Love It or List It: Advantage Hilary

I don’t know about you but I’ve been less than impressed with the most recent crop of TV design shows – Bang for Your Buck, Inside the Box, Battle on the Block, feh.

For me, the only really bright light in recent seasons has been Love It or List It starring Hilary Farr, left, and David Visentin. For my U.S. readers who haven’t seen the show, ace designer Hilary works her magic in an effort to make the owners love their dysfunctional homes again, while competitor, real estate agent David, scours MLS in order to entice them into listing the property Hilary has just made over and move on to a new dream home.

The show hasn’t yet made it to the U.S. market where folks are trying just to hold on to their homes, never mind worrying about upgrading.

“Homeowners desperate for another bathroom really doesn’t resonate with people surrounded by so much economic pain,” says an empathetic Farr.

I don’t usually consent to telephone interviews for styleNorth but I made an exception in this case because a) Hilary’s son was getting married the day we spoke and b) Love It or List It is nominated for a Gemini Award Saturday night for Best Reality Program or Series and I truly hope they win.

“Our nomination is for the show, which sits very well with all of us,” says Farr, “because as hokey as it sounds, it will be a sincere thank you to everyone on the program; we really are all cogs in the wheel and without any one of them, things start to unravel. We have an incredible design team, incredible production team and producers, the network (W) is spectacular to work with. It really it is a team effort.”

The secret of the show’s success is undoubtedly the chemistry between Visentin and Farr — their rivalry is obviously made for TV but their banter and rapport is always winning.

“David has a weird, quirky sense of humour that’s a perfect foil for my . . . whatever mine is,” says Farr. “And I think it’s only gotten better, genuinely on a personal level and with each new season.”

The show is now in its third season, heading into a fourth and already signed for a fifth: “We’ve got a long happy road ahead of us,” says the designer.

What has ALWAYS amazed me about the program is how absolutely horrible most of the homeowners are to Hilary as she faces unforeseen reno challenges that force her to scale back her design plan. Not once have I seen a homeowner suck it up and apologize for the abuse they hurled in the early stages, even when they end up loving the design and staying in the house.

“They think that by saying I did a wonderful job during the reveal that it takes it all away,” says Farr, audibly shrugging. “But I am an interior designer and have been for years and you take it in your stride, you have to. I’ve had wonderful clients who remain my clients for years who have just lost it on me, I’m the one they vent at when the plumber does something wrong, I’m the one who’s there so I get to hear about it. I try not to take it personally.”

Conversing with Farr on the phone I hear exactly the woman I see on TV — warm, cheeky, straight shooting. I’d love to spend a day with her tearing up Toronto’s Castlefield design district, poking through Elte, which she mentions as one of her go-to sources.

“They’ve really opened up to the fact that they’ve been beyond the reach of the average consumer in terms of their price points by expanding their clearance section,” she says of the retailer. “And I just heard that they’re opening an outlet in Vaughn that will be dedicated exclusively to their clearance and as-is merchandise so there’s a tip for your readers.”

On the fabric front Hilary praises Designer Fabrics on Queen West — “everybody goes there, it’s spectacular,” she raves. “That’s number one when budget is an issue, which is most of the time. On those rare occasions when budget is not an issue I’m off to Lee Jofa in Designers Walk for beautiful, extraordinary fabrics that you won’t find anywhere else.”

Hilary can’t say exactly how far ahead of David she is on the tote board but she has clocked many more Love Its than he has List Its.

“David is resigned to that,” says Farr. “In the end we’re both fine with whichever way it goes because we both sincerely want them to find a home they love.

“When they choose to Love It, they’re in their own home and they now know all the demons that were lurking because we’ve found them all and addressed most of them. It’s the devil you know versus the one you don’t. And we all know how much trouble and expense moving is; I think it’s a tough one for David to convince someone to list and move on.”

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Friday, November 12, 2010 by Chris
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  1. RJ Says:

    Oh I love this show! And yes, surprising how horrible the owners are to Hillary! But then there’s the episode where they redo Hillary’s assistant’s home and even she was pretty upset with what couldn’t be done, despite having been in on x-number of scaled-back renos herself – so how much of that angst is to make a good TV show?

  2. Sandra Says:

    I agree! I also really enjoy this show it’s a new twist for a reality show, and I am always amazed at how mean some of these people are to Hilary and David. Especially Hilary’s own assistant. Remember the old “treat people the way you would like to be treated”. Best of luck to them both for the Gemini’s.

  3. Lois Says:

    Good evening, enjoy this show very much, and some others but like yourself found the new offerings rather bland. I know from experience how frustrating and stressful a reno can be, if you are not used to problems flying at oneself. I’ve learned to TRY and think logically and not stress out as much…Lois of just another thought

  4. Lori Says:

    I love the Show too!
    I say come on Down. We would love to see you in the Castlefield Design area. Please come in and see us @ Theadcount Textile and Design

  5. Chris Says:

    RJ and Sandra, Hilary and I talked specifically about the episodes where she redid the homes of crew members Eddie and Desta.
    “I think we saw a side of Desta that we hadn’t seen before,” she confirmed. “The bossy, pushy, nobody-knows-about-interior-design-but-me and let me tell you how it is Hilary! I mean, excuse me. So it was an eye-opener. And to be honest, I think Desta was surprised at how she reacted to being on the other end of the process. So it was revealing to all of us.”
    “With the regular homeowners I don’t have any personal connection; we parachute in and come up with a design plan that will work for them. And then we get air-lifted out at the end, whichever way it goes. But with Desta and Eddie, they’re still here, so with them it was trickier on a personal level because we have a relationship, one I wanted to continue hopefully for a long, long time.”
    “On the design side I knew exactly what Eddie would want and I knew how to make it work for Desta, too.”
    You go, Hilary!

  6. hilary Says:

    I am really enjoying the comments of your readers.

  7. mary Says:

    I absolutely love this show too. We have lived in a number of homes in the last 15 years and I wish we had the vision Hilary has to see the end result. I understand that usually a homeowner has saved a fairly long time to get the bundle for the renovation but if you have ever tried to coordinate a number of contractors on your own, you’ll see that she supersedes any expectation on value (much less design!) I think she can informally mark her tally board that even when they do decide to list it, the resale price is always significantly more.

  8. celestial Says:

    what happens to the furnishings when the owners decide tolist their house.

  9. hilary Says:

    The furnishings are part of our Design budget. The owners can take them, sell them, give them away. its up to them.

  10. amy Says:

    Love love love the show very much………I watch many home transformation design in W NETWORK but your show is the best……. Hilary wish you could do my house to…. That is my Christmas wish…..

  11. hilary Says:


    Sorry I can’t fulfill your Christmas wish. watch the show and maybe you can find one of our ideas that you can do yourself to transform at least one area of your home.
    Good luck.- AND, Merry Christmas!

  12. Jane Mills Says:

    Hilary Love your show. On one of the episodes you designed a laundry room with a new style laundry sink. Please sent me the company name,style number and where you purhcased it. Happy Christmas Jane

  13. alice torres Says:

    i hope you will get the gemini award, is the best reality show. Me and my family enjoyed very much.i hope one day we do the show…

  14. hilary Says:

    all of our sinks and plumbing items are supplied to us by KOHLER. I am sure you will find what you are looking for on their website.

  15. scott Says:

    Hilary, just love the love the designs you do and amazed how unrealistic home owners can be at time. Having done many major renos myself I don’t think people realize what a bargain and amount of work they are getting from you and your team.

    I am curious, the times the home owners make the wrong decision and decide to list ;-) , is it guaranteed that they always get the home David found and they chose or is there the chance they can be outbid through the normal real estate purchasing process?

  16. karmachameleon Says:

    Does it really make sense that a property’s value can rise $100,000 (or more) because $50,000 of renovations were done to it? It’s a big part of the reason why home ownership is becoming a pipe dream for working class people. If we had any sense of social justice, we would celebrate decreases in home prices; instead, we look at it as an unmitigated disaster because it means we’re less “wealthy”. In fact, the only real beneficiaries of rising home prices are the already wealthy (e.g.- the banks).

  17. Jamie and Helen Says:

    Hi all,

    As a former show participant

  18. Jamie and Helen Says:

    Whoops – continued from above — We are still so happy with what was done to our place – it will keep us happy for years to come – Good luck to EVERYONE involved. Now I’m going to call the people at W to catch up on that ep. with Desta and Eddie’s place! Cheers all!

  19. Ev Says:

    Why doesn’t everyone ever ending up loving their house? In all the episodes I’ve watched they always list it.

  20. Kirsty Says:

    we love the show and we are glad to hear there are more seasons to come! hilary – where did you source desta’s kitchen – I want something similar to love my house again.

  21. Maureen Says:

    I watch your show faithfully – it is on satellite t.v. almost very day up here in Kincardine, ON.

    Hilary; I cringe when the clients you are working with are SO rude to you. It shows their real lack of class; there is no need of foul language by some of them, and they should be ashamed of themselves. I wonder if they are ever concerned what their employers and family are going to think after seeing them act like this on tv? The clients that own houses that are discovered to have knob and tube wiring and even dry-rot and bad foundations should thank you from the bottom of their hearts for discovering these hidden monsters. Indeed, even if they listed their houses in these conditions, it wouldn’t pass a home inspection! You can’t help that they bought a wonky house in the first place. No wonder they are looking to bail out! I think they know they are living on (in) the edge of disaster, but expect you to overlook this and gloss things over with lovely staging and make miracles for them on a small budget no less! Good for you to have a conscience and do the renovation properly and safely.
    One other bit of thought though: Don’t fall prey to the drama of having your director make you bicker with David to make the show look more competitive. It looks and sounds petty and you and David are far too professional and classy for that!

    Looking forward to watching more great successes with you both!

  22. hilary Says:

    thanks for your input and kind words.

  23. Angie Says:

    I love this show David and Hilary are amazing.Hilary works her magic everywhere she goes and David knows his stuff to …pulling some beautiful homes out of his hat.I would love them to come to the maritimes and work some magic for me.I have the same dilema going on here…..I want to list…..hubby wants to love! If you ever come this way please look us up.Keep up the good work.We love your show!!!! Angela Everett

  24. Susan Says:

    Hilary and her designs are first class!!! She puts a lot of thought and understanding into the wishes and needs of her clients, while implementing her excellent designs into their homes. Her designs are very tasteful, without being too much or too heavy. A first class lady and designer!!! I love your show. Keep up the excellent work, Hilary.

  25. Jadine Says:

    Hilary, I really love your work! Even though you run into problems alot, you always handle it with class even when the clients act a little bitter.

  26. Maha Says:

    Hi Hillary,
    I love your show. In fact you and Candice Olson are my top designers on TV. Keep up the good work! I was wondering if you could tell me where you shop for beddings. Every bedroom you redesign is more beautiful than the other. I just watched a rerun of Jay and Sherri’s Reno and I love the bind and beige silky look. There was another episode where the colors were silvery grey with a custom headboards. Thanks for your help!

  27. hilary Says:

    Hi everyone-Happy ( very belated) 2011!
    Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement.
    I will pass them along to the LOL team.

