If styleNorth was a book . . .



. . . what kind of book would/should it be? I’ve been approached by a publisher interested in possibly extending/expanding the life of the content herein and I would love your help in honing the idea. Tell me, dear readers, what approach should I take and which of the 800-plus blog posts should I focus on?

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Sunday, February 3, 2013 by Chris
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  1. Clare Says:

    Wowowowow! Sign me up for one preorder! No real suggestions, but very interested to see the direction you’ll take with this one.

    FWIW I didn’t buy the DesignSponge book because I flipped through it and, unsurprisingly, everything looked exactly like all the photos on the blog (which look exactly like one another). But I never tire of seeing your classic approach on StyleNorth!

  2. Ellen Says:

    I like your DIY reports for rescuing/reviving finds. Good photos, clear directions.

  3. kay* Says:

    i think your tag line says it all “real canadians decorating” – i’d think about taking that line…that idea…and expanding on it…

    congrats! very much looking forward to seeing how this develops.

  4. Nancybee Says:

    This is wonderful! I think your personal and “realistic” approach is what makes your blog stand out. I love it when you say, too expensive, or maybe too big for your downsized space… Or when you admit you had to pass on a fabulous table that you then saw later in a magazine. These are dilemmas we can all relate to. I love every post. My only suggestion is to be sure that you “keep it real”.

  5. gayle Says:

    Hello future book writer, I liked what you said about the recent design show not enough wow…Gayle you don’t have that problem :)
    to be more serious I don’t feel the focus should be on any one aspect of Style North Chris, b/c you are not one dimensional have never interpreted this blog as such, anything and everything, I feel that a book should reflect that it is the unusual that is you. Take the blogs
    you really loved, enjoyed writing, felt true passion on, and then cull from there. I personally think you learned alot from that recent India trip, JMHO…

  6. KarenJ Says:

    Wow, 2013 is looking to be a good one!
    I agree with Gayle – what posts were you most passionate about?

  7. Jessica Says:

    Here is the first part of a three-part series on Design*Sponge, starting with the premise that your blog is your book etc.

    Good luck!!

  8. Magda Says:

    It was in the cards.

  9. Margo Says:

    I have gained so much from all your blog post because when I open your posts in my email it seems like mail from a friend, your honest approach no beating around the bush style you share it all.

    From shopping trips, to design makeovers go for it Chris.

  10. Eya Donald Greenland Kotulsky Says:

    My favourite among your posts are the ones that bring an unexpected vibrant colour or an unusual shape to the forefront, especially in relation to living well in a small space. I can’t tell how you often I’ve read one of your posts and a week later, I’ll be out and about and something will catch my eye as a result of having seen a photo or read a tidbit about one of your “finds” on StyleNorth. Your radar is not all about what’s out there that costs a bomb – like the bathroom sink faucet I just saw in a magazine priced at over $3600 (does it maybe dispense champagne instead of tap water?) Sounds like an exciting new development. I’ll follow your progress with interest.

  11. Sue Says:

    How about the ‘before & after’…,with special
    rescuing inbetween. S

  12. Wallis Says:

    Coffee table.

  13. Liza Says:

    Great news, Chris! I will definitely want a copy of the book.
    One aspect of your blog that I have really enjoyed are the various re-inventions and reincarnations of some of your beautiful possessions and great finds over time and in different situations.
    I suspect that almost anyone with enough $$$$ can hire someone to produce a space out of a high-end shelter porn publication. It takes someone with ingenuity, creativity, a good eye and a dose of genius (like you) to track down the great finds and use them to put together rooms that real people will enjoy living in.
    … and also the details about your favourite sources and hunting grounds…

  14. rouquinne Says:

    congratulations, Chris! i can’t wait for my copy.

  15. Tina @Spot On Says:

    Coolio. What’s that saying? Champaigne Tastes on a white wine budget, or sumpin like that? How about real life cost friendly decorating – a Craig’s List how to – how to find the great finds, how to tackle various DIYs – all of your amazing before-and-after transformations. I constantly come back to Style North to search past posts that help me with current endeavors.
    Count me in for a few copies please…

  16. Hilda Says:

    Like Kay*, I love the “real Canadians decorating” angle.

