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If the leggy little tray table, above right, looks familiar it’s because I featured it as a quick and dirty DIY in October 2011. Too quick and too dirty as it turned out. My Red Green, duct-tape method for attaching the legs lasted a few days before it all fell apart. Then I tried epoxy, which held on for about a week.

What I really needed was a circular piece of wood into which I could screw the legs and then attach the tray to the base. This is where Michael Greenwood came in, kindly providing me with a perfectly-cut circle of 1/2″ plywood. I wanted three legs so I drew an equilateral triangle then placed the legs where I wanted them, marked and pre-drilled, then screwed them into place.

I didn’t bother counter sinking the screws since I knew the glue would take up about as much room as the screw heads.

The way I have configured my apartment I needed a small drinks table within reach of the sofa, ideally brass to go with a sweet little two-tiered number I picked up last fall at a garage sale for $20. Now I’ve got a pair of tables that relate to each other without being matchy.

The last thing I did was paint the edge of the plywood with gold leaf paint because the naked wood was drawing my eye and now it looks sort of seamless.

There’s nothing mid-century modern about my side tables (well, except for the scavenged legs) and that’s fine. I love brass, a passion I inherited from my mother. And of course, I love paying next to nothing for decent looking furniture that’s functional and unique.


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Sunday, March 17, 2013 by Chris
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  1. Mary Says:

    Good job on the table. Your upholstery project appears to be holding up well, also. your apartment is looking great!

  2. gayle Says:

    Nice to see you post Chris know that you are missed. The whole look
    is really well planned and comes together well…Gayle of love the post

  3. Eva Says:

    Hi Chris- looks fab – May I ask what the mettalic paint is and where you purchased it please?

  4. Chris Says:

    Hi Eva,
    Everything you need to know is here in this post:

  5. gayle Says:

    Hello FYI I FOUND the teak article by you…Gayle of determined

  6. Kelly Says:

    wonderful table and wonderful inspiration. i have a bunch of old silver trays that i haven’t known what to do with. now i do!
    thanks and, to echo Gayle’s comment, you have been missed

  7. Liza Says:

    I covet the other little table. I have a sentimental attachment to brass, too, but for me it’s because of my father. When I was a small child I used to be given the Brasso and a rag to shine the brass portholes on his beat-up old sailboat.

    I feel a little funny now that brass is back “on trend” but what the hell, we have to stick with what we love.

  8. shezcomeundone Says:

    I love how the table legs stand staunchly at attention to the sofa’s – like a flamenco partner checking his frame.

    Was rather hoping you were done with the daybed now that I’ve ousted the teak monstrosity in the spare room ;(

  9. nicola Says:

    Hi Chris

    Just hanging out at Porter waiting for my plane to leave. All flights were delayed due to weather here and in Newark so no ideal really when we will be leaving. So i thought i would serf your site to see what you have been up to. Your place looks amazing in these picutures. I love the two side tables. What a handy guy you turned out to be. site looks great.

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