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Project Runway judge Nina Garcia often describes this or that design as being “very editorial,” meaning it will jump off a page and look good in her magazine. I can only assume that’s why Studio Pepe Heykoop‘s fugly Skin collection is featured in today’s Globe and Mail. If this ludicrous design from the Netherlands is available in Canada, Globe Style editor Danny Sinopoli is keeping the details to himself.

You can bet the chairs cost a small fortune, which further begs the question, what kind of slobbering trend addict would shell out hard-earned smack for something so intentionally unattractive? Get a load of the Martin Margiela chair, below, described on the Pepe Heykoop site as “dirty chique.” Need I say more?

I know the design set, those stylin’ guys and gals who couldn’t quite keep Toronto’s hipper-than-thou Ministry of the Interior afloat, will poo-poo my lack of sophistication . . . let them. I see novelties like these in trend bibles all over the internet and it makes me crazy.

I recently left a snarky comment on Remodelista about the Hockenheimer magazine and newspaper stool above. The blog editors shot me down, I guess they don’t appreciate having their “good” taste criticized. Apparently they like what Njustudio is up to, or maybe they just think this ridiculous stool is “editorial.” Yesterday, the site featured more Christo-inspired crap (rhymes with wrap), the Koushi Lamp by Mark Eden Schooley. And you can bet they’re not cheap. Give me a break . . . please.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011 by Chris
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  1. Michelle Says:

    Well, if you ever do decide that that fugly Martin Margiela chair is your style, there’s no need to spend lots of $. All you’ll need to do is pull a chair out of a dumpster somewhere, and then drape one of those Ikea sheepskin rugs over the cushions. Your total cost would be only about $40 (not including fumigating the nasty chair);)

  2. Karen Says:

    In agreement!!!!

  3. Shauntelle LeBlanc Says:

    Wow…all of that stuff looks like it came out of a crack house. Deconstructivism works in fashion, to a point, but this furniture is pointless, ugly and ridiculous.

  4. arlene Says:

    Don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel. Love a good rant!

  5. Kelly Lycan Says:

    Wow such conservative responses they remind me of the argument regarding abstract painting and any child being able to do the same. Innovation will not always appeal to everyone but I would rather come across furniture like this than generic wasteful furniture that people can’t get enough of, look at The Brick web site. The furniture mentioned in this blog are using materials and profiles I have not seen before, this is exciting to me. It may not be to your taste but one must be able to appreciate the effort to do something different. As a visual artist and someone who lives up the street from a “crack house” your comments sound snobbish and narrow minded, geez.

  6. Alison Says:

    Ugh, agreed! One bandwagon I won’t be jumping on, LOL!

  7. Shauntelle LeBlanc Says:

    I am a vintage furniture dealer and an interior designer and I am NOT a snob. I love exuberant, playful design with a sense of humour, that innovates and improves the users quality of life. This furniture looks uncomfortable, dirty and unsafe with exposed wiring, springs and staples, raw materials spilling out (allergies, anyone?), unfinished edges, , etc… In terms of the profiles, you only need to look at the French mid century style to see wire chairs that are much better executed than these. The light fixtures look sloppy and can be done with a few second hand lampshades and some stretch fabric. If you view it as art, that’s fine, but as furniture, it does not work for me.

  8. chrisse allan Says:

    Crap is crap…Tacky is tacky. Style & taste is forever!

    These “hip” chairs are a poor excuse for design. Someone was given an assignment & couldn’t com eup with anything, so they called this faux almost redone chairs “hip” & challenged you by saying you were narrow minded or unhip.
    Just because some so called avant-guarde hipsters says it’s out of the box & hip, doesn’t make it so in the anals of history. I can name 100s of so called hip designers from the last 30 yrs, that NO-ONE remembers.

    Coco Chanel said that style was enduring…I bet you remember who she is. She was an avant-guarde for her generation & she thought out of the box, shocking the status quo. However, her style had fabulous lines and quality. So her Hip designs became iconic and classic.
    Her birthday is just around the corner.

  9. Gus Says:

    So much of modern design is as disposable as the monthly magazines that cover it. How much endures as classic from the present day forward? Almost nothing. The business of design is to constantly reinvent, market, sell, and turn a profit. There’s no huge social or intellectual conscious going on, is there?. Debate this months chair or lamp, is it or isnt’t it the flavour of the month, whatever, it doesn’t matter because next month or season the mags and designers are pushing something different for you to consume. Stick with classic vintage and quality antiques for furnishings. Collect something for fun and future value. Use modern tech, coverings, flooring, paint, as needed. Leave the crap at the curb.

  10. jie Says:

    reminds me of Mugatu’s “Derelict” line, lol.
    not quite hip.
    but yes, it hurts. a lot. and not in a good way.

  11. Lois Says:

    Good evening Quality is forever…Lois of the rest is just fads

  12. shezcomeundone Says:

    Oh my Chris, would love to read what those bitchy queens on Design Addict would make of this entry. T’would be one shredded thread for sure.
    Thought the Hockenheimer mag rack would go with that wretched dog bed constructed of old rolled up jeans that shows up periodically on Toronto CL.

  13. Chris Says:

    These would work in an art installation… not in my home. I see them like a haute couture gown than works to push fashion and style in a new direction, but could never really be useful in a closet. (ha! yes.. they would be the “Derelict” version of fashion.)
    I like the idea of reusing objects, and maybe we need these items – obviously Frankensteined- to get a point across. Maybe they will help people to really appreciate how beautiful recycled objects in the home can be, when they are done tastefully?

  14. Shauntelle LeBlanc Says:

    Excellent point Chris..
    They work as art, but are not functional.

  15. Lois Says:

    I just reviewed the pictures again thinking I’m missing something…Lois of nope

  16. Lin Says:

    Call me crazy but I kinda like the first chair. It reminds me of some of Alexander McQueen’s clothes.

  17. Lois Says:

    I like it as art…Lois of just not decor

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