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I’ve never met Claire Pfeiffer but I love her! Claire is the founder of a terrific little blog called Take This Sofa, in which she scours Craigslist Toronto for the best of the best, a job that makes her readers lives a whole lot easier. Claire sifts through all the CL chaff and brings us the wheat. What I love most about Claire’s blog is that she’s not just looking for “cheap,” she’s hunting for value. The Baker sofa, above left, is $4,000, which definitely isn’t cheap but new it retails for $13,500. The Tom Dixon copper suspension lights are on CL for $220 each as opposed to the original retail ticket of $700. And the tiered vintage rolling cart, above right, is $125 and provides a lot of look and function for the price. The stylin’ mid-century table and media console below, are going for $300 the pair.

I used to do “best of Craigslist” posts here on styleNorth and they were always popular so I’m not sure why I got out of the habit. One likely reason is that my CL preview plug-in gets knocked out every time Firefox or Safari updates their browsers. Without an image preview I can’t be bothered to surf Craigs anymore, it’s just not worth the effort. And now that I’ve discovered Take This Sofa, I’m happy to let Claire do the work for me. Thanks Claire! May your blog live long and prosper.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012 by Chris
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  1. Claire Says:

    Chris, you are too kind! I didn’t know you used to to “best of craigslist” posts. Now we can divide up the work! Long live craigslist. Long live StyleNorth!

  2. shescomeundone Says:

    Just the other day I discovered Claire’s blog and was pleasantly surprised to see not only a handful of my own listings but nearly everything culled for the blog had also pinged on my radar. Appreciate her dry wit and generous spirit.
    Clever girl.

  3. Clare Says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing the link Chris!

  4. Susan TributeDecor Says:

    Saw the Baker sofa on Claire’s blog last week and wish I had 4k in my pocket…Thanks Claire, great job and may your CL addiction not be cured too soon.

  5. Natasha Says:

    I love you…I mean Style North! You are so open to all your favourite finds
    Thank you, Natasha

  6. Lots to say Says:

    Just wondering: do people like Craigslist better than Kijiji?
    I find it harder to use and much more tedious to post things on Craigslist.
    Yet, is that where more people are shopping?

  7. Carol Says:

    I love “Take this Sofa” – I’m happy Claire is getting more exposure, although it will increase competition and make it harder to scoop those great bargains she finds.

  8. Lois Says:

    Good evening Chris loved Claire’s blog but I feel CL is hard to slog thru, I used to list on CL…Lois of I’d like to hear other opinions

  9. Jennifer Says:

    Love Claire’s blog! Thanks for sharing her ;) Question for Claire – only CL? No Kijiji love? BTW Chris, no need for plugins anymore on CL, just click ‘show images’ top right.

  10. Alison Says:

    Craigs List vs. Kijiji… I actually prefer Kijiji myself. I find it much more ‘localized’ (‘Canada only’), and easier to post too, pics etc. CL gets on my nerves once in awhile, lol.

    Have a great weekend all :)

  11. Liza Vandermeer Says:

    I have also wondered why CL gets all the coverage; I find Kijiji much easier to use.

    Thanks for the tip about Claire’s blog – great to see what’s being listed and prices; she has a good eye.

  12. Lin Says:

    I love Claire’s blog but I confess that I too prefer Kijiji. Like Liza, I’ve often wondered why it’s seldom mentioned.

  13. val Says:

    Love your blog and wanted to share this very special six part series that launches on Monday, April 23, 8PM ET on CBC’s documentary channel

    Please check out
    Great Minds of Design

  14. Chris Says:

    Thanks Val. Will definitely tune in.

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