Blue Silk Fortuny and Follow-Up

Further to comments on the previous post about colourful Fortuny pendant options . . .

Also in response to commenters, I feel a duty to show you the one other area where some of Jill and Jack’s money went — to their entryway, for which the designer created a four-colour paint stripe (blue, cream, silver and gold) that wraps up and around a curved ceiling and staircase leading to the second floor of the home. It would have been an expensive application and the painter’s fee also came out of the budget, along with oversight charges, no doubt.

And finally, an observation about the heated discussion below; Jill and Jack made some expensive mistakes for which Jack admits to being “embarrassed.” The couple learned a costly lesson and shared their story with the intention that it be a cautionary tale for others who might travel down a similar road.

Ultimately, I get the sense that some of the criticism stems from class-conscious indignation. The couple was prepared to spend “up to $100,000″ and negotiated a final decorating tab of $85,000 — a lot of money in just about anybody’s books. But this is a $1 million-plus home in a desirable pocket of the city and people who live in such places spend commensurate amounts on their decor, they hire the best help and shop in the best stores. It might seem wasteful to some, but this is not the kind of home where you’re going to see second-hand anything unless it’s a prized antique. I wish I was as fortunate.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011 by Chris
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  1. Lois Says:

    Good morning, colorful and beautiful…Lois whom LOVES blue, gorgeous

  2. nisiepie Says:

    very colourful. i’d almost say it was blue. in fact if i wanted to buy this i would say “i would like a blue fortuny”

    very nice. i hope someday to afford one, for i am not wealthy :)

  3. Rob Says:

    What a gourg-ois Fortuny!
    BTW, Elte is now carrying what I call a ‘Faux-tuny’ collection of fixtures. They are Fortuny knock-offs… and not bad copies. They use cotton instead of silk and definately are less ornate, but for a price range of $200 – $800, you get the look for less!
    I was a bit disappointed that ELTE, who we look to for style and original design, is now in the business of peddling knock-offs and shocked that the sales associate did not even know that they are, in fact, copies of an iconic style (guess you don’t need to know anything about design to sell furniture these days!. Anyway, we picked up a couple for bedrooms that needed updating, and I’m happy with them… but they certainly don’t have the elegance of our real Fortuny!

  4. Lois Says:

    Good morning, chagrined to say I didn’t read the *rest* of this blog, merely so struck with the Fortuny colorway. I don’t think I even mentioned the $ 100.000.00 budget, b/c that part of it didn’t concern me. The common sense and communication part, gravely so…Just wanted to be clear.

  5. Lots to say Says:

    I stand corrected! This is such an elegant colour! I’m surprised I didn’t come across it before. Especially since Robin’s Eggs Blue was so hot a few years ago!

    Once again, I can only speak for myself when I say criticism did not stem from class-conscious indignation, but rather questions that were raised by incongruency in the story.

    Re: Rob’s comment – A GREAT ONE!
    Shocking that ELTE is peddling knock offs! Appalling that their sales staff is so ignorant!
    For a store that carries high end furniture and serves the clientele that seeks out original design, you better have a staff that know names like Fortuny, Saarinen, Eames, Mies Van Der Rhoe, Bertoia, and the price tags they carry.

    Please tell me that salesperson didn’t claim they were Fortuny.
    When I worked in a furniture retail store we had product knowledge seminars and had to know everything about the fabric, construction, material, place of manufacturing, etc.

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