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1/Hundred Prints: Great Art, Great Cause

Thursday, April 17, 2014 by Chris

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If you've got wall space to fill I strongly encourage you to consider a ticket to Open Studio's annual fundraiser 1/Hundred Prints happening May 15 at Toronto's Palais Royale. Open Studio is the city's biggest and best printmaking studio supporting some of Toronto's most talented artists. Here's how it works, 100 prints will be available to 100 patrons for $385 each. Tickets are drawn in random order: when your number comes up, you have one minute to choose your print from those remaining.

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Make Love in Venice

Wednesday, November 6, 2013 by Chris


The nice folks at contacted me to see if I would mention their exceptional line of wall-sized map murals. While perusing their offerings I was captivated by a painting of Venice rendered by contemporary artist Timothy Easton. Wallpapered kindly offered to provide the mural if I paid for the shipping ($61 from the U.K.): my original intention was to cover a quirky alcove on the left side of my bed so I chose a size that would fit the area and then changed my mind and applied the graphic to the other side of the room.

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Toronto (East) Tool Library Launch

Monday, November 4, 2013 by Chris


The Toronto East Tool Library and Makerspace throws its doors open for a grand opening party Thursday night (1803 Danforth Ave, 8 - 11 pm, free). The Tool Library lets members borrow a dizzying array of electrical and hand tools for up to five days; it's a cost-efficient way ($50 per year membership) to access tools you only use once in awhile. This sounds like exactly what I need for those occasional reupholstery, cutting and refinishing projects you know I love to tackle. Join me, I'll be there.

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’70s Style: Falling in Love Again

Thursday, September 5, 2013 by Chris


What the Vintage is a relatively new website and warehouse with a stockpile of 1960s and '70s furnishings, and I do mean stockpile. Owner John Baltazar's space is overflowing with mid-century furnishings: the 1960s teak and walnut stuff feels a little ho-hum at this point, but it was John's good 1970s pieces that really got my pulse racing. Pieces like these recall the impossibly stylish interiors of Dreamgirls, one of the best '70s-era set designs in celluloid history (I'm so bummed it's not on Netflix!).

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Slice, Dice and Store

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 by Chris


I did ultimately get back to Hacher & Krain to purchase a cutting board, a beautiful slab of bird's eye maple nearly 2" thick. But even more significantly, I took Greg up on his offer to sharpen my knives and what a joy it is to be working with really sharp implements again. Food prep is a pleasure now and I'm determined to never let my Henckles get dull again. At H&K I also purchased a cute little Bisbell knife storage magnet that's perfect for my small space. My larger knives tuck in nicely alongside my oils but the smaller ones were getting lost in the shuffle. Now I'm organized and ready to slice, dice and chop.

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