  28. Ivan Says:

    Hi Hillary,
    I really like the show and I’m doing an essay on it for an application for Ryerson. I’d like to know what you think the target audience is for the show. I have my ideas but if you could tell me what the demographic you think your show is reaching that would help a lot.

    Thank You,

  29. Ivan Says:

    Sorry I meant Hilary haha.

  30. hilary Says:


    Most importantly- thanks for noticing its Hilary with one L!
    Re your question: The Network would know for sure. But, based on the people I run into who love the show we seem to appeal to a wide audience. Very young to quite elderly, both males and females, and across all lines re: education and income.

  31. Paul Says:

    Great show! I just started watching it and I am amazed at what you can do with some of the renovations. How long does the process typically take?

  32. timmy Says:

    Hi Hilary

    Just started watching the show, and too am amazed at what you can do/come up with some of the homes are a real challenge/at how so many have no idea of the cost/with not a lot to work with you always come through at the end. I feel for you in the end when they end up listing/putting in an offer on another place that turns out being
    $100,000 more than what there place is estimated to sell for.

    Look forward to seeing you both keep up the awesome show!!!!!!

  33. Jess M Says:

    Hi Hilary,

    Love your show! Do you and David actually go for drinks out somewhere after the show. Or is it like a set up kind of thing??
    Good designing always!!

  34. Stephen K Says:

    When the owners decide to list….how many actually end up with the house David has shown them?

    We love the show and watch it daily!

  35. bruce Says:

    I think Hilary’s designs are very well done and i love the show . My pet peeve is that on every episode Hilary says yes we can do this,this and this and then has to go back to the client later and say we can’t do this because there’s a supporting wall in the way or some other excuse. Why not take Eddie or Fergus through the house BEFORE you tell the client what you can and can’t do.

  36. Jess M Says:

    I don’t think its fair to Hilary that the clients freak out at her when something comes up and she has to pull something out, because how does Hilary know the furnace is recalled or to old, or that certain beams cant be moved. Its not your fault Hilary!! I’m watching your show as we speak, Thompson family. You look beautiful! Good Job!!!! I want to hear back from you on here!!!!!!!!!! :) LOL

  37. hilary Says:

    Jess M

    Thanks! No, its not possible to know all of the problems before you start no matter how experienced you are, and how carefully you look. Often our experience tells us a wall should be able to come down, only to find that it can’t because of the particular framing of a particular home once we have begun to demolish and go into the walls. Although any wall can come down and any problem can be solved,except when the cost cost is just too hight to deal with, addressing the structure issues, re-routing plumbing, hvac or whatever else may buried within. Its disappointing all round when this happens, and tempers flare- Drama…!! Tears!!! We just have to do our best to move forward and help make the space work as well as possible for the needs of our homeowners in spite of the pitfalls along the way. thanks for watching and I hope you are also learning a bit along the way that you can use in your home.

  38. Jess M Says:

    And what abou the drinks question LOL !!! ^^^

  39. Rachel Says:

    My sister and I adore this show. We just got into it recently, and now when we turn on the TV we just check the guide to catch the show when it’s on. Frankly, we’ve just fallen in love with Hilary and angrily shout at the TV when anyone gives her a tough time! Haha.

    Anyways, Hilary, I think you’re just a wonderful designer with such a great eye and fashion sense. Just adore watching you!

  40. Ruth Says:

    I love your show, although I don’t always agree with the decision of the homeowners. However, where are these homes that you are renovating and/or buying? They seem exorbitantly expensive – out of the range of an ordinary family, i.e. $950,000 the one I watched last night. Could you do something more to the common person’s level, i.e. $250,00 – $300,000 maybe? Anyway, whatever you do, I’ll still be watching. All the best!

  41. Lori Says:

    Love the show! Hilary and David are wonderful! Very curious though, when the home owner’s decide to “list it” because ultimately they’ve fallen in love with a new house, do they still have to go through the normal procedure of making an offer, having conditions (ie. Selling their home) etc., or does the show help in some way? How many of the home owners actually get the house that made them decide to “list it”? Has the show ever thought of doing follow-ups with some of the home owners, from both the love it and list sides of the coin?

  42. Moe Says:

    Hilary, I do like the show, however before you design the house shouldn’t you check with the builder/contractor if it is possibe to do your design. As it seems on every episode you come across a problem in the house that doesn’t let you do your design. My other problem with the show is that you also seem to run into the same problem time and time again at the next houses you design. Don’t you think you would learn about these problems and look for them at the next house before you go ahead and promise the home owner a design you can’t complete.

    One last thing that also annoys me is the way the home owners react. They whine and complain and tell you their must haves, and yet in the end the “LOVE IT” Then I guess their must haves weren’t really necessary to therefore all the whining and complaining on the show wasn’t necessary.

    Just my point of view, as I am still and avid watcher of the show…..for now.

  43. Donna Says:

    I love,love,love Hilary! David only gets one love as he is witty but not as talented as my dear Hilary. I am always amazed that she can turn a weird space into something so beautiful…………please come and play at my house!!!

  44. Nichole Says:

    Hi Hilary!

    I love this show! I watch it quite often and like many of the viewer comments here, I enjoy the design aspect of the show. It was asked previously but it wasn’t answered – where do you get your bedding?? I just watched episode 51 and loved the bedding you put in the master bedroom. If you could let me know, it would be appreciated :)


  45. Nichole Says:

    The episode I am referring to is ep 3048 – the one with the very cold master and new baby room :)


  46. Mary Says:

    I love your show and I’m thinking of applying to be on it. Can you tell me if you shoot and do renovations all year round and what is the average budget that you get to work with?

    Also, I often see Hilary tell the homeowners that they can’t have something they asked for because of unexpected developments and they never seem to be willing to cough up a little more to make their dream come true. Why is that? Do they really not enter into the process expecting some unforeseen expenses as anyone would under normal circumstances when undertaking a reno?

  47. Lynn Says:

    Ruth, I’m sure the producers would love to film homes with more modest budgets, but unfortunately there are no homes avail at the $250-300K price range you refer to anywhere near Toronto,where this show is shot. Sad but true. Also I think it is intended to be aspirational, reachable at a point in our lives a bit in the future -sorta like those glossy home magazines that rarely show the basement apartment that I lived in whilst at college.

    Secondly, the reno budget would be $20K to keep you within a reasonable % of the house value, would certainly not give much of a wow factor on tv, since labour and material costs are pretty static here thru most of Cda. Unlike those rehab show in the US where they do a full gut of a kitchen and put in granite and cherry cupboards and hardwood for $7k. If only.

    In fact I see Hilary’s (beautiful) designs and think how did they finish a basement, new kitchen and knock out first floor walls and lay new hardwood for $50K? I think probably the labour cost and some material is underwritten by the show.

    I love this show too. I want Hilary as my designer, and David as my agent if I sell. Wow they are good.

  48. Ed Fraser Says:

    Hi Hilray when you come into major problems are the owners locked to the amount they have commited to the restro or can they increase it it would only seem fair as they usually go over budget on the new home price to get their must haves You do an amazing job with your budget and when you uncover major issues like structure & dry rot why would you want purchase another near by built in the same era

  49. Dan Says:

    Hilary is genius

  50. Dave Cassidy Says:

    Well, I am a DIY renovator. I can do all the build stuff, but Hilary’s
    interior design magic is just very exiting to watch. I love the chemistry with David. I find myself grinning all the way through, except when those selfish home owners, who failed to create there own heaven, criticise the team that are trying to make them happy.
    My favourite home show. Keep up the good work guys, grat team.


  51. Marg Says:

    Love the show and everyone of your designs Hilary !!! I love how you and your crew/team transform every space that you undertake, even when you are given a more modest budget and even when you run into problems, the end result is always beautiful !! If I ever win the lottery, I will come begging you to design my house!!!

    Happy to read that there are going to be many more episodes in store for us !!! David’s subtle humour is also great and I love how he deals with, the vast majority of the time, unreasonable people !!!

    Thank goodness you both have patience !!!

  52. Marg Says:

    Also if get a chance to answer, I am wondering typically how long you are at the homes while the renovations are being completed ??? Just curious !!!

  53. Momoaner Says:

    I don’t understand what everyone is raving about. The show is SO predictable. The oners are at odds, H and D come in to save the day, the house is more of a wreck than expected, there isn’t enough money, D come up with an apprasial (and the Voice Over says, “surprisingly, it is for their house”. Surprising? Lord. At least Hilary has backed off with the bitchy attitude toward the trades recently.

  54. Marie Aprile Says:

    Hilary, how can I get in touch with you for a “consult” ??
    Do you do that ??

  55. Gillian Says:

    I absolutely love this show, and the funny thing is my husband, who has turned a blind eye to what the house looks like came in while i was watching it and is now addicted to it! Another plus, he’s actually showing interest in home improvement now! Unfortunately, we live a few hours away from toronto, so we can’t apply to be on the show, but hopefully we can come up with some ideas from the show that we can both agree on one day… I wonder if the show would ever consider expanding the area which they do their shows?

  56. Crys Says:

    We also live too far from Toronto to apply to be on the show. Hilary’s home transformations are incredible! Are photos of the rooms that you have renovated posted anywhere where we could look at them again for inspiration?

  57. D'Anne Lee Says:

    I really love this show. I love the way the presenters go about recording the episodes. I would love to be a participant and to be able to share in the awesome advise and assistance given to customers.

    I will be contacting the show for assistance. I am so excited I can hardly wait.

  58. Sheryl McFarlane Says:

    Hi there. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy this show. I’m a DYI addict, but I love Hillary’s designs, David’s knowledge of real estate, the dynamics between designer and realtor, and the very real issues of budget and behind the scenes renovation issue that arise out of the houses you work on. I always learn something new when I watch your show, and only wish you’d consider doing some west coast projects.


    Sheryl McFarlane

  59. Colette Says:

    Hi Hilary, David and W Channel,

    We enjoy watching “Love or List it”. We are always impressed with Hilary’s designing expertise and Dave’s ability to find the perfect home for his prospective clients.

    We would like to know when “Love or List it” renovated Eddie and Desta’s home. May I ask what was the Episode Number? Actually, I find it hard to believe that Designer Desta and Carpenter Eddie would enlist the help of anyone for the renovating of their home, considering their extensive knowledge and expertise. I really have to see that episode. Thanks!

    Take care,


  60. Stacy Says:

    Love the show! Approx how long does it take to renovate each house? Days or Weeks?

  61. Julieann Says:

    Love this show, I have become totally addicted as we are about to relocate to Devon in the UK from Oakville, Ontario and have been watching all sorts of shows to get some ideas. By far “Love it or List it” is my favourite, to see how it can look after is eye opening.

    Has there ever been a situation that has gone so horribly wrong that recovery was almost impossible ?



  62. Christine Says:

    I love this show, and I watch it all the time for ideas in my own home. I was wondering if I could possibly get the green paint colour code/name that was used in the bathroom of the July 4th episode – Chris and Winnie.



