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A Shared Point of View

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 by Chris

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The colour scheme in my flat is unorthodox, I’m the first to admit it. So I was oddly delighted to see Share Design featuring the Estorage Tablei by Rich Brilliant Willing for IKEA’s PS Collection. It’s as if the piece was riffing on my own living room, the colours are nearly identical. I couldn’t put the Estorage Tablei in my space if I wanted to, it would be matchier than matchy.

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Summer Jacquard

Friday, May 17, 2013 by Chris


I'm not one to change up my decor with the seasons but I make an exception with bedding: warmer temps call for lighter blankets and so I've recently switched up my heavier duvet cover for a light-weight, cotton jacquard that I purchased in India. Jacquard patterns are loomed rather than printed so the image is reversed on the underside. In this case I believe the orange (above right) is the top side but I prefer the taupe-y reverse, which goes better with the wall colour, Farrow & Ball's Dauphin.

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New Gold Dream

Thursday, August 9, 2012 by Chris


Some of you will assume that my upcoming trip to India is the inspiration for my new bedroom but in fact, the genesis of the decoration goes back several years to a bedroom ceiling I painted in Farrow & Ball's India Yellow; I loved lying in bed staring up at that deep, gold canopy. And since my new bedroom is a windowless pocket measuring just 8' x 10', I decided to wrap the entire room in the colour as a compliment to the shimmering blue-green saree I picked up for next to nothing at a consignment store close-out sale last year. Of course, it's the brass, fretwork pendant casting those exotic shadows that really makes the space.

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Why Just Black or White?

Sunday, June 17, 2012 by Chris


In the latest issue of House Beautiful is a feature titled Repaint, Refinish, Recover about the decorating adventures of Zim Loy, editor of Kansas City Spaces magazine. Loy is a plucky, roll-up-her-sleeves kind of gal, who says, "I find old things in horrible condition at estate sales, but I know that if the shape and size is right, I can paint it black or white and it will work for me." Naturally, I applaud Loy's approach but I really have to ask, why just black or white? Why not blue or yellow?

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Colour Story: Celadon

Tuesday, March 6, 2012 by Chris


I'm a casual collector of many things and one of those things is celadon porcelain. I can't afford the really good stuff but when I see a piece at auction and nobody's bidding you can count on me to raise my paddle, which is how I came by several of the pieces above. In this vignette you can see how much variation there is to the famous hue: the mossy green vases on the left and right are both Chinese while the small brush pot is Korean. The plate and bowl aren't Asian at all but Royal Copenhagen from Modern Craze. To me, there's something beguiling about the colour, which was devised centuries ago to mimic jade, a stone highly revered by the Chinese. The tonal range can stretch from palest grass and moss green to blue/green and gray/green yet each piece is universally referred to simply as celadon.

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