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In an effort to encourage more dialogue on styleNorth, we’ve removed the registration requirement so you can now comment freely any time without signing in.

I gotta tell you that reporting, researching and writing this blog is a heck of a lot of work and to see post after post slide by without comment, well, it sometimes feels like I’m shouting into the wind. So please step up, ladies and gentlemen, and share your opinions, no matter how banal you may think they are.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009 by Chris
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  1. jo Says:

    But Chris! I see you every morning!

    And I, for one, am grateful for all your hard work.

  2. Lin Says:

    Ditto! You’re the perfect companion to my morning coffee.

  3. Lorena Says:

    Sorry for being so quiet. I for one, check your site every single day. I was a little lost when you went on vacation! Will try to be more vocal in future–just don’t disappear into the wind, so to speak.

  4. BBT09 Says:

    We enjoy your blog! :) that’s where i find my latest scoop and latest excursion.. One of the first thing I do at work is checking ur blog & AT. Gets me going in the morning.. Btw, thanks for refering me to Kitka Design Scandi Travelog! I’m getting very excited abt my trip!!

  5. Iggypop Says:

    Good Morning, Chris,

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog and appreciate all the work.
    Especially the Canadian content. Where to find great, inexpensive stuff is the primary thing I look for. I read the blog every day!

    One thing you might be able to find out is what’s happening with the Mississauga Design Centre on Dundas near Winston Churchil. So many furniture stores have closed there. I hope it doen’t go completely suburban mall and that it sticks with the stylish furniture and accessories theme.

  6. Jenn Says:

    Yay for your blog! It’s in my reader and I love catching up on the home happenings around Toronto. I think removing the register feature is a good idea. I actually am registered and still only commented once in a while! I will try to share my thoughts more often from now on. :)

  7. Tiago Says:

    Yo Dude, Le Shout Out! keep up the great work! Like a lot of fans I’m getting to “reknow” the city and discovering all kinds of new resources, Thanks and cya, Tiago

  8. S Trimble Says:

    Your site is amazing and I look forward to it daily.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you Chris. I talk Style North, and you, up all the time. W

  10. Wallis Says:

    Oh I get it … anyway … it was me (Wallis) that wrote the blurb above. ;)

  11. David W Says:

    Thank you Chris. I check your site most every day and I love your posts, your great finds, your beyond belief thorough research and store profiles. I think you are a boon to every small independent retailer in the GTA (and some larger stores as well). Keep up the great work.

  12. Chris Says:

    WOWOWOW! Thanks for the props folks, I’m really feelin’ the love.

  13. Karen Says:

    It’s like Horton hears a Hoo. “We’re here Chris, we’re here!”
    I have stepped up. But for you I will step up some more.

    Looking forward to seeing you speak at the home show.
    Karen (previously kj)

  14. Sun Says:

    I may also be one of the ‘quiet fans’ out there..but seriously, there are so few local blogs out there that are as good as yours. You keep design & decorating real & approachable. I look forward to clicking my Stylenorth link every day!

  15. Susan (safire) Says:

    Well you know I’m out here, but alas I too am too quiet at times. Indeed this “no sign on” commenting format will certainly make it easier to pipe up. I also appreciate the feedback and interaction that commenting affords!

  16. Sarah Says:

    I have recently discovered your blog. I LOVE it! I fell in-love with blogging a few months back. Most of the blogs I found were based in the US. As much as I still adore and read them daily, it was great to finally have some Canadian inspiration. I started my own blog and know the frustration of wondering if anyone will read it today or ever! At the very least, know that you have a place with my morning coffee.


  17. Ellen Says:

    Your blog is usually the first I read each day. I am constantly impressed with the work that must go into it to achieve variety, imagination and quality. Thx.

  18. Hogtownmike Says:

    I check your blog pretty much every day, so apologies for not commenting too often. It’s a great read and informative, so I will try to leave some comments from time to time.

    Best, Mike

  19. Julie Wong Says:

    Didn’t know you weren’t feeling the love – I always feel that I am not qualified most of the time to comment except to say – love the blog – I hope to aspire to some sort of decorating success with your input and posts. Sometimes no news is actually good news.

  20. Blindcavefish Says:

    Thank you! I read your blog all the time but was too lazy to register, now I have no choice!

  21. Jane Says:

    Just a suggestion for next time you are in the Kitchener/Cambridge/Guelph area. Southworks Antiques in the Galt section of Cambridge is worth a browse – many dealers (even some MCM stuff which you seem to like), the building itself is nice, in fact downtown Galt is quite picturesque with the Grand river, bridges and church spires.

