Holiday Spirit on Display

Shops on my block put up their holiday windows last weekend and I’ve been meaning to blog about them ever since. Newcomer, Parterre Flowers (1114 Yonge Street), open just three short months, is the star of the street with a window that really transports me. Festive but also creative, the window features a shop specialty, topiary animals.

Just down the block is Putti (1104 Yonge Street) with a hers and hers set of windows in dazzling white with another in pink. I happened past the shop one evening this week to find a rather gay gentleman taking pictures of the pink window and when I remarked about it he said, “Isn’t it just the gay-est thing you’ve ever seen?!”

Readers, I hope your holidays are tres fabulous in keeping with this spirit!

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Sunday, November 24, 2013 by Chris
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  1. Squeak Says:

    I used to live in Ottawa and take the train to Toronto a few times a year. I miss Putti (as well as Absolutely and Belle Epoque). What gorgeous windows!

  2. Gayle Says:

    Tres cool from trezchic :)

  3. Bev Says:

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful windows with us out here in East Rubber Boot/Canadian Tire land.

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