  63. Gabrielle Says:

    Hello Hilary!
    I love your show, I try to watch it as much as possible because I am very much into interior design and I love watching shows to give me ideas for my house. I love your sense of style and how you design your rooms, I wish you could design my whole house for me, that’d be awesome, lol. I also agree with Maureen. I find it very rude when your clients are very rude when they find out that there is something wrong with their home. You do the right thing by addressing the problem and wanting to fix it so if anything, they should be thanking you for finding problems that could be harmful and fixing them for them. How long do renovations usually take?
    Hope to hear from you! :)

  64. Elizabeth Says:

    I just had to say how much I love your show! I love the way the two of you play off of each other and get a chuckle from the both of you. Just love you guys – designs are absolutely brilliant and David knows how to find the perfect fit for his clients. “A sign of a true professional knows how to ‘roll with the punches’ and still come up winning in the end.”

  65. Lisa Says:

    Hi Hilary,

    Love your show. Do you do consultations outside the Toronot area and if so how de I get in touch with you!



  66. Anonymous Says:

    I simply love your show and your renos. Is it possible to have you over to check out our place for the much require space issue and reno?

  67. ruth Says:

    My son lives in a 100 year old semi in the city with his 2 little girls. He is remarrying should he lov it or list. Has a substantial budget. Nosey mother

  68. Laurie J. Says:

    Hilary – I LOVE your design style!!! You manage to blow me AWAY every time with what wonders you work in these homeowners drab, lack-luster homes!!! I also like David too…You can tell that he genuinely cares about Hilary…

    What sincerely bothers me the most is how RUDE the homeowners get with Hilary…They give her a HUGE laundry list of things to do in their house…than they give her only a fraction of what it would normally cost to renovate everything on their list!!! And then when unforeseen problems arise, and Hilary has to cut one their items off their Must-Have list and the homeowners take out their frustrations on Hilary — I feel like telling these people: “COUGH UP more money or SHUT UP”!!

    DON’T THESE HOME OWNERS REALIZE that COSTS a LOT more than what measly budget they giver her?? And Hilary is always classy and doesn’t lash out (which is something I’d have a hard time NOT doing)!!! And like Chris mentioned — I’ve never heard even ONE homeowner apologize for their nastiness!!

  69. Laurie J. Says:

    Oh, by the way…I too, like it better when Hilary & David joke with each other — yet don’t bicker…And also:

    Hilary, I LOVE your hair and fashion sense…You are SO pretty!!!

    Laurie J. in New York (far from Canada!)

  70. Peter Says:

    I always laugh my arse off whenever one of Hillary’s handymen need to speak with her. If we see either of them, it usually means her budget is about to take a big hit. This show is awesome, but I can’t believe how people choose to love it when only half the list is met, when David shows them a home where everything is satisfied. Some people make rash decisions when asked to do so on the spot.

  71. Paul Says:

    Hi Hilary,

    As everyone else has said, the show is brilliant and you and David are great to watch(mind you I’m always routing for you to get in a good jab at him lol). Being an Interior Designer myself, it kills me when I hear/ see how nasty some of the homeowners can be to you or David but it comes with the territory I guess. I can completely relate to the contractors always picking away at your designs lol and how frustrating that can be.

    Just wanted to let you know that I love the show, find it incredibly entertaining and inspiring as well. It really gives the viewers an opportunity in seeing the various unforeseen issues that can pop up unexpectedly.

    Best of luck with everything and I now have my family and friends watching as well.

  72. Terri Says:

    Hilary, I can only echo all the kinds words in previous messages. I too have watched the show forever and love love love every renovation you have ever done. I absolutely envy the seemingly unappreciative recipients as I would so appreciate your time and expertise. Every reno you do is very down to earth, elegant and classy yet comfortable and easy living style. I would love to have you to my big old farmhouse to help with my kitchen renovation that we have underway. I have tried for a long time to contact you for something like that. Although I am not in the GTA area, about an hour out but I think a farmhouse reno could be intriguing to you and perhaps something new? Although we arent really interested in listing….anyway, kudos to you and to David as I enjoy touring the homes he does find. I am not much of a do it yourselfer or designer, I just know what I like when I see it and I always love what you do….I will keep on watching but if there is anyway of a consult pls contact me….thank you Terri

  73. Ray Says:

    I love the way you (Hilary) handle yourself when challenged by some of the home owners when they think you’re not doing enough. You remain calm but assert yourself. You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place and you do a fantastic job. BTW, keep up the barbs between you and the other person, … what’s his name. :-)

  74. dwight Says:

    my wife and i love your show have to ask what is the score more love its or list its

  75. Maliwan Says:

    Hi Hilary,

    I love watching your show very much.I have to ask you that the budget $30,000 could remodel the home from top to bottom.

  76. Michele Says:

    I love your show. Especially the banter back and forth between David and Hilary – the stressful reno. surprises, etc. Hilary you really handle these situations well – especially with small budgets and lots of challenge! David really does a bang up job trying to match prospective buyers with a home for all their needs. To me in the end you’re both winners.

    Wish Hilary and David could come to Vancouver. And Hilary – what can I say – wow – wow – wow – you and your team pull off miracles.

  77. Ryan Says:

    “im not an expert, just an observer making comments.”

    I really like the show. I complain to my friends and family about it sometimes but if love it or list it is on…i’m watching it.
    The things i like about the show is that it’s Canadian. I like the entertaining banter between the owners and hilary with dave. I know the show requires you to make T.V. entertaining, so thats why there is the banter. i like the work that both hilary and dave put into the show. the thing that cannot be controlled is that fact that old houses have problems. owners know the risk but i don’t like the fact that they have a must have list which sometimes doesnt’ mean anything due to the problems. the owners don’t have a choice whether or not they wanna use the money for the must haves, to fix the new problems that were found. hilary just uses the money and brings the owners in after to get the reaction. Theres more to the show than just what meets they eye. I’m only seeing what W wants me to see. But if i had to change somethings about the show. it would be to ask permission from the owners if hilary could use the money for must haves towards the new problem before the problem is tackled. don’t take advantage of the owner. after all, it’s their home. not yours. they didn’t know the problem was there before the show started and neither did the team. so why put unnecessary pressure on the family.

    Dave, sometimes the must haves that familys ask for are pretty funny especially when they don’t want to pay for it. you do a great job giving them options without completely dissuading them from staying . ok thats it


  78. Ryan Says:

    oh also i wanted to add! maybe give the owner another options for another must have, that isn’t as expensive. might give the family more value than not completing the must haves that needed to be crossed out. :D


  79. Marty Says:

    Hilary, you are beautiful. Love your show, how about appearing in a bikini sometime? Ratings will go through the roof!

    Marty : )

  80. Paula Says:

    It’s been a while since you’ve commented on this thread, but if you happen to see this I would love to know where you shop for your jewelry, because you have one of the most FABULOUS collections going.

    I love, love, love a show stopping necklace. Half the reason I watch the show is to see what you’ll be wearing next! If you have a few tips for a fab find, do tell!

    (love you, love David, love the show, tone down the homeowners!)


  81. Christine Says:


    I there I love your show, and I know things get stressful for both parties. I was hoping you are coming up my way, i live up North Durham on Lake Scugog. I found this beautiful home that i really wanted i looked at it 5 times before we bought it. Been here 13 years its a fix me upper and i am ready to cry someday’s and want to sell and move and he wants to keep it. I was hoping maybe you might have some wonderful ideas on how i could enjoy this house again. We are a family of five and this 3 bedroom home needs remodeling. I hope to hear from you.


  82. Russell Says:

    Hello how do people get you to renovate their house ? We need our house renovated ! Hope to hear from you ,

  83. Estelle Says:

    What happened to this great program? I have an insomnia problem and
    I just loved watching this program. I hope it wasn’t taken off
    the OWN. Anybody know what’s going on?

  84. Nic Says:

    On your Facebook before and after pictures there is a bedding set that is black with white twig like stripes on the bottom. Where was this purchased? I love it!

  85. Michelle Says:

    Hi Hilary, I just love the show and am slightly adicted! Iam trying to find out the resources used on the Shaver Family house. In particular the flooring and coulor as well as the cabinet colour. This is my ideal kitchen but there doesn’t seem to be any resouce lists for this episode on the website. Please help. Thanks in advance.

  86. Lee Says:

    Hi Hilary. Would you ever consider other cities for your show? We live in Winnipeg and have a beauty for you to consider.

  87. graham Says:

    My wife and I live in Belleville Ontario and we love your work Hilary!Do you ever do work outside Toronto? We are less than 2 hours away.

    graham stuart

  88. Darcy graham Says:

    Dear Hilary

    You are brilliant and so interesting. I especially enjoy watching you draw…very classy touch. You and David are the perfect match. I was hooked the first time I watched it. Merry Christmas to you.

  89. Preeti Says:

    Love Love Love this show, but I saw a new episode today and the entire style of the show changed, like suddenly. The narrator spoke sooo slowly throughout the episode that it became difficult to listen without losing interest. Also, it totally took away from the unique style that Hilary and David brought to the show because the narrator took over nearly all of the auditory airtime and we barely hear from the two hosts. Bring the old Love it or List it back…PLEASE! :(

  90. Teresa Perdue Says:

    Just wanted to say I love your show, its interesting and funny.altho’ some of the house owners are very rude

  91. Glenn Says:

    Love the show lots of good ideas.Hilary how do you keep from pulling your hair out?

  92. Omaima Zaira Says:

    Hey there,

    I would like to interview Hilary for one of my school projects. I don’t know where could I reach her. I am currently enrolled in Project Management and this assignment is for my Business class which requires me to interview someone at the managerial level.

    I love this show and would be grateful to have the opportunity to interview Hilary for this.

    The interview would not take more than 30 -40 minutes. I will do my best to keep it short as I know Hilary is really busy with her work.

    Here is a little out line for it :

    “You will be required to arrange an interview with a business person who is employed at a managerial level in an active business. You will prepare questions based on the outline below and arrange an interview in advance. The interview should focus on the business concepts discussed in the course. Be sure to conduct the interview in an organized and professional manner. You must take notes in the interview and keep all of your rough notes in case you are asked to produce them. You must include a business card from the person that you interviewed, including a phone number where this person can be reached at work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and severe penalties according to Seneca’s policy will result ”

    I would greatly appreciate this meeting. Please let me know your availability or any further questions that you have. Looking forward to hear from you soon.


  93. Patrick Martin Says:

    Creative people have always been a rarity. True genius is seeing the same things other people see but visualizing different results. I own a creative company that employs a person with a similar level of genius. It is truly impossible to describe the wonder that such people bring to others by their ability to fully transform a space. It is so far beyond anything I can do and one of the main reasons I watch the show. There are some other creative designers on W that are good, even a couple that are exceptional, but Hilary does have a rare talent.

  94. John Says:

    Hi Hilary…love your designs….only question we have is this: where does someone born in toronto and graduating from Ryerson end up with such a lovely British accennt?

  95. nika Says:

    hey hilary
    i’m 11 and i’m doing a project on interior design.
    I have to make up an interview with someone realated to my subject
    but I thought maybe I could do a real interview with you, so my subject
    is how to make a small room look bigger.
    please answer these questions an send the answers to me @

    1. what color do you paint walls so your room looks smaller?
    2. should you paint the selings in a small room?
    3. what type of floors should you use?
    4. should you use nutreal or color?
    5. what type of lighting should you use?
    6. what is the most common mistake people make in small rooms?
    7. what is a good storage salution for small rooms?
    8. is it true not to use dark colors in small rooms?
    9.what size furniture sould you use?
    10. how much furniture should you use?



