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Verso, designer Julie Jenkinson’s new retail concept, was barely open when she was featured in the New York Times. Writer Sarah Wildman described Verso as a “vintage curio shop,” which pretty much sums it up. Housed in a repurposed garage behind business partner Kate Eisen’s INabstracto (1160 Queen West), Verso specializes in the kind of industrial chic detritus our parents would scoff at and our kids can’t get enough of.

To my mind, Verso dwells in the zeitgeist somewhere between ruin porn and steampunk. Jenkinson is very much the author of her own aesthetic but it’s the kind of thing we’ve been seeing in smaller doses at Queen West Antique Centre and Black Pug for awhile. The dearly departed Filter was another proponent of the look with its medical models and science class cast-offs.

Verso has a few good sticks of furniture and some interesting lighting but the shop’s bread and butter is accessories and trinkets, pieces picked to lend soul to a sleek new condo like the ones devouring the former railway lands south of Queen West.

The day I stopped in Jenkinson was AWOL so I didn’t get prices on most of the items featured here. But the photos certainly give you a sense of the vibe. A trip to Verso is like stepping into a fold in the time/space continuum, the stuff’s all old but it feels oddly sci-fi. Welcome to The Selby, Toronto edition.

Drop in and say “Hi” to Julie; there’s no telling what you’ll stumble upon and who knows, maybe even fall in love with.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012 by Chris
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  1. shezcomeundone Says:

    That little red box is identical to the one my older brother kept his Dinky trucks in the 50’s, his weed in the 70’s and passed down to my son in the 80’s where he in turn kept his Ninja Turtle till the 90’s, his track and field ribbons till the new millenium and . . .

    What fun it was, but I’m detached now ;p

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