  22. Micky Says:

    Absolutely love Stylenorth and sent it on to many friends!
    Missed it for a while when my email address changed and am very happy to have it back.

  23. Erin Says:

    Iread you every day, usually the first thing I read. Just not the type to usually post comments.

    Have spent the summer sitting in 3 solair chairs on my back deck thanks to you!

  24. RT Says:

    Another daily fan here, keep up the good work.

  25. janet Says:

    Dear Chris,
    I’m glad you’re ‘feeling the love’ and I’m sorry you had to ask us for it!
    I LOVE your chatty news, great tips, antique and salvage stories and the photos that accompany your pieces. I’ve thought many times: how does he do it!?! because you just seem to be EVERYWHERE! And are often ahead of a trend.
    Please keep doing what you do so well! ( you’re the only blog I read!)
    PS I’d love to hear your take (results of your research) on submerged and reclaimed lumber from Georgian Bay and the Ottawa River, both sites of very early logging- and any furniture produced from the huge, first growth logs that are retrieved.

  26. Chris Says:

    Janet, so funny you should ask about submerged lumber. My post about Waterloo’s Timeless Materials didn’t refer specifically to this but they have a significant stash of said timbers and have transformed some of them into furniture:
    I recommend a visit!

  27. Lynn Says:

    regularly check in with you. Great to have local inspiration.
    some months ago I seem to remember you asking if their were
    folks whose homes may be suitable for pics/post. Are you still
    interested? Have someone in mind who would be great. Thanks
    for a wonderful blog. non-registering good idea.

  28. OgTheDim Says:

    Thank God you’ve removed registration! I feel so free now. If only other sites (like the online newspapers) would do the same the blogosphere’d be so much richer. Oh ya love the site.

  29. Barb Says:

    Your efforts are not in vain. I stumbled upon your site a few months ago and like many of your readers, I fail to comment. Today I will. I love reading your blog. Keep up the great work!

  30. Chris Says:

    Lynn, I would LOVE to see the place you have in mind. If you’re in Toronto I’d be willing to come shoot it, otherwise I hope you’ll consider writing it for us.
    And Deb, you’ve put us on Twitter?!?! Thanks. I think. This will force me to take that next step!

  31. Lindsay Says:

    Oh yippee for the registration removal! We’re free! We’re free! ;-)
    Love your blog, and I’ll definitely try to comment more often.

  32. Jacquelyn Says:

    I’m sorry i don’t comment more. Sometimes I’m just a bit intimidated. But I enjoy it just the same.

  33. Kat Says:

    I also read all your posts! I’m located in Ottawa, however, so I can’t always take advantage of all the great info you post. But I love reading it all the same!


  34. kristin Says:

    I am a U.S.-er, but I still love your local-based, unique and place-oriented view of design. Plus, I love scrounging thrift, antique, used furniture stores, and flea markets, and your tips for mixing and matching, fixing, and repurposing are inspirational. I check regularly (2 times or so weekly), so I can stay with your fresh material. I just never posted before becuase a) registration, and b) I sometimes don’t know how to write/connect/contribute in a meaningful way, so I stay silent. I still appreciate you and your blog! Thank you!

  35. sandy Says:

    Hey Chris, read this blog every day, like that you removed the registration. Always getting new ideas and places to check out.
    Keep it up.

  36. Deb Says:

    Chris, like everyone here who clearly reads styleNorth on a regular basis, I too enjoy reading your blog and appreciate the time that goes into keeping us informed of great finds, sales, decor, shows, etc., and thank you for opening our eyes to style and trends we may not have otherwise known. I really enjoyed and was inspired by Mike’s DIY makeovers like the brass lamps and bench reupholstery.

    Judging by the response here, you clearly aren’t talking into the wind! Thank you! :D

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  38. Nova Says:

    Oh yippee for the registration removal! We’re free! We’re free! ;-)
    Love your blog, and I’ll definitely try to comment more often.

  39. brian Says:

    hey…if anyone knows nice parts of town to look around, minus areas with blacks or mexicans, i would appreciate it…thanks.

  40. yoursurprise-bellatio-4 Says:

    Howdy, i read your blog from time to time and i own a similar one and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam feedback? If so how do you reduce it, any plugin or anything you can suggest? I get so much lately it’s driving me crazy so any help is very much appreciated.

  41. Dragon Says:


  42. Salt Says:


  43. Paul Says:

    Thanks for that. I never register for comments something anyway, that’s boring. Well done.

  44. kev Says:

    I never,like,NEVER register on these sites. cant be bothered,i guess!

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  46. Kim Says:

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