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It felt like IDS all over again when I popped into Toronto’s Fiber Living last week and stumbled upon the jaw-dropping work of Mexican design firm Pirwi. Fiber’s Ansis Kalnins told me the furnishings had just arrived from Mexico City and hadn’t been on the floor a week yet so what you’re seeing here is literally fresh off the truck. It’s also a Canadian exclusive for Fiber.

Pirwi’s designers are focused on sustainable materials and practices and they combine the latest computerized cutting technology with old-fashioned hand bending and finishing to craft tables, chairs and case goods that look and feel truly innovative. Constructed mostly of plywood, the designs are skeletal, geometric and absolutely beautiful.

Pricey, too, as you might expect from products this leading edge. The Hiab dining table above is tagged at $2,860 and the dining chairs are $820 each. Only the large, sculptural bookcase below was priced ($1,900) but ooh la la, that’s a lot of look. The Flex bench in the lead pic is $900 and the Flex coffee table is $2,525. The laminated plywood pieces are all available in six different veneers.

My photos really don’t do the work justice so visit Priwi’s website to see the products shot in their best light. If I had money to burn I’d burn some at Fiber and I’d be sitting pretty in Pirwi.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012 by Chris
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  1. Michelle Says:

    Wow – that bookcase is gorgeous! I too wish I had money to burn so I could get one!

  2. margo Says:


    Love the bookcase would work so well as a room divider very sculptural

    like a piece of art, thanks for sharing, I will put Fiber on my list of

    places to visit when I come to Toronto.

  3. Cathy Says:

    You are a lucky man to be able to view such magnificent pieces. I would still be there wiping up the droll… I would say I follow the other people in stating that the bookcase is my favourite!

  4. Lin Says:

    Oh, dear. Do you think they might be interested in trading the forty-three chairs that I own—I kid you not—for the chair in the second photo?( I could throw in my truck if that would help.)

  5. Chris Says:

    Lin, your comment is so funny that I think we should do a post about all 43 of your chairs. Ready or not, it’s time for their close-up!

  6. Lin Says:


    Simone has started shooting them all because we’re going to have a chair sale in the Spring. Problem is, I have a deeply personal relationship with about thirty-five of them.

    P.S. That total doesn’t count the seven plastic lawn chairs in the garage.

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