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Feeling Lucky?

Saturday, May 11, 2013 by Chris

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It's ridiculously short notice, I know, but I only received the flyer yesterday for Waddington's Cobourg's bi-annual fine furniture auction. And let me tell you, there is some sweet stuff in this sale. Do you remember the post I did about designer Michael S. Smith and his masterful use of pairs? Well there are some very pretty pairs on offer, including the handsome tchotchkes above and the pair of side chairs below that once belonged to the late Robertson Davies [there are several items from the writer's estate in the sale].

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Resurrecting Ritchies

Friday, November 16, 2012 by Chris


A newly reborn Ritchies has been easing back into business in recent months and last night the once-great auction house threw itself a party to christen its brand new showroom at 777 Richmond Street West and to celebrate its biggest sale since declaring bankruptcy in fall 2009. With new owners and a new auction team headed by veteran Dirk Heinze, left, Ritchies is slowly rebuilding a reputation that was trampled by debt and disgrace.

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If I Had A Million Dollars

Saturday, July 14, 2012 by Chris


If you've got a few minutes to kill I highly recommend a scroll through the online catalogue for the Wright Mass Modern auction taking place today. There is no better way to train your eye and refine your taste. Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff. I love many of the items up for grabs but these few pieces would really make me happy. If I had a million dollars, indeed.

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Four Seasons Auction Update

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 by Chris


Further to my post from last week, I toured the Four Season's Hotel auction preview this morning and was by turns disappointed and impressed. Disappointed to learn that the Hästens beds were sold to staff in advance of the sale, at least that's what my inside source tells me. But I was also impressed by many of the offerings. Sure, most of the furnishings are generic hotel-y nightstands, desks, cabinets, lighting, drapery, etc. but the Four Seasons is an exceptionally good hotel and most of the pieces are solid, good quality items with minimal wear. Online bidding has already started and you can register and bid at Proxibid Real Live Auctions. There's an online catalogue to browse although many of the items don't yet have accompanying photos. Even gargantuan tropical plants are being sold off, probably for a song.

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Four Seasons On the Block

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 by Chris


It promises to be a doozie of a sale, so big it will take three days to clear out the contents of Toronto's Four Seasons Hotel. And just my luck, the thing I want most will be sold on the day I'm moving. Would you buy a used bed in this era of rampant bed bugs? I have to admit I'm toying with the idea since I discovered that those beds are by Hästens, a mattress I have coveted since the moment I discovered them. A friend who got a sneak peak at the sale over the weekend mentioned that some of the beds have never been used and are being sold in their original packaging. How dreamy.

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