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Punch and Judy on the Block

Friday, February 10, 2012

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I concede that this post is only tangentially related to home décor but since my dearly departed Scottie dogs were named Punch and Judy I have a soft spot for anything relating to the centuries-old and highly collectible puppets. Toronto's A.H. Wilkens is auctioning a wide range of Punch and Judy memorabilia on Tuesday (February 14) ranging from 1800s playing cards to figurines, mugs, door stops, books, decorative plates and an antique tea set. Many of the items are included in box lots and shouldn't command especially high prices.

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Auction Checkup: Waddington’s Cobourg

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Last Saturday, while many of you headed west to Dundas, Ontario, for the Christie Antique Show, I was driving east to Cobourg for an auction at the newest Waddington's outpost. I reckoned that most of the dealers would be at Christie so I might get an especially good price on a rug that caught my eye the previous week when I stopped in to pick up some items won with absentee bids at an earlier sale. As it turned out the room was nearly full. Even so, there were deals galore to be had so I recommend you keep your eye on the Wadd's Cobourg webpage, which is updated with new image galleries (but no additional information) weekly.

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Wilkens Auction Looking Lively

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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Toronto's A.H. Wilkens Auctions & Appraisals was absolutely jumping yesterday and I was so buoyed to see it. Good quality merchandise was fetching decent prices but there were plenty of bargains walking out the door, too, like the Moroccan-style pendant light, below, which sold for a wickedly good price of $50. Wilkens tacks on a 17 per cent buyer's premium. Most of the auctioneer's bi-weekly sales happen Tuesday afternoons; the timing is unfortunate for us poor slobs who work for a living, which is why the room is full of mostly dealers. But I recommend you subscribe to the Wilkens eblast and keep your eye on their site; absentee bids are encouraged and if you can get away from your desk, it's a fun afternoon, very reminiscent of the old Ritchies Discovery Sales.

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Discovery Sales Make A Comeback

Monday, April 18, 2011

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The Ritchies Discovery Sales were a Toronto tradition for years before the auctioneer's sad demise in 2009. Always held on a Tuesday, the monthly sales played mostly to dealers since the rest of us were busy toiling at our day jobs. Well, auction newcomer A.H. Wilkens (299 Queen Street East, 416.360.7600) is reviving the Discovery tradition although they're not using that name. The sales have been running Tuesdays with previews the afternoon and evening before, which means that if something on the website interests you, you can drop by on your lunch hour or on your way home from the office to scope out the goods. This week's sale features some particularly fine furnishings and decorative pieces, albeit mostly of the traditional ilk.

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Mid-Century Madness in Coburg

Friday, March 18, 2011


A few months back Waddington's auctioneers opened a satellite location in Coburg, Ontario, and they're having a sale tomorrow that promises to be barn-burner for mid-century modern fans. This morning the website is showing a gallery loaded with decent furniture and lighting and the auctioneer says he still has oodles of art and glassware to unpack and get up on the site. The preview starts at 9:30 am with the sale beginning at 11 am with the smalls; expect furniture to start hitting the block around 1 pm. The auctioneer expects the sale to go all day.

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