  96. Reika Says:

    hey hilary,
    mw and my husband love the work you do bringing the homes to life we think you are an amazing interior designer.
    we ourselves want to get remodling of our house done and we would actually love it if you could help. we live in surrey b.c.
    hope to hear from you soon.



  97. Sky Says:


    I watched your show tonight for the first time and I really liked it. The people are way too mean to you. Keep up the great work :-) I look forward to the next show!

    Lastly I think you’re gorgeous, passionate, and smart. I would love to take you out on a date sometime whenever you’re in the Washington, D.C. area.

    Your fan,


  98. Viewer73 Says:

    Our family loves the concept of the show a battle. We love the tours taken by David and the finsihed product of the designs by Hillary.
    We are however becoming bored with the flow of the show it is beyond predictable. David shows home all non impressive until the end Then usually out of the families ideal neighbourhood or out of their budget.
    Hillary is made to look like a person who has no idea how to maintain a budget. NEVER have we seen an episode where once Hillary is given the reno budget and then she says shes confident that she can do all for the homeowners. NEVER has it happeend and we think its unfair to Hillary and the homeowners. It seems that Hillary always cancel out what the homeowner really wants.
    It would be nice to see a fresh concept with still making the focus being a love it or list it. Just make the hosts seem like they do actaully knwo whats their doing. If we were ever doing a reno as much as we love and we truly love Hillary’s designs we never would hire her for the fear of the unknown and with her you know there will be the unknown and cost us thousands.
    David You seem to wast the homeowners time until the end. Most of the 1st homes you show arent as nice or compare to the homeowner home in their state. I have actaullyt fired Agents who have shown me properties that were is in worse shape than the home I am in. To us it seems that agents who do this are simply commission hungry agents.

    We know you are both tremendous talents at what you do jsut wish the show showed you both as more competent at what you do and make the homeowners less bitter towardsd the both of you. Just be more realistic in what you are able to accomplish with your budgets.

    1 question we have is Hillary at the end of any show you always are unable to give the homeownwer something. a closet, uodated mudroom etc. Why do you not cut back on the beautiful furniture finishing let the homeowners do it at a later date as this seems like a cosmetic finish and give them a little more of what would be hard for them to do on their own at a later date.

    thx for you time

  99. Kerry Says:

    I love this show but feel the story line is getting a little old including the phrase “it is what it is”. The couples never have enough money to do the remodel, their expections for a new home are unrealistic. Hilary can NEVER come up with what the couples want! The Realtor definitely has the advantage. He seems to be able to squeeze money out of the couple and increase their budget for a new home. Hilary NEVER gets more money.

    I think it would be more interesting if the show would focus on how the heck they came up with the amount of money for the remodel. Did they do any research or did they just pull it out of their hat? Can’t Hilary every get anymore money for the remodel when all the problems arise?

  100. Annie Says:

    Hi Hilary and David,

    I too love your show and your talent…and Hilary, your amazing class in handling some of the more ‘difficult’ people. I’m a pretty patient person…but I don’t think I could muster the level of class in dealing with such rudeness. Having reno’d three houses myself in the last few years (I am not a designer)…and sold our house of 25 years and bought another, I understand how emotions become so raw…but there is no excuse for such rudeness. I placate myself, with the thought that at least some of it must be ‘made for TV’. I couldn’t bear it otherwise. =)

    Anyways….keep up the great work. Of all the home decor shows, (and there are MANY) I like this one the most.

    Thanks for such a great show.

  101. Valerie Says:

    I love the design ideas and the humour from David. The owners in general are always rude and annoying. I put the tv on mute until it is David’s or Hilary’s turn to speak. Would it be possible to have Hilary post the paint colors she chooses for most of the episodes.

  102. Annie Says:

    No sooner had I posted about Hilary’s class and tact in dealing with rude and difficult home owners…I’ve noticed a pronounced shift.

    I hope the producers of this show aren’t encouraging her to be more cutting for the sake of ratings….because this is the only home decor show that doesn’t have the stereotypical snotty, arrogant decorators…which is why this show became my favourite in the first place. Not everybody is lured by the drama associated with lack of class. Please let her be the civil, cool under pressure and harsh criticism person she was in the beginning, that the world needs more of.

  103. sandy Says:

    Really like this show..wonder if there is a real life romance goin on here? you ever come out to the west coast, i have a townhouse that really needs Island is beautiful, come on out our way..blessings

  104. Susan Says:

    I agree with Annie.
    What I notice most about the show and unfortunately why it is going downhill for me is the constant whining from her two main male renovators of not what they can do but what they can’t. Hilary seems to defend their work(or lack of) and it is becoming tiresome.

  105. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Hilary and David, can’t you do your work without fighting which make us so frustrated? I like your program but your fight pinches my nerve.

  106. Anonymous Says:

    You are right, today I had to mute the TV.

  107. Anonymous Says:

    I like the show, and have yet to see an episode where someone lists and moves from their current home, but I’m sure it has happened. I think that the rudeness and attitude on the part of everyone on the show is done on purpose, staged to help hang on to viewers, like most other reality TV shows these days.

    Unbelievable how overpriced homes are these days!

  108. hilary Farr Says:

    Thanks everyone who has posted on this site.

    A few answers to all of your very thoughtful and insightful comments and questions. 2012

    first of all,
    I grew up in London,m England and have a ( very) British Mother..hence the accent.

    I spend money on furnishings even when I cannot stretch the budget for areas of renovations, because I can get the furnishings for less than fixing the problems cost!.

    I try hard to keep cool, and be professional at all times, but sometimes, I am tired, and I snap back at the Homeoweners..I am only human!

    Lots of people List, just not as many who Love!

    David and I do bicker – we are like that off the show as well. it’s like a couple who have been together for a long,long, loooong time and are polar opposites, but love each other, which we do!

    My two “renovators”, Eddie and Fergus are very cool guys…aren’t all men a little bit whiney sometimes?

    Nika, sorry I could not get to this in time. I hope your project was a success and you got a huge AAA+!

    Not able to come to BC. sorry! good luck with the renovations.

  109. Maggie Says:

    I am in love with this show! i just need to rant, i absolutely love the work Hilary does and i think she is so talented. the customers are ever so rude to you and should understand that the things you cannot complete in a home is out of your control. David on the other hand has a budget but almost always goes over it by hundreds of thousands of dollars and obviously finds a house. If only they upped your budget for once like they did for him you would be able to do everything you wanted to! its ridiculous! if david were to find a house in budget for once in this entire show, then they would never list. they obviously list if the house is great (1 million when it should be 700,000) and your amazing design techniques raise the equity of there home and there able to afford the expensive house. David knows that and hes sneaky. hed be awful if it weren’t for the fact of going over budget. Hilary stays in budget and does an amazing job and so should he, why are there double standards?

  110. Susan Says:

    Hi Hilary,
    My husband and I really enjoy your show and appreciate the personal responses you have made to the many questions posted on this site. Many people have raised the same questions we have had about the show i.e. how many list/love. We do think that the budgets given are for the most part unreasonably low for the amount of work people want done. For example, the program we watched tonight the folks asked you to add a 2nd story bedroom and expand a bathroom, open up the first floor to an open floor plan and remodel a basement for $25,000. I think it would be more logical for you give them an estimate for each aspect of the remodel and then let them choose what they could afford and where to put their money. I would also be irate if a designer opted to eliminate a bedroom or made major changes in a design without giving me the facts and considering my preferences.

    I am also amazed at the number of people who are willing to up their budget for a new purchase but are unwilling to stretch the budget to cover needed repairs discovered during the remodel, list inadequate beams or unsafe heating unit. It doesn’t seem fair that they can increase their buying budget as needed but not the remodel budget.

    We are curious as how successful listing is in your area. Here in the states listing could not be equated with selling with the current economy. The program leaves you with the impression that selling is a given if the couple list.

    Best wishes and regards

  111. Cathy Says:

    Hi Hilary;

    I am addicted to Love It or List It. I loooove David; he makes me laugh. He is so earnest and cute. I like the chemistry that you two have together. This show grew on me over the years, and I’m sure it will grow to do the same down in the States (where Candice Olsen is already widely known). Canadian designers rock!

    I’m getting tired of the ungrateful homeowners. Some of them get really aggressive with you, as if you owe them. Ridiculous! They are getting the labor of your experienced crew at cost, which translates into money in their pocket, so I wish they’d be more civil.

    Anyway, I just wanted to wish you every success with your show. And pass the message on the David: he’s so funny and cute, watching him on the show makes me happy.

    Best regards,


  112. Holley Says:

    This is my new favorite show on HGTV! I love all the banter and seeing the transformations. Hilary is very talented and her crew must be phenomenal! Where do the people who live in the homes live while the reno is going on? Do they get put up at a hotel or do they have to live in the chaos? Hope this show stays on air for a long time!

  113. Brenda Says:

    Hilary is thee best designer on Home renos. People should really check to see what they are buying before they purchase a home. If it weren’t for Hilary, alot of these home owners would have more problems then they could imagine. It is not Hilary’s fault that their homes are ready to fall down. Or their floor joices are cut. She is a professional and the people that she tries to help dump on her because they did not do their homework on their home before buying. Shame on you people. She has probably saved alot of lives by doing what she does best. Bottom line ppl, you get what you pay for. Do your your homework, and stop dumping on Hilary. She is Awesome. I would love to have her help anytime.

  114. Brenda Says:

    Oh ya, she deseves a medal for the way that ppl talk to her. Wake up people. Do your job and you let Hilary do hers.

  115. ruth Says:

    I love the show but it seems like everyone always chooses to list it….at least in the last several episodes I have watched. Are there any stats on how often people list versus love it? Would be very interested to know….

  116. Anne Says:

    I love this show, I really want to know the brand and color of the paint found in the Cullen Family episode #4073, it was the dark, blueish color in the basement. Anyone know?

  117. Gabriela Says:

    I watch this show in Argentina! I love it! (And so does my husband now). Great design/renovation ideas. I love the functional approach to design. We are definitely your fans, Hilary!

  118. Linda Says:

    I started to watch your show this past winter. I really enjoy it, except for the bickering. Obviously these home owners get a break on the costs of materials etc. Have you ever had clients who really hate the finished job? Wish you could come to my house!!!!

  119. Patrick Says:

    I watch this all the time. I only have one problem with the show, it appears more often than not, David goes way beyond the budget set out by the homeowners and in these instances has a leg up on Hillary. I think that if the home owners are going to increase the amount of the budget needed to purchase a new home, then Hillary’s renovation budget should also be increased to reflect the disparity between the two. Love the show.

  120. Robert Says:

    My wife and I both love the show and try to guess which way the home-owners are going to go. Sadly I have been wrong more often than not but perhaps the show tries to fool the audience. Most of the time I think that the home owners SHOULD list but then there’s the pull of the home, their finances and the state of the market. I’ve sold 2 properties and renovated a third since 2008 and I think we’ve learned a lot from watching this show. Congratulations Hilary and David ! The only show where I think you got it wrong was the 2012 one with the guy who loved his wood stove. Perhaps it wasn’t on his list of “must haves” but it seemed fairly obvious that it was a big part of his life. As a rural dweller myself I would have just replaced his aging wood stove with an efficient airtight and forget about the new furnace and all that entailed. Just my 2 cents ! Love you guys though. So when are you going to come out west and do a season in Vancouver ?

