the people who shop on those sites don't usually live in homes that can handle a piece of furniture this big.

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