Castle Mandawa

Just a quick pic to make you drool. Have spent the most wonderful night at Castle Mandawa Hotel, a converted Marahaja’s fort built in 1755. The staff dress as Rajput guards and one fellow in particular cast a spell on me and agreed to let me photograph him: just one of the faces of Rajasthan.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012 by Chris
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  1. gayle Says:

    Good morning CHRIS, stunning…Gayle of unbelievable doesn’t look real

  2. Chris Says:

    Gayle, the photo was taken an hour after dawn and the pink light has coloured the buildings.

  3. gayle Says:

    Hello again, it is like stepping back in time, to a world that hasn’t changed…Gayle of incredible the camera turns out nice photographs

  4. Magda Says:

    What a photo. Does not look real. Can’t believe that you are actually there.

  5. Nicola Says:


    Wow you are having a great year for beautiful hotels.It looks like something out of A Passage to India. Lucky you. by the way , love your bedroom slippers in the first post.

  6. KarenJ Says:

    Wow! My first thought, as well, was that it doesn’t look real.
    The new camera is looking good.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Crazy good shot. If that’s the new camera we’ll have a “burn the lumix” bonfire in the new year.
    Crazy cute pseudo palace guard too! Behave.

    Had an idea for the murse, if you brought it – see if you can trade it for something awesome
    in one of the markets, say like something one of your stylish girl friend might like ;) hehe

    All the best in the new year in the old world. xx

  8. Suz Says:

    Anonymous above = Suz. Forgot to set up the new IPad.

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