Slice, Dice and Store

I did ultimately get back to Hacher & Krain to purchase a cutting board, a beautiful slab of bird’s eye maple nearly 2″ thick. But even more significantly, I took Greg up on his offer to sharpen my knives; what a joy it is to be working with really sharp implements again! Food prep is a pleasure now and I’m determined to never let my Henckles get dull again. At H&K I also purchased a cute little Bisbell knife storage magnet ($25) that’s perfect for my small space. My larger knives tuck in nicely alongside my oils but the smaller ones were getting lost in the shuffle. Now I’m organized and ready to slice, dice and chop.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013 by Chris
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  1. BenS Says:

    full pics of the kitchen, stat!

  2. gayle Says:

    hello CHRIS, hope your holidays were pleasant…Gayle of sharp knives
    are a must

  3. lynn Says:


    just happened to stumble upon Hatcher & Krain today. Was gob-smacked
    as I walked by the store and glanced in the window. stunning.
    as I was coveting ALL of the inventory I suddenly realized “this is
    the place Chris mentioned!” boy, were you right. I bought the knife
    made by the guy in Finland that fits into the wood stand. sublime.
    and that they will sharpen knifes!! I’m in!!! couldn’t be more
    thrilled with my purchase.


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