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Further to Thursday’s post about Old Fashioned Restoration, proprietor Emanuel Calleja isn’t just a master furniture restorer, he’s also a dealer with a great eye who does the bulk of his picking on annual European buying trips. The cost of trans-Atlantic shipping means this is no bargain basement, but if you’re in the market for high-quality vintage and antique pieces, 3068 Dundas Street West should be on your shopping itinerary.

Although Calleja has a number of very fine antiques — his spectacular Italian marquetry bedroom set, circa 1870, was featured on the Antiques Roadshow — the dealer has a particular taste for early 20th century furnishings and lighting, especially art deco.

And it’s the lighting that I covet the most. If I was a little more flush with cash both of the fixtures below would already be at home with me. The bumpy, clear glass pendant looks like a giant ice cube: French, likely from the 1940s, it’s substantial and in my opinion, spectacular. Priced at $650, it’s excellent value for the quality. I also yearn for the shallow, yellow and white glass saucer ($550) simply because it would look so great in a room with my canary-coloured daybed.

The three-legged walnut table, below left, is also French from the ’40s ($520) and the 1950s folding shelf/tray stand is $350.

Because he’s such a talented restorer all of Calleja’s furnishings are in great nick but he’s also careful to preserve a piece’s patina. It’s a delicate balance but when you’ve worked with wood for as long as Emanuel has, you get pretty good at knowing where to stop. Drop in and pay him a visit.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011 by Chris
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  1. Karen J Says:

    Thanks Chris. I want to jump in the car and head into Toronto right now – probably best to wait ’til the sun comes up:)

  2. Karen J Says:

    My clock says 6:52?

  3. Lois Says:

    Good morning, beautiful pieces and quality really does come at a price…Lois of that I don’t mind paying *sigh* think I’ll be needing a second job tho’

  4. Della Says:

    My boyfriend and I purchased the most beautiful armoire from Emanuel’s store and it’s stunning. It’s a late 1800s piece from Europe in wonderful shape and gorgeously restored to it’s original glory.

    Emanuel delivered the piece the next day, brought it up the stairs piece by piece and set it up for us at no extra cost. Given how much new furniture costs theses days (and the lack of quality) we feel like it was worth spending a little bit more to get something that is a classic antique that we will keep forever.

    Can’t recommend this store enough.

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