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Wrap Party: Just Another Day at the Office

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 by Chris


After celebrating a milestone birthday, my friend Kristen went back to work last week to find her office completely under wraps. Gift wrap, that is. In a twisted homage to the artist Christo, her co-workers had wrapped anything that wasn't nailed down. On the desktop you can see the keyboard and even the mouse have been given the treatment, as have the tape dispenser and stapler.

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Fun, Cool Office Stuff

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 by Chris


When I was at Toronto's Soho Art & Custom Framing I spotted these terrific computer mice that would jazz up any work station. Sure, they look gimmicky but they're actually Swiss-made by Pat Says Now and sold in 30 countries around the world. My own personal must-have is one of these amazing mouse pad and coaster sets designed to look like Persian rugs; the sets are $29.95 at Toronto's Pulp (348 Danforth Avenue, 416.462.2818) or you can buy just the mouse pad alone for $24.95. Now, that's style!

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Cube Envy: In The Pink

Saturday, February 28, 2009 by Chris


Harsh florescent lighting is the bane of cube-dwellers everywhere. The under-mounted fixture in my office cubicle was so cold and unforgiving (above left) that I almost never used it. And then an idea dawned; I removed the acrylic cover from the fixture, below, and gave it a once-over with a pink highlighter. I’ve often heard that pink light is the most flattering and who can’t use a little of that? Colouring complete, I popped the acrylic back into its slot and voila, suddenly my cube has a sweet, warm glow, above left. Now I use the light all the time instead of almost never.

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Under the Weather

Monday, November 24, 2008 by Chris


Sorry folks, but I’m feeling too rotten to post today. I hope to be back tomorrow after another day in bed. Cartoon courtesy of Stan & Ergo.

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Cube Envy: Pimp My Cube!

Friday, June 13, 2008 by Chris


Do you spend five days a week in a mind-numbing office cubicle? Make it a home away from home with a few simple additions. My cloth-covered cube in an otherwise bland corporate headquarters is anything but boring thanks to a $5 fabric remnant found at Designer Fabrics. Seamed (thanks Mike!) and stapled to the baffling, […]

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