Valspar Spray Paint Contest

Now this is a contest I can get behind. Paint and coatings expert Valspar is introducing a new spray paint formula and can design with a contest encouraging DIYers to send them a photo of an item you’d like to make over for your chance to win a spray paint kit. Just visit the company’s facebook contest page and upload a photo of an item in your household that could use a new look.  Then encourage your friends, fans, followers and family to vote for you. The 10 entrants with the most votes will win a kit that includes five cans of spray. Valspar claims its “improved paint formula and intuitive design of the new Valspar Spray Paint minimizes common issues such as finger fatigue, dripping, and spitting.  Spray painters—from professionals to those exploring do-it-yourself projects for the first time—can now easily create better-looking projects in a fraction of the time.” If you play, send me a note and I’ll try to rally styleNorth readers on your behalf. For tips on how to spray paint like a pro, visit this earlier post.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011 by Chris
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  1. Lois Says:

    Good morning CHRIS, I used Valspar to paint this very condo that I am residing in. Have always used Behr. My conclusion…Lois of Behr is my friend. Expensive but well worth it. Valspar went on badly. JMHO

  2. Lois Says:

    I miss you posting…Lois of having withdrawal syptoms

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