  121. Eileen Says:

    I would love to see pictures of how Desta & Mark finished
    there house
    Also how did Eddie do with his basement

  122. Pam Says:

    My husband and I love to watch your show! I’m sorry but I love it when David get a List-It at the end. Are the two of you married, you sound like my husband and myself after 25 years! Will continue to watch

  123. Charlene Says:

    This article is two years old. Wow! I doubt anyone will read this. I just started watching the show here in San Antonio, Texas. I have yet to see a “love it” episode and I can’t wait. It does seem unfair to have a very limited budget and expect miracles. I wonder if the sponsors could match the amount of money the home owners put in or give a set amount of funds, so Hilary gets a sporting chance. Thank you Chris for writing this article. What was the outcome? Did they win?

  124. Diane Manley Says:

    I love this show and I see more Love it than List it results. My family discusses this show more and more and we all love it so much. Hilary you are an inspiration! David is charming, but your designs are amazing.

  125. Merle Says:

    I think those who list know well in advance that is what they are going to do. If they have the money to move etc….closing costs…why not give it to Hilary and let her complete something else on their list of wants.

    I get thoroughly disgusted with those who expect a new home with a budget of $18,000 or $35,000. New plumbing – new wiring – and they don’t understand city code. And how can I forget their hateful tone…gesh!!!!

  126. Brenda Says:

    I caught an older episode on HGTV in the US last night (July 9, 2012) with Patrick and Kasia. Unfortunately, the TV shut off unexpectedly right at the moment when Kasia was getting ready to announce what they’d decided. ARGH!!!! Can someone please let me know what happened? I invested an hour watching the show and then missed the final outcome! Thanks!

  127. Jim Says:

    The show is entertaining, however almost every show depicts Hillary
    in budget conflicts. We all learn by mistakes, so you’d think she
    would do a better job on the front-end, exposing all of these structure
    budget eating problems. Maybe it makes better TV ?

  128. Donna Says:

    Oh,,,so sick of the same old thing,,,Hilary gets short changed all the timi!!! I would just love to see a episode that Hilary gets extra money or is able to everything she wants to!!!!!!! Come to my house Hilary, I want some yard work and shed work done,,,,and promise prob. no surprises.

  129. nicole Says:

    are Hilary and David married

  130. Dr Ruth Says:

    I really don’t understand why Hillary always has to renege on things that she says she can do because she runs out of budget. ‘m sorry, but if she were my designer, I’d fire her. I haven’t seen even one show where she did all of the renovations she said she would do. It may make for great theater, but it gives designers a bad name.

  131. Diane Says:

    I really do like this show, but think the balance is unfair. Hillary will get a $50,000 budget on a house worth $600,000. Then the homeowners tell David he can have a $700,000 budget to find a home with all their must haves. Wouldn’t it be more fair then to give Hillary $100,000 for her work so they are both trying to generate a $700,000 home? Plus Hillary is always having to contend with old homes that will inevitably offer challenges. I guess if she ever got to use all her money where she intended it to be used she would probably always win. Perhaps that’s why she never does :-P

  132. can't believe it Says:

    Let’s NOT get the issues with the homes fixed, instead let some obnoxious “designer” ignore important issues in order to spend the client’s budget to make a room look different. Vases and paint do not a renovation make, she is constantly running out of the client’s money because she chooses to spend it on decorative items that reflect her bland taste, then shoves it down their throats as a major improvement. Most choose to stay because they have tapped out their budgets with alleged improvements and end up with ugly pictures and knick knacks instead of a more workable space. Get rid of that woman already.

  133. jinny Says:

    dear hilary,
    for me its like watching football and in the end i alway root for you and scream yeah when tell say “love it”. your designs are inspiring and i love the banner between you and david. thanks for the great design!!!! Cheers

  134. Steve Says:

    I think the whole premise of the show is a trick. Someone decided to combine two types of TV reality shows and make the ultimate anti-home purchasing, anti-home remodeling show.

    Unlike the rest of the home buying reality shows on television, the arrogant real estate agent doesn’t listen to what the home buyers say they are wanting and shows them what he thinks they should have, until the very end. And unlike the rest of the house remodeling shows, the arrogant designer promises them the moon and stars which she knows she can’t possibly deliver on budget and then makes decisions on what projects to complete without asking the homeowners.

    In the end the subjects of the show either settle for less than their “must haves” or they spend more than they said they wanted to spend to purchase a house. All in all, Love It or List It shows how shallow people are. Everyone comes out looking bad, the real estate agent, the designer and the homeowners. All show. All drama. Very little reality. Just the way it was planned.

  135. Eric Says:

    My wife watches this show all the time on HGTV. After all of the episodes I’ve watched I am absolutely convinced that it’s staged. Every episode is exactly the same with the so called “problems” that make a major hit on the reno budget causing friction between the homeowners and Hilary. David always shows a first house that is way over budget and the homeowners hate it. It’s staged or they need to do a better job of casting. I have to agree that the designs turn out really nice. I would really love to see an episode where the so called homeowners actually have a budget that covers everything, that would be really nice, eventhough it’s fake! Lol

  136. James Says:

    This show is 100% staged and the producers ask the homeowners to beef up the drama during interactions with Hilary and David. I only know this because my neighbors were featured on season 2, ep 4 :-)

    They even had to redo a scene where Hilary told them they weren’t going to get the kitchen done, because “they didn’t act mad enough”.

    Fun show though..

  137. joanne Says:

    I love your show. Please don’t change it. I was disappointed to find
    out you weren’t married to each other. please don’t change your show and your enteraction. Love you both.

  138. Lila Says:

    So you both win?? That is complete BS. Will never watch again & will tell EVERYONE about your sham.

  139. Doyle Scott Says:

    I sometimes think the show should be called Clients Behaving Badly…although I’m beginning to think some of it is staged.
    I personally like watching train wrecks, so all is forgiven.
    Hilary…you are such a beautiful example of estrogen’s perfection.

  140. Jon Says:

    I like the window coverings you tend to use. Can you tell me the brand name?

  141. ann Says:

    As a fellow Londoner I really enjoy watching Hllary (and David) not only because she knows her stuff and is a top notch designer but that she handles herself with dignity and class. No matter what the situation — ravine committees, city codes, etc. ugly clients, she is always respectful and it shows. Hilary goes the extra mile to make the houses amazing. Her personality and confidence allow her to involve herself in all types of houses and some very peculiar clients — that’s one of the reasons why she is so successful — I love this show– — it is real — even if there is a script — it is still very real!

  142. cliffeck Says:

    Hilary is HOT, and so is her talent in design.

    The show? It’s entertainment, and darn good at that. There is also a learning curve that surfaces with the unexpected problems that will crop up in renovation. If you just watch, take in the humor as well as the design genius you’ll gather some good times and appreciation of construction.

    Hat’s off to Hilary, in fact I’d love to see more than hats off on Hilary, what a chick!

  143. Christine Says:

    Hilary- the show needs to come to Texas where we don’t have those pesky basements that you hate!

  144. Kathy Says:

    Hilary, love the show but HATE all those snide home owners who expect you to give them nearly a full house remodel on something like $18,000! They all seem to have champagne tastes on beer (or bottled water!) budgets. You are one stylish, classy lady with loads of talent and nerves of steel apparently. Keep up the good work and also make David work harder than you!

  145. Mariana Says:

    I’m sorry, but after watching this show, I would let David find me a house but would not let Hillary anywhere near anything I wanted to remodel. I much rather get the property brothers who would do at least twice as much with half the budget. It is so predictable that she will never, ever be able to do anything but barely throw some paint on a wall and use up the entire budget. The property brothers or Scott McGillivray would be able to build a whole apartment for the same money that she would use to rearrange some furniture.

  146. Donna Says:

    I have watched this show enough times to know that Hilary never seems able to stay within her budget, and David always pulls the perfect house out of nowhere at the last minute. Predictable and annoying…
    It appears to me that the couples looking to “love” or “list” have at least one very serious issue with their house that they do not disclose in the beginning, and seem to be looking to Hilary to fix it up a little so they can dump the headache on someone else.
    Most of the couples have at least one very annoying spouse, as with Charles and Sherry. According to the very annoying Sherry, Charles is a worthless dolt because he doesn’t share her views on the houses that David has shown them. She gets her way in the end, of course, but good luck getting rid of your house with the water issue in the basement.
    Sorry, but I have annoyed myself for the last time with this show.

  147. Suzanne Says:

    Hilary, I cannot get enough of this show. I love what you do to each home, and your rapport with David is fun. :)

    Best wishes from a viewer in the Los Angeles area.

  148. Rachel Says:

    Hilary, in addition to your impeccable design ability, I love your style. You are so sharp! You exude total confidence, intelligence, refinement, and skill. I am starting my own business, which requires me to make several cold calls to businesses. I “channel my inner-Hilary” before I get on the phone, so I can approach prospects just like you do when dealing with skeptical homeowners that haven’t seen the light yet. Thanks for all you do and many blessings to you and your career!!

  149. HENRY Says:

    I just begin to see these program as I get my HD signal here in Uruguay. They do a great job…both. Hilary is gorgeous looks vey nice, and also has the same watch as I have. They grey one. Values are among my budget, and in Uruguay values that worth in the show almost a million dollars, would cost here about 60% less. thanks

  150. Linda Says:

    How sad that this show is so predictably scripted that you don’t need sound to know what’s happening. David always shows two houses that don’t make sense, and the owners always fight with Hillary. Negativity, negativity, negativity. Same script, different people. How on earth do they get so many people to pretend to be so darned nasty and negative??? The, of course, the third house David shows is generally stunning and Hillary always does an amazing job.

    It’s time for the writers to get real and just go with the flow of the couples and their real conversations, and try to do something new — and POSITIVE- with the program format. Do they completely lack imagination, or is the really audience this dull! I’m already bored…

  151. dick Says:

    looks like people in Canada are messy and dirty I’ve never see so many homes so cluttered

  152. Georgina Perez Says:

    Hi. Hillery and David. Hope you will ready this email and help me to find a nice house. I live in a town house with my 2 grown up children, but we need more parking space Please I really need your help.I’m a widowed, and I need to relocated my self. here is my phone # 416 880 3251 I need a small bungalow hoping that i will retired there in my old age. Thank you Georgina.

  153. Gloria in Corpus Christi Says:

    Hello Hilary,
    Just wanted to say I really love the show. You probably don’t take any of the less than flattering comments to heart, but I just want to remind you that the majority of us LOVE you, David, Ed, Fergus, Desta, and the whole crew and production staff. Maybe the show is a tiny bit ‘predictable’ as someone mentioned, but it is still very entertaining, in my opinion. Lots of shows are predictable, but one shouldn’t throw out the baby with the bath water. I hope you remain on the air for many years to come. And if you should decide to visit Corpus Christi some day, don’t come to my house…it is a wreck, LOL! We had foundation repairs done in January and our floors are STILL torn up. In order to avoid tearing up our floors, we hired Uretek, a foam injection company to drill through our slab and lift the interior of the house, only to find that after much time and money spent on cosmetic repairs, it was not working. We ended up hiring another company to jackhammer through our floors in order to install concrete pilings which are holding up so far. The sad thing is, we have no money left to replace the flooring, or have the cosmetic repairs performed yet again. So, I totally understand when plans you make don’t always pan out. Take care.

