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Recent styleNorth convert Aleysa wrote to give me a head’s up about her new blog the Listings List, a curatorial peak at Toronto’s online classifieds. Like Take this Sofa and Montreal Digs, Aleysa scours the local classifieds — in her case, Toronto — for high style at low prices. Aleysa appears to have a pretty good eye and she isn’t just looking at furnishings, she’s even digging into car and bicycle listings. Give the Listings List a look.

I also had a note from thrifting enthusiast Connie who has created a facebook page called Furnish it With Vintage dedicated to her finds and transformations. Good luck ladies and keep the inspiration coming!


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Wednesday, April 3, 2013 by Chris
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  1. gayle Says:

    Good evening Christopher. The spring weather is bringing out some fine blogs. LOVE Jennifer over at Montreal Digs and will check out the other ladies…Gayle of what fun

  2. Magda Says:

    I am so wishing I had those eyes. Best wishes.

  3. jenn Says:

    LOVE these blogs! Only found them because of you :) I just launched a different kind of thrifting blog – thought you might give me some feedback?
    Hope you’re well!

  4. Claire Says:

    Thanks for the boost, Chris. It’s nice to know that people are still paying attention to little ol’ TTS. I am finding that after a couple of years scouring craigslist, my eyes are getting tired. I’ve been thinking about passing on the torch…but I’m not quite ready! Your mentions make the whole endeavour seem fun again. P.S. Lampcage = amaze.

  5. Taylor Says:

    Chris, once again styleNorth has come through for us! I had explored Take This Sofa after you blogged about it last time.

    This time, we laughed when we noticed that the coffee table we were selling was featured on Listings List (they made fun of the bowl of lemons I had used when we staged the condo) and we ended up falling in love with (and purchasing) the Siesta Westnofa chairs which were also featured on the site:

  6. Chris Says:

    Taylor, those are great looking chairs! And you can sometimes find an ottoman on its own so I will keep my open for you. I recommend reconditioning the leather, it looks like it needs some moisturizer.
    Good score!
    Funnily enough I also bought something that was featured on the Listings List, a brass banker’s lamp. Too funny.

  7. gayle Says:

    Good evening. Some really cool things for sale right now…Gayle of you have to have the time to look ***sigh***

  8. Taylor Says:

    Thanks for the advice, Chris. You’re right about the leather and the wood could also use some conditioning. They’re very comfortable though and Corey rarely thinks any of my chairs are comfortable enough for him.

    I loved the look of that lamp!

  9. Chris Says:

    Taylor, the wood cleaner in this post is all you need, let it stand and soak for a little while before you wipe it down:

  10. Aleysa Says:

    Thanks again for the shout out, Chris. The feedback since your posting has been amazing, and we’re being introduced to so many new blogs in the meantime. Congrats on the lamp! I’m glad to see the system works! Can’t wait to see how you use it!

  11. betty Says:

    I find inspiration from blog like yours. I furnished my home with craigslist and kijiji finds and I am proud of it.

  12. Jen Says:

    As always, thanks for the Montreal Digs mention, Chris!

    Claire & Aleysa find so many great things… Claire, don’t you dare burn out on us!

  13. Grunge Queen Says:

    Hey Chris, thanks for the roundup – I love checking out this stuff even though the wares are miles away! Thanks for kind comment on my blog (I did answer in the comments section but am never sure if people read them) – six more weeks! Hope you’re well and that Spring has come to the Big Smoke. /Kelly xo

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