  17. Marilyn Says:

    Congratulations!!! Sounds like a win win situation for all of us. A book deal for you that’s right up your alley and whatever the content a treasure trove for your followers.

  18. Lori Says:


    I agree with the others about focusing on a Canadian angle. Fantastic news. You are original and truly talented at design (also you never broach chevron which in essence proves you are amazing).

    Best of luck,

  19. Chris Says:

    Well, I think we know who the Seinfeld fan is, eh Wallis?
    And Magda, that’s hysterical.
    Thank you, one and all, for the feedback. You’re inspiring me to pull up my socks and get blogging again.
    With less space to fill and less space for projects I just haven’t had the kind of material that made stylenorth what it once was. I guess it’s time for a reinvention. I will ruminate. Thanks again.

  20. gayle Says:

    CHRIS hello friend if it is space you are looking for…Gayle of I’ve a whole back yard you can work in :)

  21. godwinkr Says:

    long time reader, just not a frequent commenter.

    I’ve really enjoyed your perspective on challenging spaces (like your current small space) or how to reinvent a craigslist piece in a classy way (use your Blue Magic!). I also like seeing how a room will evolve as you acquire new pieces and re-adjust a room to make it work. This is useful since most of us don’t have static houses, and seeing tricks to adapt a space to suit changing needs is an important skill. So often TV shows the magical room “fix” that is a one-time event, instead of showing how to make a room functional, beautiful, adaptable. Maybe some ideas on how to edit? I craigslist a lot, and have the time its deciding what NOT to get, or deciding if it’s really worth doing a fix to maybe make it work in my space.

    I also like seeing your shopping tours, maybe a section on just inspiration pictures? No captions (maybe in the back or very minimal), just pretty pictures of real-life finds that are maybe a more budgetful version of those magazine inspiration pages. Tips on where to splurge and save?

    Good luck!

  22. Taylor de Sa Says:

    I’ve learned so much from reading your blog over the years. I look forward to a book filled with budget decor tips, vintage finds, DIY and rooms decorated with your special eye for mixing styles!

    I will be at the front of the line at your first book signing!

  23. Claire Says:

    Chris, immediately two ideas sprang to mind: first, your profiles of shops and shopkeepers in the local marketplace, to shine a light on how multi-cultural and cosmopolitan, and at the same time homey and traditional, our culture is; and second, chapters focused on particular Canadian or Torontonian decorating issues or quirks (ex. fireplaces that don’t work anymore, cold in winter/hot in summer, representing other places in interiors, etc.), and examples of how real people are contending with them. I’m imagining photos of commercial spaces and products, contrasted with images from people’s homes and the objects they love. Because your blog covers all of these. Hmm.

  24. Paul Says:

    Hi Chris,

    I’ve been reading your blog for years and really enjoy it. My idea for a book would begin with the story line of the decoration of your apartment(s), from planning the placement of furniture, to choosing colours, to changes, etc. This “plot” would allow you to bring in many other good features of the blog, such as where to shop, high/low, current trends, how to make-over a garage sale find, etc. The Stylenorth part would come in because all the references about to how to do this would feature a Toronto angle (with, perhaps, an additional appendix with your favourite places for shopping, upholstery, etc.). I realize that you couldn’t put in every section from the blog but having a storyline of decorating your place – or even a new place just for the book – would allow you to bring in all the practical, special knowledge you have and which I enjoy so much in your blog, into your book.

    hope this helps,

  25. nat Says:

    Hi Chris.
    I’m a long-time, loyal reader. I love your art history and furniture knowledge and have learned to appreciate the designers behind pieces instead of just the aesthetic beauty of the piece itself. I also enjoy your posts that feature furniture you found and the oodles of dollars something similar goes for on 1stdibs.
    Best of luck on the book and thanks for all your hard work and gem posts over the years!

  26. gayle Says:

    Chris we r missing you…Gayle of come home and post :)

  27. Bev Says:

    From out here in East Rubber Boot, Chris, I really love your advice with regard to resources. Where to find things, shops to watch, other websites to peruse because I am not in the GTA I have to make the most of my time when I am there. I also love your journeys out and being introduced by you to sales, auction houses, events and great people doing great things online.
    Go for it!

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