Less is Less and That’s OK

Thursday is moving day. Again. It’s shocking even to me and all the more so because my new apartment feels like such a comedown from the last several places. At just 450 square feet it will be the smallest space I’ve ever lived in. But here’s the thing . . . after two mercilessly noisy apartments, peace and quiet were the only considerations that really mattered in this home search.

Apartment hunting is all about timing and luck and there’s pressure at every juncture. The landlord at my new building was showing me the unit at noon and had other showings booked for 2 pm and 4 pm. He assured me the unit would be gone if I waffled and having missed out on three desirable places the week before, I knew he wasn’t snowing me. So I reached for my chequebook.

The rental agreement stipulates that tenants must have carpeting, which reassured me somewhat after living adjacent to sparsely furnished echo chambers. My new building is populated exclusively by mature folks — the building manager sees to that — and is on a peaceful, tree-lined street in Toronto’s Rosedale neighbourhood, an area I’ve lived in on three separate occasions so it already feels like home.

This week I went to the flat and taped off where all the furniture will go. And while it’s true that there isn’t room to swing a cat, I’ve devised a space plan that accommodates all my essentials and puts them in the proper alignment with one another. My present abode is nearly twice as big but there’s no way to position the sofa perpendicular to the TV, which is how I like it.

Also on the plus side, the west-facing unit is bright, it has a relatively large walk-in closet/dressing room and the kitchen comes with a wall of charming ’40s-style built-in shelves.

I’ll wait a few weeks before diving into painting. I’m not locked into a lease so should there be any noise issues I’m free to up and move again. And I will if I have to because nothing is more valuable than peace of mind and if my home isn’t a sanctuary from the hustle of the city then I might as well throw in the towel.

There won’t be much decorating to do once the pieces are in place. There’s no additional storage and nowhere to work on projects so I’m anticipating a lot less to blog about. I want to get back to my yoga practice, back to eating well and I’m determined to travel — I’ve already booked a two-week trip to India in December. A new era with new priorities beckons. But I promise to check in with you at least once in awhile.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012 by Chris
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  1. Karen J Says:

    Good luck with the move Chris – it’s a lovely part of Toronto.
    Wow, India in December! Very exciting.

  2. shescomeundone Says:

    Whether doing it consciously or not you are preparing yourself for the sojourn to India by paring down and detaching from the material world. So if that’s the case can I have the yellow sofa and the spider leg coffee table? ;)

    No parquet floors in the new digs. I like that.

  3. Chris Says:

    Susan, you’re hysterical!

  4. Raina @ If the Lamp Shade Fits Says:

    My favorite single-days apartment was just 500 square feet. Everything fit perfectly with just enough room to entertain only my best friends.

    Mazel on your new place!

  5. Michelle Says:

    I lived in 330 sq. ft for three years and it’s decidedly a lesson in minimalism. Of course I don’t have any of the style you do, so my place was furnished in Ikea-chic. I’m looking forward to seeing how you transform your new space.
    I completely jealous of your upcoming trip – India ia a wonderful country.

  6. Chris Says:

    Raina, your post about Materialistic v. Experiential really sunk in and while I unabashedly took my place on the materialist side, I’ve decided I want to change teams.

  7. Cindy MacCool Says:

    Congratulations Chris. I hope you keep blogging regularly. Love your posts.

  8. Holly Gnaedinger Says:

    I wish you all the best with the new apartment–may it give you some well-deserved peace and quiet.

  9. Abs Says:

    Good luck in your new space Chris! Rosedale in summer will be so beautiful. I hope you check in here frequently as I really enjoy your posts.

  10. Cat Says:

    I hope you don’t go submaring on us. Who else would we have to look up to for our local deco/DYA porn?

    Best – Alexandra

  11. Cat Says:

    I meant to say submarining on us – like dark and silent.

  12. Lois Says:

    Good morning, no problem with Chris going AWOL he loves our company too much. New digs, new beginnings wonderful…Gayle of so happy for you

  13. sc Says:

    Congrats Chris. I’ve appreciate your blog posts but appreciate even more your shift in priorities. As an Indian, I wish you a truly life shattering experience free as free from cliche as possible and tons of amazing food. Where are you headed?

  14. shescomeundone Says:

    What sc says! I highly recommend commencing a non sectarian meditation practice several months if not sooner before you embark on what will no doubt be a life altering journey.
    I even know a longtime yogi who could help jumpstart you on your path.

    Om Shanti

  15. Aimée Says:

    thanks for share this great thread.

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