Dog-First Decorating

Moving is hard on everybody, but it’s especially tough on dogs. My Scotties, Punch and Judy, were slow to adapt to my last apartment and no sooner had they settled down than I up and moved them again. D’oh!

What seemed to throw the dogs off last time was that all their favorite “spots” were dismantled: I didn’t make enough of an effort to recreate the furniture placement of our previous house and so they wandered around looking for a place to get comfortable, to no avail.

With this new apartment I’ve gone out of my way to accommodate them even though it’s meant handing over precious real estate. I’ve lost 15 valuable inches to a console table behind the sofa, left, but by God, does Judy ever love it. She has a lair again. AND it’s a great, out-of-the-way spot for the dog toys. I’ve also put a sheepskin into the “keyhole” of my desk, above, which means that I can’t slide my chair in out of the way but it gives Punch a ready-made den.

As a result, they’ve settled in here much more quickly than the last place and I’m convinced it’s because they have their spots back. Truth be told, I chose the apartment because it backs onto a huge, shady park and as the dogs get older they don’t want to walk as far as they once did. Having the park downstairs means we’ll always have a pleasant place to pass a few minutes but don’t have to hike to get there. The apartment’s definitely not perfect but it has its upsides.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010 by Chris
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  1. David in KC Says:

    You’re a good dad Chris!

  2. Karen J Says:

    I’m thinking you should send photos of Judy and Punch to Desire to Inspire for their ‘Mondays pets on furniture post’.

  3. tawn Says:

    i relate all too well. we adopted a second pug only days after taking possession of our first home. he was a rescue with a rough past, so naturally the goal was to make his transition to our home a nice one. we were still busy unpacking and sorting stuff when he arrived. his favourite napping place ended up being a cardboard box. his box bed remained in the dining room until it finally split open one day…five months after his first nap in it.

  4. Lois Says:

    Good afternoon our pets are so precious, and sometimes life gets in the way. If I’ve been gone too long, *read too busy* Lassie lets me know…LOis of she barks and she’s a cat

  5. Chris Says:

    Lois, you always make me laugh, thank you.
    Tawn, your story is so sweet, thanks for sharing.

  6. Lin Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Your doggies are adorable! I still haven’t gotten round to sending you the promised picture of my dog, Lola, lying ON her crate. I swear I’m not making this up—at the exact moment I typed “lying ON” she jumped on top of the crate to retrieve her Milkbone.

    Go figure!


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