  154. Gloria in Corpus Christi Says:

    Oops, I forgot to ask. What brought me to this site was that I was trying to find out the name of the person who does the voice-overs for your show. She sounds a little like Suzanne Whang.

  155. Raymond Says:

    Haven’t looked at the copyright dates on the shows we are seeing on HGTV here in the US, so don’t know whether these are early in the series or later. But Hilary consistently promises the moon and delivers a pebble. Yes, there are unforeseen circumstances, but after a certain length of time doing this some of these situations should suggest themselves during the reconnaissence of the property. There needs to be warning given up front that certain things might not be done because of certain other things unexpectedly arising. And more contact with the homeowners is needed when code improvements are mandatory, to the detriment of changes. Of course, the conflict makes for good TV, but brings Hilary’s ability into question, I believe. And, the doofusses who want a million-dollar house for a hundred thousand (being generous) give David as much grief, which also constitutes good TV. You have to wonder why David doesn’t just tell them they are completely ignorant, instead of telling us when the clients are off-camera. It’s a fun show, and the work Hilary does is amazing, and the houses David finds are stunning, but the “love it” shows when so much is left undone are just not satisfying. I’ll take The Property Brothers, who maybe do what they do after learning from Hilary’s misfires. Of course, they are not as beautiful as Hilary, which is a big incentive for me to watch “Love It or List It”.

  156. Kathy Says:

    Hi, my husband and I love watching the show and we always knew that the homeowners were told to be madder than they are to spice up the show, that was obvious. But who cares? It is still fun to watch Hilary stay calm. What we are surprised about is that if Hilary and David are married to each other, why not say that? I think they are. I’ve read both yes and no. Why the secret if yes? They have the same cute and funny chemistry that my husband and I have, that’s why I think they are married. If not, then should they be having drinks together? :) I wouldn’t like it if my husband went for driks with a coworker…I read that they both have one son, what a coincedence then if they are not married. I have never had more trouble verifying anything in my years of internet use!!! Great show!!!!!

  157. Lisa Says:

    Hi Hilary,

    I live in Virginia and have been watching your show anytime I am able. I have read through many of your ‘fans’ comments.

    I sometimes wonder at the intelligence of your followers, more than the homeowners. TV is not real time. There is nothing suggesting that David finds the perfect house at the end. The reality is that many of the shoots are done after the fact. It is not realistic to have a camera crew follow a homeowner around for countless hours/days just to have the sequence correct. Drama always saves the best for last, else why watch?

    To the comment about Property Brothers and Property Income, I agree to a small degree. But, in both those cases, efforts are cut or budgets are raised. Unless you have seen the ‘uncut’ one hour version of Property Brothers, you might not see the scopes being reduced.

    Hilary, personally, I like the banter and eye-rolling between David and you. I recognize it is for the benefit of TV, but nonetheless, it is entertaining. In fact, I ended up on this sight while researching what your personal relationship is (you seem just as a long-time married couple).

    I have not seen the newer shows in the US market, so cannot remark on that. I would hope that you and David’s chatter has not been eliminated.

    Keep up the great work.

  158. strawdog007 Says:

    Is it just me or is Hilary Farr a SMOKIN’ HOT MILF!! I just love her & her accent… ;-)

  159. Anonymous Says:

    I think Hilary is extremely rude and would never ever let her design my home. She has a big mouth and thinks she knows it all but every time I watch she is always over budget and cannot give the owners what they want. Give her my money, it would be a cold day in hell before she got a dollar from me.

  160. susanb1964 Says:

    Wow, “strawdog,” show some class. Do you think that by writing that Hilary’s a “MILF” that she’ll drop everything to track you down? I agree she’s attractive, and I also love her accent — I just think you could’ve left it at that instead of being dirty about it. :P

  161. Rachel Says:

    Hi Hilary,

    How long does the renovation process typically take? And where do the families stay while the renovations are happening?

    Thank you!

  162. I agree Says:

    Strawdog, you are completely right! SMOKING HOT!!!!

  163. Russ Says:

    Hilary and David. Not married to each other. Correct?

  164. Dave Says:

    Yes, Hilary is incredibly attractive. I have my wife speaking in a British accent now.

    One of our favorite shows. And, the other host (what’s his name?) looks like a friend. So, doubly fun.

  165. Nessa Says:

    I like some of your shows but don’t always watch it because of how predictable it is. I know alot of the watches must not like change so they continue watching it since all the shows are the same but it does get boring after awhile.

    It especially gets boring since its 100% STAGED [I actually heard from someone who was on the show and she confirmed that], which I wouldn’t mind if it were changed up a bit every so often. It’s no problem is it’s staged, no tv show is reality anymore, not completely [although love it or list is faked quite a bit but again it wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t boring].

    With that being said, you guys are talented.

  166. ruby Says:

    My girls and i love this show! I love Hilla

  167. ruby Says:

    …… Hillary’s hairstyle!!!

  168. Roger Says:

    We must be watching different shows. Hillary is one of the worst renovation administrators I’ve ever seen. Her taste is good .. but her favorite activity seems to be running her renovations into the ditch with her horrible problem solving and budget revision skills.
    When Hillary encounters a problem the usual response seems to be throwing tons of cash at only 1 or 2 facets or rooms of the renovation while leaving huge portions undone.. and she usually does this by executive order without consulting the homeowner. I really don’t see how anyone could watch the show and feel comfortable hiring her to do a job or administer a renovation… Give her $40k for a house reno and shelll likely give you a $39k kitchen thats nice while leaving everthing else to the dogs… She is painful to watch.. everhtime she shows the homeowners a plan Im thinking.. worthless paper she’ll throw away and try to just wow people with a nice room.

  169. Joy Says:

    I have just found this show in LA area. I love it, but I wrote because of the homeoner actually took money away from Hlary because of unforeseen basement problems. When the owners give their must-have list, I yell,”Hilary , don’t do the basement! Please!”

  170. caira Says:

    @Hilary- ok so I really would like to know r u and David married or notiv read so many storries saying u r and ur not so if ur reading this plz tell me what your opinion is on u and David :)

  171. Arnold Says:

    Hilary is a beautiful talented woman. Love the show and I always hope they will love it. Hilary …hug for the patience and could use your expert skill in my space….all the best.

  172. Mary Ann Wachholz Says:

    Just curious… are you, Hilary and David married? Thank you. we love you shows!

  173. Sherry McKee Says:

    First I am relieved you and David aren’t a
    Romantic couple!! Whew.
    Second, thank you for all the brilliant ideas
    That inspire me to do things to my new home.
    I would never LIST my home.
    Cheers, Sherry McKee

  174. Lisa Says:

    Why does EVERY episode have to have nasty home owners. I know most people can be stressed, but there has to be one or two sets of homeowners out there that are nice and understanding when things come up beyond Hilary’s control. Let’s show some of those and that would make the show much more “believable”. I love this show, but that is my one BIG complaint…

  175. Meknon Says:

    I love soo much Hillary’s design,every shows!!! any idea where I can find before and after photos? Thanks

  176. Celia Says:

    Hilary and David,
    Love the show..You are both so talented!..
    Hilary is a beautiful woman, inside and out.
    I hope she is happy in her personal life. David is witty and cheeky!
    Enjoy the baantor between them!

  177. Peggy Says:

    I love this show but would really love to see one where Hillary can actually do all the things she wants to do, would love to see a completed setup of her design plan for someone. I do wish someone could do mine. I love the house but has some issues and unfortunately we’re too old and illness won’t let us do what we want. Love watching others get what they want though.

    Please let there be an episode that Hillary can complete all her plans, I bet it would be amazing.

  178. RAY Says:

    Hilary is SO HOT !

  179. Mary Says:

    Hilary, I believe your designs are amazing! Please don’t take the nay-sayers comments to heart, I’m sure you know there are plenty of negative people who have no filters. I absolutely love that you fix the costly problems, rather than ignore them to only put lipstick on the home -that should be the way ALL designers/contractors do things!!!! Keep going strong! Tell your team we love them too.
    I hope that you are thankful to our Creator for your amazing talent!God bless you.

  180. Susan Says:

    I need help finding a product used on the show. I think it may have been the episode when they re-did Hilary’s assistant’s house. They were short on money and had to use a type of floor that she wasn’t fond of. It looked fabulous…it looked a really glossy grey flooring. Anyone know what it might have been. Getting ready to do my kitchen floor and looking for something different. Thanks!

  181. Domingo Says:

    “Love It or List It: Advantage Hilary | styleNorth” was a superb article and also I
    really was in fact extremely pleased to read it.
    Thanks a lot,Deborah

  182. TC Says:

    It wouldn’t be fun without the homeowner drama and angst. I recently watched the new American version and hated it. They tried to copy Hilary and David too much. There is only one Hilary and David.

  183. Bevin Says:

    As a retired architect (Houston, Los Angeles), my heart goes out to interior designer Hillary Farr.

    She finds herself on the receiving end of a hell of a lot of undeserved abuse. Most of the cost overruns on the show are the result of pre-existing conditions that she did not create, but merely discovered.

    In other words, they were already there, lurking behind the drywall. She did not cause them. She merely discovered that they were there all along. Yet many, perhaps most of the clients, instantly fly off the handle and blame her!

    Hillary, hang in there. Just know that other design professionals know you’re not to blame.

  184. AJ Says:

    I live in the States as my extended family in Toronto would put it. I watch this show religiously on HGTV from NYC. I appreciate that Hilary & David show is a credible platform that provides options to unhappy homeowners. The fact that they have great chemistry with their constant sibling-like witty banter back & forth is a bonus to the network and audience.

    So you can imagine my surprise at Love it or List it too with Gillian (aka new Hilary-smh!) who’s Canadian(btw) from the american show ” the Bachelorette” some years ago. No offense to her but I don’t like the show at all. It seems like there trying to replace Hilary & David. Please we need to protest this, because it’s not right. Hilary & David i hope you stay on as long as possible on W network and HGTV in America. Thank you for this platform.

  185. Renee Says:

    I have watched this show for quite a while and I always suspected that the love its out numbered the list its. I have always felt it was unfair when the home owners blamed Hillary for unforeseen problems. Like one in with the entire house had to be rewired do to aluminum wiring that was used. They were very rude to her, when they should have been thanking her for finding and fixing a problem that could have burned their house down! I remember another one where the couple got angry with David because the “perfect” house he found was 15 minutes out of their chosen neighborhood. I’ve come to the conclusion that you really can’t please some people. I love the show and never miss it.

  186. Donna Says:

    I have to agree with the statement made bu Renee. My husband and I have been enjoying David and Hilary since the beginning and LOVE the competitiveness and gentle teasing between them. They are also appear go be good at what they do. We were disappointed sigh ghd younger version we viewed last week……..please don’t try to clone David and Hilary. It simply takes away from the show and is not flattering to the persons placed in that role. Also kudos to Desta(sp?) Hillary’s assistant….and the whole team!! Great Show. Love it and List it!

