Wrap Party: Just Another Day at the Office

I didn’t know whether to file this post under Cube Envy or Decor Dilemma — I certainly don’t envy my friend Kristen who went back to work last week after celebrating a milestone birthday, to find her office completely under wraps. Gift wrap, that is.

In a twisted homage to the artist Christo, Kristen’s co-workers commandeered her space and wrapped anything that wasn’t nailed down . . .

Even the tape dispenser and stapler got the treatment, above. Kristen took the shenanigans in stride. When I asked her how long it took to put the place back to normal, she said she still wasn’t done: “I’m unwrapping on an as-needed basis.”

“I plan to leave the guest chair and maybe the waste basket as they are,” she added, “because they both look better this way!”

Kristen’s co-workers certainly let her know how much they love her — their little “installation” must have taken hours. It was a big gesture designed to mark a big day. Happy Birthday from styleNorth!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009 by Chris
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  1. Marilyn Jenns Says:

    Kristen has to be a wondeful person to have generated such a great atmosphere of fun and support from her co-workers and such a unique idea. I can see more wrap parties down the line thanks to your blog. A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kristen.

  2. Neville Says:

    That’s hilarious! Not normally what I’m accustomed to seeing on this site but it brought a smile to my face. Thanks for posting this. And happy birthday, Kristen!

    Her colleagues should have applied for a Canada Council grant before they did this. ;)

  3. stainless Says:

    Neville, LOL! What a wacky post. Now about the wall colour . . .

  4. RenGrrl Says:

    This joyful room on your blog really made my morning. I work in Kristen’s department and was completely blown away by the loving fun her comrades had creating this present for her. You are right Marilyn, Kristen has lots of friends and is a wonderful, positive force of nature. I know she was completely delighted and deeply touched that her colleagues did this for her. BTW Thanks for the laugh Neville!

  5. rouquinne Says:

    eek! i’m turning 50 next summer – i can only hope my co-workers don’t read StyleNorth or i’ll find something similar when i return from my vacation!


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Love it!!!

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