I Resolve to Relax More

After eight days on the road in India I finally hit a wall today and put the brakes on sightseeing. Enough already! Our hotel, the Udai Kothi, boasts a breathtaking rooftop pool with a splendid view over Lake Pichola and that’s where I spent my afternoon.

The sky was unblemished by clouds and the temperature poolside hovered around 26 degrees celcius. Can you blame me?

I understand there’s been snow in my native Toronto since flying out on December 23. There will be winter enough for me next week when I return to my workaday world but for now I’m enjoying heaven on earth. I can’t imagine a better way to spend new year’s day.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013 by Chris
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  1. Carol Says:

    Yup, lots of snow here! Enjoy that sun, it does look heavenly. It is actually a very bright beautiful sunny day here, which makes winter look so pretty. A good start to 2013. Blue skies…

  2. Magda Says:

    It looks like you found a little bit of heaven on earth. Enjoy.

  3. gayle Says:

    Good afternoon sunny bright day here albeit a tad nippy. I agree about the relax part…Gayle of what is the rush

  4. Deb Says:

    looks heavenly indeed! Happy New Year Chris! Cheers! ~d.

  5. Lin Says:

    “Sight-seeing” can easily become the scourge of the traveller. In my experience, it’s only by dialling it down and letting go of the need to “see” everything, that the country will begin to truly reveal itself to you.

  6. shezcomeundone Says:

    Nice spitoon ;)

  7. Lots to say Says:

    Back in 2009 we did the trip you’re doing. In Udaipur we took a cooking class with Shakti who owns Indian Spice Box (–cooking-class-in-india-adds-spice-to-more-than-the-food)
    He was quite a character and a lot of laughs. We forfeited site seeing to chat with him over some chai. You may consider it… And if you do, please tell him Scott and Natasha say hi!
    Udaipur is stunning – they all are, but after a while, intricately carved castle, after intricately carved temple, makes your head spin – not to mention all the other assaults to the senses! You couldn’t pick a better place to stop and chill out.
    We enjoyed a really beautiful dinner at a restaurant called Ambrai. It’s right on the water, with wonderful views.
    Thanks for taking me back there!

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