  187. Kimberly Says:

    I absolutely love your show Hilary! I would love to have my house worked on but I have no idea how you would change it. I watch your show all the time. I am always on your side and I would love to have an autograph from you.

  188. Jody Siciliano Says:

    Hi I think Hilary doesn’t give what they are promised to even if there is alrge budget of 120,000 on the last episode she was able to do a kitchen, livingroom and bathroom but not even the basemenat or the master bedroom or closets. She did give them muddroom and finshed them aroom and got ride of all there abseteos in the whole house and got the part of the add on roof down but nothing more with that money. It is hard to believe.Hilary nevere does what is promies and for Eddie shouls be fired off the show he wants the easy way out of everything and wants the money for himself and his very dishonest along with his other male worker.David on the other hand works hard to give them what they want. Sometimes he doesn’t hear his clients needts, but he works the hardest to get everything on there list. He found Eddie a better home and Eddie turned it down that should show you that mentally Eddie doesn’t make good psychology decison. Other wise the work nthat you guys do to looks nice even though you make alot of short Jody

  189. Jody Siciliano Says:

    Sorry for some of my errors in my previous letter and in spelling for I have vison problems and I am getting use to my new glasses from Jody.

  190. Joyce Says:

    Hi — love your show. Watch in San Diego. cannot believe how rude most people are when they find they cannot get everything for the small pittance they are giving to Hilary. Keep going!!

  191. Sheila Says:

    I think the abuse Hilary receives is uncalled for. Please turn off the cameras when this stuff starts happening. It is upsetting to the listener as well as to Hilary. You are only encouraging this ugly behavior by allowing it to be filmed.

  192. Pat Frank Says:

    Hilary, Love the show and all your designs, you have the hardest part of the show. I also admire the jewelry you wear. I saw an episode this weekend you had on a silver choker with silver leaves and turquoise stone. Where do you find your pieces you wear? This one really caught my eye. Love the show, especially your vision and work.

  193. Nancy J. Says:

    Hello! I am currently watching an episode with Jay and Sherry as the homeowner/buyer. That couple is so annoying. Esoecially Sherry who is such a bitch to Hillary. Come on, you signed up for this show for a reason. And to be rude to the person who is helping you renovate your home,shows what kind of person you are. Also, your grown ass son should be living on his own. Don’t complain about privacy!

  194. Kay Says:

    I would not trust Hilary and her crew with my money. There always is some unknown problem that eats away at the budget.

  195. Paul Says:

    Maybe under the assumption that buying a more expensive home is gloriously unproblematic then fine. Generally speaking though I might prefer to love it where major issues in a house are addressed and actually fixed supposedly out in the open.

  196. Craig S Says:

    Love it or Hate it as I call it. This show is crap. The network crams this show down our throats Saturday, Sunday Monday plus. They have to bribe the audience with contests to watch it. Hilary’s personality it iritating. The show is nothing like House Hunters.
    Some at The Network is pushing this show it needs to go. Now they are doubling down with Love or List it Too. Why don’t they make this regional and keep it in Canada. Bah….

  197. Mark Says:

    I love this show. But please tell me all those times Hilary is surprised by old wiring, load bearing walls, and soffits that actually have something inside them is part of the schtick. I’d be really disappointed if someone who seems to have as much on the ball as Hilary was constantly surprised by these same common construction elements, especially when they are so easily uncovered.

  198. Tanya Says:

    I have been watching this show for sometime and usually side with David. I think Hilary needs to stop over promising and disappointing. Today I’m watching Desta and Mark and I am am a little confused. I remember watching watching Desta and Eddie try to remodel the same home a few years ago?????? Am I crazy??


  199. hilary farr Says:

    hi Hilary I love you so much

  200. Anonymous Says:

    Do you and David buy eachother drinks at the end of show and why always martinis????

  201. Sherry Bilar Says:

    Dear Hilary and David,
    How are you? I have looked at your shows and totally love it. You make such a great team. Hilary and David the reason I am wrting to you, I am in a real bad situation at this time I don’t where to turn. I have bought my house 27 years ago fully paid it out and now I am over 400,000.00 in debt. My husband put me in terrible financial crisis. He cheated on me all my life and this time he got caught with the law. He took a very expensive lawyer that took all our money and leave me so broke I don’t have the money to carry on. My son went through a terrible time when all of this took place. He wanted to study and I can,t afford to help him with Unversity . Now I am the only one struggling to make ends meet. We are both real estate agents, but now it has been so difficult to focus. I feel as giving up. I once wrote to property Brothers who totally ignored me. Please Hilary my home need some work. I need a new kitchen, bathrooms, something to give hope to move on again. I have to get back to work I can’t loose my home. Can you and David please help me. I never thought I will ever be in this position. I am so sad and hopeless I am at the end of my rope. Please help me guys.
    Thankyou. Sherry

  202. dining tables Says:

    I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your site. It’s a very
    easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable
    for me to come here and visit more often. Did you
    hire out a designer to create your theme? Superb work!

  203. lorri Says:

    what were the paint colors that were used in season 3, episode 23, The McPherson Family? i especially love the teal color used in the basement reno. PLEASE help me! i want that color!!

    Hilary, tell these people that if they had bought a house and actually had it inspected, maybe they wound not spend their entire budget on septic, or electric, or bugs in the walls!!!

    thank you for an entertaining and interesting show!

  204. Bridget Says:

    Hillary & David,

    I’ve got to be your BIGGEST fan! I DVR your show…and watch them all! I rarely watch television, but am addicted to your show. My husband enjoys the show too.

    I think you’re very classy and feminine…a rarity these days! You take the abuse from the folks on the show with an extreme amount of class too. I was happy to FINALLY see an episode where the lady apologized to you for being so harsh. It was the episode where you had to tear down the brick wall all the way up to their master bedroom…she insisted the wall came down no matter what! lol…

    Anyways, I’m amazed on how many people can afford those houses in Canada! Holy crap! I wouldn’t pay a dime for some of those old old homes! I live in Sacramento…and I thought our housing market was expensive! Not anymore!

    Thank you so much for the funny entertainment that you & David bring to my life! Also, I need help with buying some beautiful bedding for my CA King…where should I shop?? AND, are you up for hiring? lol

    Take care, and God bless,

  205. Rachel Says:

    Hi Hilary,

    I absolutely love your hair color! The soft brown with the highlights. Do you know the name of the color shades you get?

    Thanks and take care!


  206. Chris Says:

    Wow just watched the episode with Alice and Desmond, out of all the shows so far this Alice is a stuck up spoiled ugly rich bitch..I don’t know who she thinks she is but she isn’t anything special.. I feel sorry for Desmond ..buddy you need to get rid of that spoiled brat…how haven’t you lost it by now is beyond me and prob most viewers…. Maybe she needs to be taken over your lap and spanked like the lil child she is…..I would love to see Hilary one day snap on these lil spoiled brats that get into her face….that would be so awesome to see….

  207. kootnygirl Says:

    I am another who has come to the conclusion that the big ‘unforeseen’ issue must have been worked into the script. We’ve done several major renos in our house and we have thankfully never encountered anything, and yet, EVERY WEEK Hilary finds something that means she can’t deliver on all her promises.

    And yet, she still finds money for custom this and top-of-the-line that. I would much rather have that extra bathroom in the basement, even if it means I have laminate counters and don’t get a new (unasked for) big screen tv!

    I don’t blame some of the homeowners for being upset. Most designers/contractors have a contingency fund…something that seems completely foreign to Hilary.

    And in the Desta episode, what the heck about not letting Eddy help? He could have saved a ton of $$, but instead, she kicked him out, and then couldn’t deliver everything on the wish list.

    Again, I assume it has to be all pre-arranged, which makes the formula all the more frustrating. I no longer watch the renovation parts of the show; just the home showings and the big reveal at the end.

  208. Jeanie Says:

    These shows are addictive. I’ve always loved anything about taking ANYTHING and giving it a shiny new life. Also, I am learning so much about such things as old wiring and plumbing problems, asbestos, how things are built and demolished, etc. I have a question: Where do these families put all of their “stuff” during the renovation? I think of a family living in a house for years and then having to gather and store every bit of the furniture, clothing, kitchen items, pantry and refrigerator items, etc., etc. Then they box it up sometimes overnight. I feel overwhelmed myself. So where do they store it all?

  209. Carolann Says:

    Hi Hillary, Love your show and how you turn a basement into a lovely bedroom and walk-in closet etc. etc. is magic!
    I’m wondering if the furniture and accessories are included in the remodeling price. Or when you have finished with the taping of the show all the furniture and accessories are taken out of the home.

  210. Richard Says:

    When you see the same plot time and again, when the reno winds up doing little but clutter cleaning and fixing what should have been issues known to the homeowners, when the couple blame Hillary because their house is falling apart and are completely snotty to David. When David finds them an amazingly better home and they still stay in their old place. THE FIX IS OBVIOUSLY IN. And I mean really, how can they week in and week out find so many completely NASTY Canadian homeowners???

  211. Jessi Says:

    This show sucks. She never gets anything done and doesn’t properly plan. Why does she promise she can do all of the renovations the owners want when she knows how little money she has to work with sometimes?!?? Honestly it seems that the money is spent irresponsibly and hopefully all the new furniture for the staging isn’t bought with the budget money, but instead is borrowed just for filming.

  212. Hailey Says:

    Hi Hilary,

    I LOVE ur show its the best i watch it everyday. I live in tibury in ontario a very small town and i would love for u to reno my room or somthing u r the best designer i have ever seen in my life i would love to be a great designer like u but that would be really hard cuz ur awesome. Im only 11 years old turning 12 on dec 2. Im wondering if u can do an episode were u run into no issues with the house and get to use the whole budget and see what u can do. Innever get bored of what u create in the end results is insanly good ur the best and my fav host of the show. Keep up the good work.


  213. Hailey Says:

    And im also ur BIGGEST fan EVeR i luv u sooo much

    And i followed u on twitter!!

  214. Hailey Says:

    Im obbsesed with ur show and i luv ur accent

  215. Hailey Says:

    And ur pretty

  216. Hailey Says:

    I would love to meet u and the rest of the crew on loveitorlistit it would be the best day EVER

  217. Terry Says:

    My wife and I enjoy watching LI/LI together because your show typically ignites alot of conversations about general design ideas or styles in a way that other home design shows don’t. I have travelled to both Toronto and Vancouver and enjoy seeing the sights and styles. I usually Love It. Rarely List It.

  218. Naya list it Says:

    I love the show I watch it everytime its on I have not missed an episode yet. I all ways beleave that they should list it cause the houses pick are very nice sometime. take that into consiteration JS!!!

