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Holiday Spirit on Display

Sunday, November 24, 2013 by Chris


Shops on my block put up their holiday windows last weekend and I've been meaning to blog about them ever since. Newcomer, Parterre Flowers (1114 Yonge Street), open just three short months, is the star of the street with a window that really transports me. Festive but also creative, the window features a shop specialty, topiary animals. Putti nearly best the florist with twin displays, one white, one pink -- tres fabulous!

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Kelly Wearstler Would Wet Herself

Saturday, September 7, 2013 by Chris


Kelly Wearstler's jeans would be creamed. The custom marble table with the very special copper-finish base would be right at home in the design diva's latest book Rhapsody (2012). In my opinion, the table, currently in the window of Of Things Past Rosedale, is a showstopper, a heartbreaker, the kind of table you want to run away with, and never redecorate again. With its striking, composite marble top and its thin, beautiful bevel, the 50" x 46" top is a looker, that's for sure. The price? OTP wants $1,250.

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Dorothy Would

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 by Chris


My first post about Of Things Past in Rosedale got a luke warm reception here, but whatever. The shop is on my block so I keep tabs on it and week after week after week there is something on the floor I adore, something priced just ever so slightly out of my reach; so I wait and debate only to see it snapped up and gone while my indecision simmers. Today these charming chests appeared in the window, so Dorthory Draper the grand dame herself might have designed them. She'd certainly snap them up if she were alive and had a client to cajole. The colour, the scale, those feet!

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Picture Perfect Pottery at Bluebird

Sunday, February 12, 2012 by Chris


Last week, I passed by Toronto's Bluebird, a shop specializing in handmade gifts, mementos and decorative items and I was so struck by the gorgeous display of Sara Paloma pottery just inside the front door that I followed my curiosity inside. With such narrow necks the vases are utterly impractical and stunningly beautiful. On sale for 15 per cent off, the vessels range in price from $125 - $260. Paloma is a potter based in Emeryville, California.

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Hardware: Inside and Out

Friday, January 20, 2012 by Chris


It's been awhile since a shop window screamed out at me to be featured in Window Dressing but the current display at Toronto's Hardware Interiors (760 Queen Street East, 416.462.3099) has editorial written all over it. Symmetry, scale, surprise, this window by shop owners Murray Duncan and Jordan Tabachnik has it all. The fierce, head-turning mask at the centre of the vignette is from a private collection being sold on consignment. It's not the sort of thing Hardware usually deals in but the shop's clientele is apparently eating it up. The Congolese Kuba Royal Mask in the window is priced at $950, the figure eight lamps are $385 each and the salvaged-wood display console is $2,100.

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