Big Change Not Small Change

When I first blogged about Furnish it With Vintage enthusiast Connie, she was new to the blogging world but an old hand at thrifting, a gal who knows her way around Goodwill, Salvation Army and Value Village. But that’s the thing about decorating with thrift, once you overhaul a sofa you’d better love it ’cause it’s yours for a good long while. Fortunately, Connie does love her teak-arm sofa set, now looking smart and comfortable in an updated neutral chenille.

It took vision to see past the original orange upholstery and I’m pretty sure that like most thrifters, Connie was swayed by the price tags, $80 for the chair and $150 for the sofa. “I didn’t even try to negotiate,” she says, “what a deal!”

She quickly discovered, however, that the initial purchase is the cheapest stop along the way to a new-look living room. By the time she’d paid for fabric and reupholstery, courtesy of Whitby’s Brooks Upholstery (926 McCullough Dr., 905.666.1852), Connie had coughed up $2,200, about 10 times the original outlay.

But she loves her set and that’s what matters, and it should stand Connie in good stead for years to come now that’s it’s been remade from bottom to top. Good job, Connie! Your space looks very late-era Mad Men. An area rug of some sort might help to set it all off.

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Monday, May 13, 2013 by Chris
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  1. David Says:

    While there’s a bit of sticker shock when it’s all done, if you price it against what you’d pay for a good sofa and chair new, in the fabric you really want, I still think it’s often cheaper to go this route. Especially if you can find a good source for discounted fabric.

    Plus, at least at our top upholsterer here, not only can they change your piece to suit you if it doesn’t, they have you sit test before they finish it to be sure you like it, and then they warranty the frame and springs as long as you own it.

  2. Louise Says:

    But why wouldn’t she keep the orange? It was gorgeous! The new upholstery is so… beige.

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