  219. Naya list it Says:

    i ment 4:07

  220. Mike M Says:

    I used to like the show until I realized how staged and predictable it is. They follow the same exact pattern every single episode. Hilary gets a budget that is too small for the list of things the homeowner wants, yet she still promises she can make them love it. David shows an absolute dud of a house, while Hilary’s crew finds some enormous problem that will force her to take something off the list. The homeowner flips out. David’s second showing still sucks. The renovation is moving along, but more problems arise which begin swaying the other homeowner (the one who actually wanted to stay) to consider leaving. Then David, by some miracle, finds the most amazing listing which gives the homeowners such an incredibly tough decision to make. (I’ve read that many of the homes shown by David aren’t actually for sale!!) Then, the not so dramatic ending. Apparently, the producers film two endings – one where the couple decides to Love It, and another where they List It – then later decide which one to air.

    The show would be more entertaining if they would just switch things up a bit. Break away from the pattern. Have an episode where there are no catastrophic setbacks! Have one where BOTH homeowners are undecided from the beginning as to what they should do with their home… does one always have to want to go, and one always have to want to stay? How about this… Why can’t the show kick in some money towards the budget? I think it would be more interesting if – on top of whatever the homeowners can come up with – the show kicks in an extra 15%. (Heck, that may take care of some of those hidden problems that the boys always unveil!)

    I see that Hilary used to respond to these posts quite a bit a few years ago, but she hardly checks in anymore. I’m sure she won’t be responding to my post. Lol.

  221. Margaret C. Malone Says:

    Hi, I do believe this is an excellent blog. I stumbledupon it ;) I will come back once again since I saved as a favorite it. Money and freedom is the best way to change, may you be rich and continue to help others.

  222. Jeff Kucheran Says:

    Hillary is a genius. Why are people so rude? If it wasn’t for her, the houses she works on would fall apart. It amazes me that people don’t realize all the work that has to be done to make it safe,as well as beautiful. Keep up the great work and know that there are a lot of people who know its not your fault when you have to scale back. I wish I could afford someone as great as Hillary.

  223. Emily Says:

    Hi Hilary,
    You may not see this, but I absolutely love your show. I think it is absolutely perfect. I just wish that you had more reasonable budgets to work with… People really are expecting too much. However, I am impressed that the homes that you take and the budgets include homeowners that otherwise would not be able to get a designer of your caliber. I love the chemistry between you and David. Your style and high end finishings (as you are able depending on budget) reflect a quality concern which is totally the way I operate… Why do a skimpy job. Do what you do well.

    Actually your show is one of the only shows I watch on television. I wish I could see it more often… (re-runs, please). I do have a preference for your show over any other design show. Love David. His humor and yours are perfect together. He gets it bad from the homeowners too, and his come backs are hilarious.

    Warmest regards,


    p.s. I would absolutely LOVE it if you were able to transform my kitchen. I adore your style, and would very much love a peek at your home.

  224. LoveItOrListItFan Says:

    Reading the comments on this blog post are very amusing — especially since 85% of them are addressing Hilary as if this is her blog, and as if she will always be able to answer all the questions addressed…Reading comprehension is fundamental :)

    I like LIOLI but I prefer “Property Brothers” only because at least we can see them tackle the problems in the fixer-upper, and because they almost always come in on time and under the budget. But those rare times where they have to come in above budget or have to use more time, they keep the HOs appraised of the situation every step of the way. Also, most HOs are much less bitchy than the HOs on LIOLI, reason for which I suspect is they know going in that the house was a mess, and they put in a bit of sweat equity by knocking down walls, or (my favorite) having to carry out the old toilet :)

    I do have one question and I wonder if anyone can answer: in PB, the HOs usually are still in their old place until the reveal. Where do the families in LIOLI stay while their house is being torn apart, in a trailer on-site or something?

    Thanks for this blog post.

  225. Sterling J Peters Says:

    Love the show! I have been in the construction business for 55 years (since I was 15) Renovations, particularly to older houses, can be expected to be challenging and will always cost more than planned. When structural,safety or building code problems are encountered THEY MUST BE FIXED! That is the law. Older homes will contain many of those. Lord knows I have repaired many a bad job that tried to circumvent those issues because the contractor was afraid to inform the customer or did not have the money which led to costly remedies afterwards.

    The client is always emotionally involved in the process and is always nervous considering there is a lot of money at stake. It is only natural that they become upset when informed they can not get what was promised because of unforeseen problems. Hilary handles it professionally and does what she knows to be the right decision and in the best interest of the client. The results speak for itself. The problem solving process is the main reason I watch. I relate to every painful decision and thank God I’m retired!

  226. Ken B Says:

    The show has the same storyline every time. Hillary never has enough budget to complete the project. It originally was interesting, now it’s boring.

  227. Geeta Pundit Says:

    How do we get our home on your show. Please let us know.


  228. Denton Says:

    I love the show and the chemistry between David and Hilary. Amazed by Hilary’s talent in transforming these houses and hope to continue watching this beautiful lady on HGTV!

  229. marie Says:

    Hilary spends to much money on reno’s. Iknow a house in states 4000sq.ft.built, not furnish for 65,000. Including permits.

  230. Maye Smith Says:

    I love the show, Hillary and David are great together. Other shows that try to be like their show stink and should not go forward. The style of the show belongs to them alone.

  231. Donna Maggard Says:

    Love it or list it
    Please consider come to Dayton, Ohio
    I need your help. We live in a home that does not function anymore.
    I Love to see you in Dayton, Ohio.
    Please email me.
    I need to LOVE IT and my Husband need to LIST IT!!!
    Please Help.

  232. Acrobat Says:

    We get Love it or List it in Australia on Foxtel and I enjoy the show but I LOATHE the partners whom want to List because they are always bitching at their partner to keep an open mind but won’t do the same and won’t give Hilary the means to do what is needed to the house to fix problems in it. Hell, even if they did sell, if ALL the problems were fixed they would get top dollar for it, rather than have discount points when it comes to a sale. Poor Hilary is a damn strong woman. Some of these home owners need to get a clue and stop being so selfish.

  233. Debbie Says:

    I just watched an episode the other day and love, love, loved the bedding. I waited for the credits at the end of the show, but nothing sounded like a bedding place. Can you let me know where you get most of your bedding for the show?

    Thank you!!

  234. Deborah Wolf Says:

    I like the show but I actually “CRINGE” every time I see Hilary and Desta wearing “REAL FUR” on their winter coats… As much I enjoy seeing new ideas in decorating I cannot in good conscience continue watching when I see a host who is so vain and uneducated in the kind of animal abuse involved in the creation of these garments !! Hard to believe anyone actually still wears this crap …. Just Google “China Fur” and watch these videos … So I will now watch “Vancouver’s” Love it or List it” as I have never once seen Jillian Harris wear these gross and cruel garments…. And I doubt she ever will as she doesn’t seem to be the type of person who would ever perpetuate this cruelty. Buh bye!!!!

  235. Anonymous Says:

    everyone gets disappointed but they never dish out more money for renovations when there looking to buy a new home for 600k,400k etc then the budget for reno is 35k or a 100k invest the money into your home and increase the value. lolz and annoying property brothers, homes make it right and elbow room are the best shows.

  236. gabby Says:

    hello: Hilary, I just want to say I adore you and david, I just wish he would stand up for you, the people who want something done about their house are terrible to you, its not your fault they can”t work or clean up their own home, don”t let them get to you, you and david are fantastic together, cute pair lol, love loveitorlistit.

  237. gabby Says:

    keep the shows coming love it or list it, that”s all I watch.

  238. gabby Says:

    hi Hilary love the show you and david make a delightful pair, I love to look at your pics on utube, I really admire you because I don”t know why david can be so rude to you sometimes, you take it better then I would, I would knock him in the head, but I truly love the show I wish you both the very best, including DESTA,EDDIE,FERGUSON great team .

  239. gabby Says:

    dear Hilary I love the clothes you wear,i’m the same age you are,i try and do very well to always stay in style I love clothes,shoes, and long hair, I love your hair it is really pretty, can you tell me weather or not I you are renting a house if you can decorate to your own taste or not? I”ve ask my landlord and he said it was alright with him, I just wonder how far I can go on it.keep the shows going.

  240. Deb Says:

    How many that “love it” actually stay in love since there were lots of problems that couldn’t be addressed?

  241. Ella Says:

    I really love this show, one thing I can’t understand is why don’t the homeowners know what’s wrong with their homes and give more money to have it fixed than to go and get another place they both don’t like. I would like to keep my home with memories than move after any kind of work is done on it, because the rest would not be hard to do. Have there ever been a home where no problems were found? I’m just curious

  242. Anonymous Says:

    My husband and I are curious….. How often does the wife get her way vs how often the husband gets his way???

  243. edith doak Says:

    I am so DISGUSTED with this show that I am not going to watch it any more. I think it is BIASED in favor of Hilary as so many times the best choice for the couples would be to move as a lot of the improvements were not made to their house and what was done didn’t complete what was on their wishlist.The episode I just watched when the couple decided to love their home left the basement and the upstairs with no improvements made at all and didn’t give them hardly anything on their must have list.

  244. Fiquito Says:

    I believe this show is hilarious. It is slanted in favor or love-its because that’s the basic premise of the show: that a homeowner, with enough money, can make an existing home work well for himself or herself as long as they have the right

  245. Fiquito Says:

    I believe this show is hilarious. It is slanted in favor or love-its because that’s the basic premise of the show: that a homeowner, with enough money, can make an existing home work well for himself or herself as long as they have the right person handling the remodel. I personally believe that, of the several remodeling professionals in HGTV shows, Hillary has the best taste of them all, but each one has his/her “book”, so to speak. I’d imagine that, rather than approaching each project, say, with a strict concern about the budget (Jonathan Scott), or with a cookie cutter but with strict attention to detai in the finishing touchesl (Joanna Gaines), or just brutally efficiently (the El-Mussahs), Hillary leaves the budget part for last as to ensure the larger areas are done her way until finished. It is not disregard for the budget, it is a desire to complete an area fully IF the budget allows for it. Not the most organized approach, but it is the one with the most visually aesthetic results.

    I also believe some cases that favor list-its are slam dunks: it a family is too large for a house, no amount of love will work for their existing house; they’ll just have to move. David may look goofy (he looks just like a 1960s NASA astronaut, he’s just missing the space suit) and his flow comes across as that of a used car salesman (too neurotic for my own taste), but when he’s not overdoing it, his aloofness is PRECISELY what makes this show work. I’m sometimes surprised at how Hillary hasn’t strangled him yet… Hahaha. Users who are “mean” to Hillary are obviously putting their money on the line and want results, which I believe is not a crime unless they’re vicious arguing with her… And I believe David usually burns her far more often, for comic effect (and always gets schooled by her) She may come across as adversarial to some homeowners, who may resent having an outsider confront them with reality, but the quality of her work is consistently good, so that would be worth it. I’d personally rather not go through as much drama in a home remodel, but for a TV show, this is good entertainment. And Hillary and David know their craft. That is obvious underneath the goofiness of it all.

  246. Bennettt Says:

    Really? Can no one give a simple answer? What happened to Desta, Eddie, and Fergus? Moved onto bigger better things? Left because of unhappiness? I can give you several scenarios but would like to know. Yes I know I’m curious.

  247. Andree Says:

    I’ve only seen one episode where the homeowners decided to love their house and had sense enough to hire Hilary to finish the remaining items on their remodel list. Does this happen frequently? It should! Hilary is terrific.

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