Why Just Black or White?

In the latest issue of House Beautiful is a feature titled Repaint, Refinish, Recover about the decorating adventures of Zim Loy, editor of Kansas City Spaces magazine. Loy is a plucky, roll-up-her-sleeves kind of gal, who says, “I find old things in horrible condition at estate sales, but I know that if the shape and size is right, I can paint it black or white and it will work for me.” Naturally, I applaud Loy’s approach but I really have to ask, why just black or white? Why not blue or yellow?

Yesterday I ducked into one of my favorite cheapo resources, Rotblott’s Discount Warehouse (443 Adelaide Street West, 416.703.0456) to grab paint supplies in anticipation of my apartment refresh. While I was there I spotted a shelf of Thrifty Spray Paint Enamel from Dynamic priced at just $3.99 per can: the sales guy said it was a perfectly good product, especially for the price, so I grabbed a couple of cans, one in blue and one in bright yellow for a pair of flea market tables that were leftover from a client project. It was always my intention to update them in zingy modern colours and this morning I finally got around to it. Ultimately, I intend to display the blue lamp on the yellow table but the sunny hue didn’t cover especially well so I’ll be back at Rotblott’s this week for another can and then I’ll let you see how that one turned out.

The blue covered beautifully with no priming, just a thorough cleaning. There’s a lot of blue in the rug and I’ve decided to make that my new secondary accent colour along with the yellow MCM daybed. The newly sprayed table looks especially good at night, darker, less electric.

The place is coming along and I hope to be in a position to show you more of it in the next week or two. (PS, the lampshade is a donation from a friend, I haven’t gotten around to that yet, either.)

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Sunday, June 17, 2012 by Chris
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  1. David Says:

    I ran into Zim at a sale one afternoon a few years ago, and though I’d never met her I recognized her from her photo in the magazine and told her how much I enjoy reading Spaces. You might think she’d smile and say “thank you” or soemthing like that, but um, no.

    I am going to pick up the issue though.

  2. Neville Says:

    Hi Chris,
    The table looks fantastic with your rug! Can’t wait to see the apartment once you’re ready to show it off.

  3. margo Says:

    So far so good, love the way the room is coming together, you are always full of surprises with your unique decorating style, looking forward to seeing how it all comes together, have fun with that.

    margo (vancouver island)

  4. shescomeundone Says:

    Love the blue! A gray veined white marble atop the table would rock that handsome swain of a chair.
    How ’bout a smart accent pillow or two in a certain blue alacantra? I know someone whose holding and could possible whip one up for you ;)

  5. Lin Says:

    I’m determined that this summer I will finally get around to painting the badly chipped coffee table that’s been hanging around my living room for the last hundred years or so. Love your blue table so I think I’ll just unashamedly copy you and try the same on my quirky little table.

  6. Cat Says:

    Yay! You’re back! Happy to see that rug again, and the little blue table and corner vignette is ravishing. Love your work, and your blog.

  7. Tim@DesignMaze Says:

    I love your DIY Chris! Always so resourceful and willing to share your knowhow and wisdom with us. I’m taking your advice to have my round table base and having it sprayed a dynamite color … and you know what, it is in the same shade of blue as yours!

    Yours look amazing on that rug and man, I need to come visit you again and check out your new space!

  8. VVires Says:

    It’s true a new color really breaths life to a moribund piece. You can really try textured painting so give it a cool effect. And you can put on as many layers as need be to correct any mistakes.

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