Make Love in Venice

The nice folks at contacted me to see if I would mention their exceptional line of wall-sized map murals. While perusing their offerings I was captivated by a painting of Venice rendered by contemporary artist Timothy Easton. Wallpapered kindly offered to provide the mural if I paid for the shipping ($61 from the U.K.): my original intention was to cover a quirky alcove on the left side of my bed so I chose a size that would fit the area and then I changed my mind and applied the graphic to the other side of the room.

There have been some changes at my building and it looks like I may move AGAIN in the spring so I was reluctant to apply the graphic directly to the wall. Instead, I sourced some wallboard from Home Depot ($30 a sheet), had it cut to size and mounted each of the four mural panels on the boards. I used velcro hanging strips to fasten the boards to the wall so removing the mural will be a snap when the time comes and I can reuse it again and again.

There was one little catch, an electrical socket that I simply could not do without so I worked it into the plan. It was just matter of cutting a notch into the board with a jigsaw and then using the cutout to paper the faceplate.

In retrospect, if I had known I’d be using this particular wall I would have ordered a larger graphic but c’est la vie. When I lie in bed it still feels like I’m submerged in the painting and I find the scene quite romantic. The room has no window so the mural provides a view and a sense of light where there isn’t any.

As for Wallpapered’s product, I am very impressed! My 200 x 179 cm graphic came in four individual sheets with a slightly plasticized coating that made it easy to work with. I used spray glue to mount the sheets to the boards which was a little bit tricky but not at all messy. My order came with wallpaper paste and detailed hanging instructions. The £122 cost of the graphic converted to about $200 CAD, plus the shipping.

Wallpapered’s service was excellent and they have a very wide selection of graphics to choose from, their maps are particularly good.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013 by Chris
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  1. Suz Says:

    Ah Chris, you are always plugged in to what’s going on … .

    I’ve been to Venice on many occasion and yet have had nary an occasion to spy actual Venetian blinds there.

  2. KarenJ Says:

    Very inviting.
    It’s a ‘go to bed early and curl up with a good book’ kind of bedroom:)

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