I never intended to keep the table but when I saw it on Craigslist for just $40 I was pretty sure I could strip it and flip it for a decent profit. The modern form — is it a Z or an N? — is crazy cool in an ’80s sort of way. I also had the idea that it might make a good console if I flipped it on its side. And then, one afternoon while mooching through GUFF, I noticed some orphaned glass tops up for grabs, one of them a perfect fit for my table and priced at just $10. Score!

In an ideal world I would have upended the base to form a Z but it didn’t have the structural integrity to work that way, it sloped too much to one side. Configured as it is below, the console looks and works great. The cords were a disaster as you can see in the top pic but I tidied them up with a couple of zip ties; I love that I can slip the little stool underneath and slot a few DVDs in there, too. And because I love brass, I’ve elected to leave the metal as is.

And the purchase ended up making me some money after all; I sold the bar cart I’d been using as a TV stand for $100, a piece I’d bought on CL for just $15 several years ago.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011 by Chris
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  1. Lois Says:

    Good morning CHRIS, I love the table and I have to admit GUFF *free plug* is a regular visitor on my computer…Lois of thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to you

  2. margo Says:


    Great score, looks like a keeper to me, enjoy your weekend.
    cheers Margo

  3. Rosanna Says:

    Agreed – looks great, Chris!

    If possible, could you affix the cords to the back, in order to align them with the slope of the brass down to the ground?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. tim Says:

    looks great Chris! it totally works .. . and to you all, this base looks amazing as I saw it with my own two eyes!!

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